Friday, January 29, 2010

No AZLAN = Boring!

Azlan is back to Miri for a few days. Though im a bit sad because he will be away from me but i have no choice. Since he really needs to be home due to a very important agenda which is - the discussion with his BIG family pertaining to our BIG DAY in December.

Life without Azlan, will be really boring. There will be no friend to accompany me during dinner, over the weekends, when driving to and back from work, and nobody to listen to my rants and rambles about my job and etc...Since I am not staying with my family, Azlan will be the only one i spend my weekdays (after work) and weekends with. My roommate had also went back to her hometown - perhaps to prepare for her E-day which will be in February. I am not that close to the other members of the house since they are all busy with their daily routine and rarely stay in the house over the weekends.

Been studying far from KL is also one of the contributing factors to why i have less friend here. Most of my friends are scattered in Borneo Island,Eastern and Northern Part of Peninsular. Actually, few of my ex-schoolmates are staying in KL but i feel quite shy to ask them out. Perhaps it has been quite a while that i didnt spend time with any of them, so the shyness is there. But once in a blue moon, if they call me for a gathering, i will make sure that myself is free so that i could join them.

Like last Saturday, i really had a great time with like 6 of them at Midvalley. We spend time surveying the best shoes at Charles&Keith for Eli to wear during her wedding day and had a good chat at the mamak's stall. Even though i managed to spend only 2 hours plus with them due to attending a beauty clinic before, but still i really had a great time and really appreciate that they had asked me to join the small gathering.

So, i really hope that they can make it to my wedding in December. And i wish that my big day will be some sort like a gathering for all my STF buddies, My Matriced and Uni buddies. Crossing my fingers...HUHU :)

P/s : Luckily i have this crazy job to help me divert the boring-ness during Azlan's absence.

I love him with all my heart!


cik yaya said...

did ur friend manage to get her wedding shoes at charles & keith?ramai yg suggest kt sini.cantik ke?

btw, i'll link u ;)

Yanie said...

cik yaya : ada yang the one she likes, tapi takde size...Tapi C&K memang cantik the shoes.Seriously, one of my colleagues ada kasut tuh and she said very comfy despite the high heels... The price also sangat affordable...U should go and see... And the design pun cantik2 sangat. U can try Midvelly or Pavillion.. Good luck dear..

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