Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Barang Murah tak semestinya cikai ;) Part Two

Hello peeps.

This will be my last post before i set this blog to the private mode. i will unprivate it back after my reception day and will continue sharing with you guys on my bertandang reception's preparations.. i know, i sound or acted a bit poyo about this blog-privacy issue but i seriously have to do it. i know i am not a famous blogger pun, but i just dont want to have any negative aura to be any near to me during my last days of singlehood.. So, knowing myself, i would rather find alternatives to evade any unwanted incidents in a peaceful manner rather than keep blogging openly about my wed preps but i have to listen to a lot of irrelevant cakap2 orang or paling tidak pun, i will feel down and inferior when they keep comparing me with their relatives la, or their friends la or even comparing me with someone who even do not exist just to satisfy themselves when they can see my face changed or when they can see me holding my temper.

It's okay. These people, ada yang tak kahwin pun lagi, but just for self satisfaction suka je nak sakitkan hati orang. it's really tough to put all these into words so that you guys can get a better understanding of what i have been through, sebab each of you guys will have different2 perceptions on this issue. Some may think, this is just a small matter, but entahlah, i tak nak serabut2 kot.. hehe. okay, so enough with that. I am now working on my invitation list, and in the midst of follow up with my followers, asking them for their email so that i can send the invitations later.

So today, i would like to continue blogging about ' Benda Murah tak semestinya Cikai'.

Still on vendor ye people, okay i understand some of us, bride to be, budgetnye tak banyak, tapi nak yang OTT (over the top) So main approach je mana2 vendor and tell them what u want (yang OTT tu) without knowing their limitations (what they can do and what they cannot do) - get what i mean? Macam u want pelamin dewan with fresh flowers but with budget of below RM2K? And u approach big names punya Pelamin Maker. Of course la u akan dapat rejections bukan? Jadi jangan cepat kecil hati... And tak mahu nangis2 ye kawan2... masih ada alternative lain tau. Try vendor yang kecil2. tanya diorang dulu. Maybe the outcome will not be as grand as the big name punya pelamin maker, but u still get what u want... Betul tak?

See, u get the BIG PELAMIN, the FRESH FLOWERS and most important, u still adhere to your draft budget!!!

in my case, i am looking for vendor pelamin yang boleh buat mini pelamin for nikah full fresh flowers with budget around RM500. I memang tak approach langsung all the big names, (one of the reasons, sebab memang i dah tanya dulu and the price they quoted exceeded my budget) so i kan memang dah best friend dengan Encik Google, i approach yang kecil2 je. I know that the outcome will not be as grand as the well known one tapi, what i do is i will go and meet them and try untuk make full use of what they have to make the pelamin look grand. :) And lucky me i got one good contact. One reason why i tak approach the well known one sebab i takut diorang busy and takde masa nak layan i yang small budget ni. :(

If you guys want to know contact on pelamin maker, penggubah hantaran yang economy besides yang memang dah well known tu, let me know, because i have some contacts yang okay2 juga. :)
And their outcome is not bad juga.


Sekarang ni macam trend kan? B2B semua suka pergi kat designer je nak tempah baju kahwin. And charges? Kenalah lebih sikit compared to if you buy the kain yourselves and send to tailor yang betul2 boleh buat. Just my honest opinion here, ada banyak local designer kat dalam Malaysia ni kan? Jangan lah semberono je amek designer just because u want a designer to do your dress and they charged you takdelah mahal sangat. End up nanti, nangis lagi. Sebab dress tak cantik....

