Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Second Photographer

My second OP. Booked and paid the deposit already. My high school's senior's hubby.

During my engagement day, i ordered cuppies from her {Hey, Cupcakes!} and this time around, it's the hubby's turn to make my day. :)

All photo courtesy from {here}

If you would like to see the end product and more of his artworks, please feel free to contact him.

He can drop by at your place F.O.C.

Contact details :

Ezwan Emary


syanaim said...

::nice dear..brapa ni?::

amElyn said...

hi dear!
think this my first time to be here.
im getting married this coming Oct.been bz bloghopping. hihi.feel free dropping by n share some tips on wedding preparations or any info related eh!
im following u btw~

p/s : wahh.ur wedding date da nak dekat.hapy preparing! =))

Yanie said...

syanaim : affordable dear... nanti i email or YM u ye? really suit for my budget untuk second OP.

amElyn : Dear, thanks for dropping by. Okay, jom share wedding preps sama2 k. i pun dah follow you. Actually my wedding lambat lagi,bulan 12... it is actually 156 days more. Tapi maybe nampak macam 56 days je the ticker tu... Hehe... In case if you want to know anything, just let me know ya. share2... if i cant help, i will recommend other B2B that can really help... :)

kay kamal said...

mail/ym me too! pls~

Yanie said...

kay : baiklah kay, nanti yanie email/ym tau...

amElyn said...

oh sweet of u, darl!!
appreciate it sooo much..
hihi.yalor.i pasan 56 days..takpe we both pon sama2 lambat lagi.. (yeke??)
hehee.keep in touch dear! xoxo

Yanie said...

amElyn : Hehe... You awal lagi dari i kot... :) Yeah keep in touch yeh? :)

dialicious said...

wah cantik!!berbagai2 bangsa ada..enjoy the prep..rindu saat2 survey vendor kawin ni..i became close w my blogger frens n those in the same boat..pastu gado2 w hubby lagi time tu.haha

Yanie said...

dialicious : Thanks diah, i know u been there done that. Hehe. I pun sama je, getting close with my blogger friends and made lots of friends dengan blog ni. That's why i love this blog very very much. Anyway diah, congrats again on the baby bump... will pray 4 u.... :)

Sarah Abd Rahim said...

Aku suka gambo² kat indian wedding tu. 5 months to go babe! Wooohooohooo!

Lala said...

erm..cantik2 jugak hasilnya!

Yanie said...

Sarah : Aku pun suka babe. Yeah 5 months to go... Nervous-nesss...

Lala : Kan? Not bad. And affordable. Penting. Hehe

kaszana said...

nice pics honey.
can i copy your wedding checklist? ;P

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