Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hantaran Fresh Flowers for only RM35 per tray!!

Raja Fiena is having a promo for hantaran deco. The promo is only valid for 5 customers ONLY, so it is solely based on first come first serve basis. You guys better grab the promo while stock last!

Im so thankful to Aim for the info on this promo. I straight away e-mail feena and do the bookings!

Oh ya, to block date,50% of the total hantarans amount need to be placed accordingly. (But you can discuss further with Feena)

You can just e-mail her. She is very efficient in replying all the e-mails. According to her she is online 24 hours. Wau! How cool is that? No wonder her job list looks like never ending one u know.. Hehe.

Only thing is that, there is no picture in her blog to indicate how the deco will look like, but i dont mind. The price she charged is really affordable for me. Knowing that fresh flowers will only last for one day, so to splurge for more than 1k for all 16 trays is just ridiculous ( i mean for someone with a tight budget like me!)

So, im glad that i managed to grab this promo. i will sleep with a huge grin on my face tonight knowing that i will only have to spend half of what i had budget earlier for hantaran deco. Yes!!haha.

im the top two in her list. go cekidaut!

For more info guys,

do give her a call, or e-mail or u can just SMS her. She is very laid back and easy to deal with!

Name Raja Suefina
Email raja.suefina@yahoo.com
hp 017-3905266
YM Id raja.suefina

or u simply click [here] for more info!

p/s : semua benda murah i memang suka!


Cik Belle said...

hihi. i pon sangat suka benda murah!

Byeti said...

hai..oh fiena dah reply ur email? I dah email since sunday dia takda reply pun.haish..takut melepas je nie.call je la mcm nie.

Yanie said...

Cik Belle : sangat2 suka!

Byeti: Dah, eh? Dia tak reply ke? Perhaps masuk SPAM Folder kot dear. Cuba call cepat2... k? :)

~ thalhazlin ~ said...

alah. dah agak dah. mesti kl. huhu

Yanie said...

~thalhazlin~ : Alah siannya.... Memang KL dear. Umah dia kat Hulu Langat :)

ANIeM said...

tadi i ber mesej2 jan dgn fiena. and dah nak comfirm. but then terpk umh i kat phg. nanti tak layu ke flower tu bila sampai umh i.. i nak mintak opinion u la..huhu..

Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

haha, camni nak mintak free la ngan feena, she stay in hulu langat and back and forth to taman melati and every other time trust me she is everywhere, hehe.. :)

benda murah tapi lawa, thats the best thing we should have!!

Yanie said...

ANIeM : Susah dear. Sebab u tak tahu conditionnya dalam perjalanan tuh. So better that u cari supplier yang dekat2 dengan area u. Sian u ek? Sebab kalau nak travel jauh2 ni better buat artificial... That's the cons la...:)

Huda : Jeles nya nak mintak free pula! Haish! Hehehe... yes yes benda murah tapi lawa ok. Saya mesti pilih!

Beauty Touch @ RAJA SUEFINA said...

byeti...dear..i dah reply mail u tapi tak go thru..mayb u leh ym je ngn i senang!heeeee..sorry dear..bukan tak reply tau... :)

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