I think untuk designer ni, memang kena check ur budget betul2. Kalau nak designer cari yang betul2 boleh buat baju pengantin dengan baik and review pun best2 je. Not only review on the dress outcome, but also on their PR lah kan. Tapi, kena tahu jugak diorang ni juga just a normal human being, sometimes, memang kadang2 ada mood jugak kan? SO jangan cepat sangat SNAP. Sabar dulu, frequent follow up is important, to check on your thingy and also on their PR. Kalau asyik nak hangen je and asyik dilly dally banyak2 benda u can still have ample time untuk tukar vendor. hehe

In my case, i save the designer for my bertandang lah kot, considering the bertandang invite lagi banyak orang. Hehe. And i opted for normal tailor je for nikah. Tak kisah lah orang nak cakap baju nikah macam nak gi raya je ke because it will be too simple, sebab memang nak pakai raya pun lepas ni. Hehe. Tapi of course la, my mom will disagree kan? So save duit for heavy beading. i cant wait for my baju nikah. u guys akan terkejut dengan harga dia. Sebab sangat2 murah. I tengok dekat one kedai dekat Semua House( oh i have really bad review about this kedai), baju nikah pakai bridal satin and lace macam i punya tu, design simple giler, no beading nothing pun price die RM499. I WAS LIKE, OH MY GOD. SO EXPENSIVENYE.... So guys, no matter how u will love somthing u stumbled upon with that kind of price where u can actually get cheaper alternative.. pass them okay. Save lah banyak2... U guys will be surprised when another 3 months to go for your wedding, there are a lot more to spend on. Like me! Hehe.

Seriously, ramai je yang talented and affordable. Unaisah Azlan one of the example for sure. Love experimenting , friendly and also budget wise - she is really understanding... :)

i rasa banyak dah mengarut, i nak cakap banyak lagi.... but tak larat dah nak taip. Puasa lah katakan. Plus tak terbangun sahur hari ni..... penat sangat semalam. So guys, the key word for a budget bride like me is save save and save. :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

On why i want to private this blog?

Okay, first of all i nak minta maaf to all of you yang dah baca blog ni since i start tulis. Okay my intention writing this B2B blog is to share to as many bride to be pasal just everything. Dari sebesar2 benda pasal wedding sampai sekecil2nya macam beads warna apa nak letak kat baju.

Tapi disebab kan ada segelintir pihak yang dah salah gunakan kewujudan blog ni, i have no choice other than to close it down or to private it. What i mean by the segelintir pihak is kawan yang konon2 kawan tapi sebenarnya tak.

I seriously dont like (hate will be too harsh) these kind of people. They act like they are good enough for you, konong2 buat baik, konon2 tolong, konon2 bagi suggestions, tapi adalah sangat jahat di dalamnya. It is so disheartening when the truth reveals.

U guys just imagine, when tiba2 all my ideas untuk my wedding preps, dicanang2kan kat orang yang i rasa tak tahu pun kewujudan blog i ( and these people memang takkan tahu pun, sebab diorang ni bukan internet savvy) Tiba2 tahu pulak, i punya baju kahwin kaler apa, siap bagi komen bagai. Lepas tu dok compare2 dengan saudara mara diorang la, nak tunjuk yang diorang lagi grand.

Ada i kisah ke? Please mind your own business sudah. I nak kahwin ikut kemampuan i. bukan ikut kemampuan u. kalau ikut kemampuan you, yang konon nak buat baju dekat famous designer, dah lama dah i mintak duit you.kan? kan? yang penting i tak susah orang.

Lepas tu ada pulak yang, eh book photographer sapa? (buat2 tak tahu, padahal dah baca dalam blog)

Kenapa tak book (nama2 femes yang caj meletop)? takdalah mahal sangat caj diorang? RM3*** je. What the? saja nak provoke i camtuh. Bila i tanya mana diorang tahu all these. diorang cakap " From your blog" Weh mana tahu aku ada blog sebab aku tahu kau bukan orang yang main tenet.

Lepas tuh ada pulak yang jenis stalker tau. Yang diam2 stalk, tiba2 boleh pulak pergi kawan2 dengan vendor2 i, motif? semua vendor i kat FB yang i friend, semua dia pun nak friend gak?? motif? Lepas tu buat2 friendly tanya itu ini kat i. Ish sorry la, i am sick and tired dengan orang2 yang bua2 friendly tapi sebenarnya tak ni. I hate hypocrites.

i sangat lah sayang this blog, sebab ramai betul kawan2 baru yang i dapat from this blog, even though tak pernah jumpa, tapi lagi ikhlas tolong i dalam wed preps dari yang selalu jumpa.

