Saturday, February 20, 2010

Doorgifts Ideas Part 1

i am still undecided about the wedding favor. Seriously, i have no idea what to give to the guests and VIP. Ibu said lets give something practical - like nail grooming set.. i was like? Nail grooming set for wedding?! Okay. That was my mom's not-so-serious idea. Haha.

Then she suggested to give something edible. I dont want to give anymore cupcakes since i had them already for my E-day. So i think of giving personalised wrapped homemade chocolate (nak beli cadbury, takut takde budget...Hehe) and Marsh mallow for the kids... Tapi again, nanti i takut macam x cukup. In the end, takut ada adults yang kena dapat Marshmallow.

Or maybe, give chocolates to all, betul tak?

i love the idea of putting everything in one paper bag, something like what i saw from ilikecard.

pic : Credit to ilikecard

But what to put inside la? besides chocolates, cakes and ets... There must be something yang the guests can keep.

i had also thought to give out scented candles, but that will be too common, and i dont think people will keep the gift pun. Last2 dalam dustbin jugak jawabnye. But i soo love the candles from Ole-ole Manis ni.

pic : credit to Ole-ole Manis

Then ibu said. let's give out a box of Ferrero Rochee... Wah!!!? bajet mane? bajet?!! Haha.. Unless she wants to sponsor... I okay je...

Any ideas? Anything that the guests can keep/ practical... Macam " Ha, ni dapat kat kahwin Yanie itu hari"

Or the guests can eat " Sedap jugak chocolate dapat kat Yanie kahwin itu hari?"

Ideas welcome, buddies.


adila said...

hi..i gave out beryls chocolate for my wedding. you can try checkout their factory at serdang, near upm. reasonable price and sedap ;)

Yanie said...

Adila : Hi dear...Thanks... You mind to give me the add location tak? What's the rate? Is it per box or how?

hana yoriee said...

hye yanie..this is the address for beryl's choc.
Open Hours:
Monday - Friday : 9.00am ~ 6.30pm
Saturday & Sunday : 9.00am ~ 6.00pm

No. 2, Jalan Raya 7/1, Kawasan Perindustrian Seri Kembangan
43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
here's their map link..

n FYI yanie, they always have this factory sales tau..usually during festive season.boleh tahan murah lah if u buy in bulk.. =)

Yanie said...

Hi Hana: Wah!! Thanks for the info dear.. I will check em out definitely.... Thanks dear!

adila a.k.a marina said...

yeay cik raihanah kita da giv out the address ;)..
yanie, term of price. beryls ade choc with heart shape special made for weddings. its rm30 per kg, u can get around 110- 120 pcs ;) u can just drop by at their factory..very near to upm..

Yanie said...

Adila a.k.a marina : Owh ye ke... Thanks so much dear... i will drop by at the factory one day!

siti norfatiha said...

saya buat sendiri cookies untuk wedding sendiri..

maybe u can have mint tin and dalam tu isi coklat..kat mint tin tu u tampal TQ tag guna sticker..

so, people get nice coklat yg rasanya tak akan dilupakan serta mint tin yg boleh disimpan serta digunakan..

mcm i, i simpan mint tin utk letak brooch & facial cotton=)

Yanie said...

Siti Norfatiha: Hey great idea tu u... I will consider... Thanks ya!

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