Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sheila Mohamad's touch

As promised, i nak buat entry for my official MUA for Reception kan? Tapi i will let the pictures do the talking je la. Sebab i tak tahu apa nak diceritakan. Haha.

Seriously, i always adore Sheila Mohamad's magical touch and i wonder whether Sheila can do magic and wonders to me on my big day or not. Tapi hopefully boleh la. She quoted 950 for the reception, So i hope the outcome will worth every penny i spend la. Huhu.

pics all credit to Sheila Mohamad's facebook


missbutterfly said...

wow!!!sure ur day nnti meletops!! =)

Yanie said...

miss butterfly : Hoho...Hopefully!

bitsANDpieces said...

950 babe? almost mcm sue cantik (of course kalau luar kl, sue charge up to 1.2k).. mmm, cantik jugak eh?

anti big day jgn lupa jemput

Yanie said...

bitsANDpieces : Yeah, 950...i dah terbooked... And i hope dia boleh buat i cantek la... Jangan sebarangan je...Huhu....

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