Last but not least guys, i am so sorry for the inconvenience caused, Thanks a lot for your emails.

I still have to keep the blog unprivate, sebab i nak kumpul email2 my friends yang dah merajuk2 dah dengan i. i minta maaf sangat2

dah kumpul nanti i akan private :( thanks korang

Sunday, August 29, 2010

i am going to PRIVATE this blog

Hello guys,

One important announcement here, due to unforeseen circumstances, i have decided to private this blog for a while - not sure until when, maybe sampai lepas kahwin kott...

Since my big day is just like approximately 3 months to go, and this blog dah dapat dihidu oleh orang2 tak relevant dalam life i. i think it's time for me to private this blog, initially thinking to close down, but sayang pula. So to any of you yang still want to share and read my blog, do drop me comments/email me at thisisyanie[at]yahoo[dot]com and write in these details below. i will send you guys the invitation.

lagi 3 bulan so banyakkk dah benda2 penting nak tulis :)

let me know your

1) Name
2) Email
3) Blog URL

Thanks guys.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Barang Murah tak semestinya cikai ;) Part One

One fine day, i read Zaila's entry on the above mentioned topic. Hmmp, and i gave it a quick thought. Sangat betul what she wrote. so here's my two cents on the topic lak. (most of them are from my own experience)

i understand budget is like the biggest concern in our wedding checklist kan? ohh..i begitu juge.. boleh pening kepala fikir pasal budget. i ada buat excel file untuk trace how much money spent, which vendor i booked, deposit paid and the balance needs to pay for their service, and when.

if you read my previous2 post, i did mentioned that we both had started buying our hantaran items one by one since early of this year lagi, reasons why? budgetting and we dont want last minute chaos. Hantaran pula - benda yang memang nak and tengok pada budget juga. We go for mana yang mampu milik je. Yang penting benda tu is something that we both want to be displayed on the dulang (mutual agreement is important here) .

Jangan terlalu fikir budget sampai hentam je beli apa2, sebab nanti in the end lepas kahwin, u end up tak pakai langsung barang tu sebab u dont like them. Maybe boleh plan dulu, what you REALLY want, and survey2 the price. Then check your budget. if out of your budget, find backup.

Real case scenario:

What you really want : Designer Handbag
Price : RM1*** ++

Tengok budget - RM5** ++

Okay, let go dulu (it's okay, you can always save duit lepas kahwin and buy the designer's handbag) find alternative - go for cheaper but well known brand. and of course cantik, and u like. settle. Yang penting, tak burst budget. Hantaran hanyalah syarat.

Tapi lagi bagus kalau you can buy the things that you really want. But again BUDGET is the most important thing to be considered.


i learned from my mistakes thus sharing it with you guys, other Bride to be because i dont want u guys to be like me. Do a lot of surveysss and dont/never ever exceed your budget (applicable to bride to be with shoestring budget) . you can always pass Vendor X due to budget wise because if you get really friendly with Mr Google, you will realize that banyyyak lagi vendor yang boleh substitue vendor X but with cheaperrr price.

Yang penting, stick to your budget. Dont be like me. I always have this in mind " Lebih sikit pun takpe, lebih sikit pun takpe " End up? Lebih baaaaaaanyak okay. Hehe.

Read reviews, rating or whatever about the vendors. Ask those who had hired them for their event. Check their PR skills, if they have boutique regardless a home based one pun takpe, kasi terjah, because there u can survey and observe more. Dalam website (normally what the photos they put up macam limited) and yang penting tell them your budget, what you really want and ask them in details (bring book to write down whatever they told you so you can question them back in case if any conflicts arise)


Once u paid them depo, u will get the agreement kan? Keep the copy of the agreement. In case if anything happen, you can bring them to the Tribunal. Kalau yang jenis bayar pakai bank2 tu, yang online2 tu, print screen their website, keep in your document file. And keep the transaction receipt. Keep all the emails and SMS between you and the vendor. Ni semua penting sangaaaaaaat. This is to ensure that you have the proofs of what had been communicated earlier between you and the vendors.

