Sunday, February 14, 2010

Budget Final.

Finally, i managed to sit down together with Azlan and discuss on our so-called Final Budget. Haha. Luckily we didnt drop our jaw, since the amount was reachable. Haha.

But to me, i think we can still slash here and there to make the amount looks more " acceptable"... Dahla nak beli barang2 dalam rumah lagi lepas tuh kan? And azlan had promised to help me with the Bridesmaid's baju and all, so that means that i can splurge for them also ke? Haha... Takdela memain je.

And by March, after we completed our wedding course, we can start to do the bookings already kot. Thanks to Nahwal for her photog suggestion. Azlan suggested that we take "Chalet Cinta" to be our official photog tapi when i read his blog, sebenarnya dia sama saje dengan WhiteSignature yang telah di suggest olah cik Nahwal kita.Haha. Azlan who is a true lover of photography arts, memang tak suka sangat gambar2 yang too much editing. He prefer the picture to be natural and not overly edited. Something like what Chalet Cinta and WhiteSignature captured. And i dah pun tanya quo from WhiteSignature, and their price was within our budget sebab our event kan 2days events. Nikah on Friday and Sanding on Saturday. InshaAllah.

Sekarang ni, we are still contemplating whether nak amek videographer ke tak nak? Kalau nak pun, i want them to take a video for the solemnisation's ceremony only kot. Tak payah lah reception. Eh, ke nak jugak reception? Ha, tengok tuh. Kan dah serba salah. Any suggestion tak for videographer? I tak survey langsung lagi for videographer coz i dont see why i need them. Tapi since Azlan macam sebut 3, 4 kali tak sampai hati jugak nak remove from our budget's list. (Fuh, minta2 lah bonus seperti yang diharapkan...Amin) Haha.

Humphh. Sekarang budget pun dah ada, we'd promised to ourselves that we will stick to the budget. Tanak dah aa ubah2... Hmpph...

Hopefully our wishes will come true. Amin.


The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

I vote Manggis if you have the budget! =)

Myshot pun not bad. Do check them out!

Yanie said...

The Spasmodic Scribbler : Manggis? I think the rate will be way beyondd our budget kottt... Hehe.. by the way, videographer is the last thing i would need for my wedding... Huhu... But anyway, thanks for the suggestion. Again. I have to compromise with him on this.... See? (If you read my comment for one of your entries)

NahWaL said...

its good u and fiance are discussing budgets and him helping out, especially if you have families to please. I hate it wen i have to decide between families or fiance. mmm

so White signature it is? LOL

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