Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Where can i get hall deco full fresh flowers with this budget?

Okay, i only have like 4k to spend for full fresh flowers deco for my hall. i know some of the Pelamin Maker can cater to our budget kan? i like Rass Deco, especially what they did for Diah's Pelamin, but lately their designs looks almost the same je... Why is that ek? Ke takde request from their customer to do new design? If takde langsung, the max budget i can pull off pun is 6K (Which Kerja Kahwin has already been included in the list) Any idea, bride to be buddies?

TQ in advance


NahWaL said...

try looking for people who are new but good at their work. maybe u want to try the one yang did my pelamin for engagement? their ideas quite fresh

Yanie said...

Nahwal : Eh, sangat lah boleh... Rasa2nya berapa dia nye rate ek? Contact number yang... Anytime u free k...?

NahWaL said...

0122916531. nama dia fairuz. very good guy. cakap u kawan ai ok? hehe.

haritu dia buat pelamin mini i. diorang ni baru jugak, so maybe u leh lagi nego harga. so far dia ada pakej but im not aware sangat. :D

thezaila said...

Hi babe..

why dun you try nurul arbee.. masa my engagement she charde me quit reasonable price.. i tanya the same design kt org lain it cost me 800++.. tapi dgn dier.. it cost me almost half of the price..

i pun kt pantai dalam.. which part of pantai dalam do you stay

Yanie said...

thezaila : i kat Double Storey terrace house depan pantai hillpark... Owh you kat Pantai Dalam jugak ke? Katne tuh? Anyway, thanks for the info... I ada email die rasanye...Tapi die tak reply lah dear... Do u have any way for me to contact her? :)

thezaila said...

i dekat taman bukit angkasa.. blok 9..
on that day i called her rite away after browsing through her blog..
this is her no.. 016286199

by the way.. i rasa dier bersalin dalam minggu ni.. therefore i could be one of the reason of her silence.. ce u try call dier minggu depan ke..

Yanie said...

the zaila: Oh thanks dear... Hey, dekat je tuh...Datangla umah... Boleh share2 tips nak kahwin...Hehe

Anonymous said...

Boleh kalau budget 4k,abg razak boleh buat..cuma buat masa sekarang kebanyakan yang ambil dgn abg razak (rassdeco package 3500)em kalau nak bincang boleh contact abg razak ye,tapi nak tau date juga,sebab takut penuh...RASSDECO EVENT(012-2729007)

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