To be continue.....

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First fitting - Reception Dress

Last Saturday, me and Mr Fiance jumpa Ejad untuk first fitting my baju reception kat his house. Sebelum pergi berdebar2 k, sebab tak tahu macam mana rupa baju i tuh and lagi satu haruslah takut sebab ejad ikut ukuran yang diambil dalam bulan Mei. So 2 months different dah kan?
Please refer this [entry]

Within the two months time, serious i cakap, memang tak diet langsung. Konon beli Herbalife nak disiplin makan ikut time table, tapi adalah kot makan sekali dua je, Pastu beli basikal gymnasium tuh (apatah nama dia), pun i tak guna, buat pameran je dalam rumah. Konon2 masa beli, plan nak cycle dalam 20 mins everyday after balik kerja, Tapi nan ado you all.Hehe.Adalah masa mula2 beli semangat tu siap kunci jam 20 min stop. hoho.

Ok, cerita pasal design my reception dress. I briefed Ezzad on my wedding theme, and dia balik, discuss with Kak Sheila and came out with several designs. i picked the one i love most but of course with a few alterations here and there, sebab masa jumpa balik tuh, Kak Sheila was there, so dia pun bagi suggestions untuk improve the dress. Design macam kat bawah ni and tu tu sneak peek kain lace dia. Tak surprise ek? Takpe takpe, i need to document all the preps sebab nanti boleh baca balik lepas kahwin...

Credit to : Ezzad Zikry

Pengalaman first fitting seksa!!! Hehe. First, sampai2 tengok dress tuh dah naik lace..tapi belum jahit lagi, just letak jarum di patung. Terus love at first sight and bersyukur sangat2. Memang cantik la di pandangan mata i. Tapi x tahu lah pula pendapat orang ya. :)

Lepas tuh, baru teringat i tak bawak corset... Hoho. Macam mana nak try kan? Takkan nak pakai yang dalam tuh begitu aja. i tak daring you all.. Hehe So ejad pun usaha lah carikan corset untuk i, first corset dia letak kat badan i, kecil okay. kecil. Dia cari yang besar sikit, and kena tetas okay. Lepas dia tetas corset tu, i try pakai. nasib baik just nice je. (tapi nak pakai pun tahan nafas ek) Lawak sungguh.

What i love about my reception dress are the tail, the lace and the beads..... Tail panjang memang like what i always dream of, lace memang heavy beaded.. Beads memang yang macam i nak. And Ejad akan tambah lg beads tu sebab nak compliment with the groom suit.

Masa ni Ejad tengah jahit kain i kasi macam ada shape dekat bahagian lutut, and part paling seksa masa dia nak kecilkan tangan... Masa kena depakan tangan tu oh mai god lenguh gila... Tapi adalah masa2 yang Ejad bagi i rest sebab dia kesian tengok i... Haha. He said kalau i tak nak pakai corset pun takpe. Sebab macam lace tuh nanti akan tutup depan and belakang penuh. But still i cakap, i want to use corset, sebab nak kasi nampak shape. Hehe.

Kat bawah ni pulak gambar front part of the baju. See, togel kan.takde apa2 lagi, Yelah nama pun first fitting. Lengan memang fit sampai siku je. Nanti dia akan patch lace kat hujung tu and the whole badan sampai bawah pinggang.

I am so in love with the dress sampai macam keberatan nak balik rumah. Tak kisah lah apa orang nak cakap, i puas hati. Cuma yang i takut, sebab kan dress tuh nak betul2 kena fit dengan badan i, i need to maintain the way i am now atau kuruskan lagi badan. Tapi i x boleh naik lagi dah, which is i sangat2 risau sebab badan i memang cepat naik. So i suka ke tak suka ke memang i kena diet jugak.

