Friday, May 28, 2010

I have to call her Puan Faradiba. :)

Oh my god, my ex schoolmate, Faradiba from myfavcolourispink dah kahwen you all.

Beliau selamat dinikahkan petang tadi ke tengahari tadi.

i cried happily looking at her photos yang i nampak dalam FB dia tagged by her OP, JabbeArt.

She used to be my bed mate during our Form 5 year, and my deskmate during our Form 4 year.

She is very funny, helpful and very cheerful. Omaigod, x sangka she has already become someone's wife. I dont know, but deep down inside, i feel very terharu but happy. Entahla i cant describe the feelings.

Dibot (we used to call her this way during our secondary years), i am very happy for you. Be a good wife.

I will try to make it to your wedding tmrw.

Have a blessed life and be happy with hubby forever, ok? :)

sayang kamu!


Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

yanie, we'll feel the sama when u get married soon, hehe.. tho kat blog je pun kenal kan.. :)

faradiba sangat sweet, suka tgk dia!!

Sh.athie said...

she's so gorgeous! rugi sgt ko xdtg. hehehe

Yanie said...

Huda : Hopefully lah ye Huda. InshaAllah.

Athie : Tuhla... Rugi2... dah merancang tapi yelah tuhan yang menentukan. Dibot pun tak reply sms aku, mungkin sangattt busy... :)

aziraarif said...

hi dear,
i jual doorgift pencil. take a look at my blog.thnx

Yanie said...

Aziraarif : How do i go about viewing ur blog dear? tak dapat pun....

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