Hmmph... on baju nikah pula, i meroyan tau pergi balik butik yang i buat tu semata2 nak tengok dia punya past works. hehe. Tapi bila i dah tengok2 balik baju2 dia kan, i macam, not bad la. ok je.. kualiti jahit cantik, and design baju memang nampak kemas..... Tapi tunggu i dapat baju tu on 25/9 - i will update u guys.... :)

Ini pula gambar groom to be yang takda langsung perasaan groomzilla bagai masa beli suit. Selingan je ni.

p/s : To B2B friends yang baru follow blog i ni, drop comment kat shoutbox, and yang email2 i tanya this and that, share this and that, thank you so much ek... mana2 yang i tak reply, i am so sorry, could be i overlooked your email ke macam mana. and yang i email and jawab email2 i untuk tanya u all this and that pun thank you sebab sudi layan i ni. Hehe.

Next entry will update u guys on " Benda/vendor murah tak semestinya cikai"

Interesting topic huh?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Changes.... Baju Nikah, Majlis bertandang and etc...

Dulu i pernah buat one entry pasal my designer (supposed to be) for nikah kan? Okay, finally, i tak jadi engage her for nikah, but maybe for my bertandang..

I tak pernah buat any entry or touch anything pasal my bertandang, bukan sebab apa, sebab for me, bertandang tuh kan dari family lelaki, so everything must be from their side kan.... Furthermore sebab tarikh and venue pun tak confirm lagi...So i tak nak cerita banyak2 dulu.... Lagipun we all buat jauh.... di Miri nu ha....

So far tempat yang my fiance dah survey is Dewan Suarah di Miri, Kelab golf (apatah nama dia, lupa) and Mega Hotel. Tapi yang 80% confirmed is Mega Hotel, sebab package di hotel tuh dah inclusive of macam2 benda ( and yang penting way save dari buat di tempat2 lain) .... So kami tak payah nak uruskan apa2... Cuma takde baju and makeup je.. So takpe, on makeup guna Encik Google saja atau minta kawan my mother in law yang ada beauty spa tolong, and baju bertandang macam i cerita tadi.... Tapi ni semua will be decided by my fiance and his family, so i memang out of coverage dah... x campur dah....

To any of B2B Sarawak yang tau other places untuk reception yang OK especially di Miri, let me know ya....

For my baju nikah, like what i mentioned i just want something simple and wearable for any occasion lepas tuh kan? i finally opted for lace and satin, and also baju Melayu satin for fiance. Design baju memang sangat simple, kurung moden dart tinggi tuh, 2 pieces la, cover dengan lace... kain will be satin kosong camtuh je and just lipat batik... Memang nak simple habis.... And for fiance also no sulam2.... I tempah dekat one butik kat satu shopping mall ni.... Memang berbaloi2.... Tapi, i x boleh recommend lagi dekat u all, sebab i pun tak pernah pakai apa2 baju dari sini.... Tapi harga memang berbaloi... Baju i dengan fiance termasuk kain semua, songket and butang baju Melayu baru RMxxx ....nanti baju i dah siap next month, i akan upload di sini.... Bila i tengok baju yang diorang display and some baju from customer yang dah siap, memang kualiti jahitan and kekemasan baju tuh undeniably superb la... tapi x tau lah pulak apa jadi dengan baju i kan.... tuh i will share later....

To those yang tertanya2 designnya macam mana, macam di bawah ni saje...inipun i ambil from my friend FB on her nikah day :)

credit to her FB

Ala2 camtuh la.... Masa nak pilih kain, bergaduh sikit dengan fiance.... termasuk lah conflict dengan diri sendiri ( tah apa2 i ni) actually i nak allwhite, tapi dok rasa " kalau ambil all white, nanti pasni segan lak nak pakai ke mana2 kan?" lepas tuh SA kat kedai tu bawak keluar satin light silver and dark silver, letak kat badan dengan lace tuh banyak2 kali...masih tak boleh nak memilih jugak.... Sebab kalau pakai light silver tu nampak macam lace tuh x naik sangat.... Last2 mengikut kata tunang dan terpengaruh dengan kata kakak kedai tu " dik, kalau dark silver ni nampak slim sikit " jadi baiklah, i amek je lah yang dark silver tuh...

Masalahnya sekarang, hari2 dok pening apa jadi dengan baju nikah.... dok risau segala,seriously i cant imagine...how my baju nikah will turn out to be. dahlah i buat kain lipat batik je... degil kakak ukur tu suruh buat duyung i tak nak.... suruh tambah patches lace semua i tak nak...nak simple je... i lupa pulak ambil gambar kain nak letak kat sini... Baju pulak atas lutut je sebab si katik ni kalau pakai baju bawah lutut nampak lah macam pokok bongsai.. Huhu

Lace pulak kaler putih tapi ada cam grey grey sikit, base kaler dark silver...adoi risau risau apa lah jadinya nanti..... berserah... :) :) Mungkin kalau nampak too simple i will buat heavy beading ke? Ada sesiapa tak yang boleh buat heavy beading? Any suggestion?

On tudung... ya allah i ada tanya tudung ala2 selendang tu tapi heavy beaded from this boutique ni, tengok2 harga dia way out of budget langsung (ingatkan nak beli je sebab tak nak pakai veil)..... harga tudung tu je dah boleh dapat satu baju kaftan heavy beaded yang lawa gile kat one butik yang i suka ni.... memang kena cari alternative lain lah...

Kalau baju design ala2 di atas tuh nak pakai tudung apa ye? Tudung ekin pulak, i memang tak boleh pakai, sebab macam tak kena dengan muka je.. kalau shawl lycra kosong lilit buat segitiga kat depan and letak veil je okay tak? Kalau pakai tudung bawal tuh nampak simple sesangat lah pulak kan.... Nak kena pakai cekak spiderman tuh tak rasanya.... hmmph pening nya.... kejap ambik gambar stepsis i masa nikah itu hari :

ibu. adik . saya

Ha pakai macam itu ok x ye? Dia pakai tudung bawal tu je... tapi kalau i, i nak minus the cekak spider... or is it too simple? hmmph... harus cuba jaya setelah mendapat baju nikah lah nampaknye...

For nikah ibu will sponsor catering, tapi i kena keluarkan duit for khemah and mini pelamin (if i want any) ~ Mana nak dapat canopy and scallop segala dengan budget below RM300? ada ke? Sebab nak pakai satu - dua je.... Mini pelamin fresh flowers setakat ni i dapat pun RM550 (this is the cheapest kot) Itu[un without kerusi. Or maybe DIY je kan... Tapi DIY nak kena cari stage, sofa bed, backdrop, kapet bulu, and pasu besar segala pulak... Juga Beli bunga segar. Budget penting di situ.

Kasut nikah masih belum beli.... Banyak tempat sudah survey, tapi xde yang menarik... C&K haruslah reject awal2... the smallest size pun x boleh fit kaki ini dengan baik. Mungkin harus survey di Vincci and Nose pula. Atau tempah di Gavy? Review tentang Gavy tidak lah best. Hmmph, harus tanya Huda tentang ini. :) Atau any place yang jual kasut2 platform peep toe yang sesuai for nikah and reception? Survey lagi lah nampaknye...

Next entry i aim mesti sudah book pelamin, and videographer so that boleh post entry tentang mereka ;)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wedding Huda (spread my Happiness)

Hi all, sorry lah lambat gile nak membuat liputan pasal wedding Huda (spread my happiness) ni... Hehe.. I macam takda idea sangat nak memblog...Stress sangat dengan wedding preps and a lott of things...

but dont worry about that... i will try to sort them out one by one. InshaAllah.

Here goes the photos captured on Huda's wed...

With huda's wedding cake ~ Sangat comel ... yang baju oren malu2 tu Hana, yang poyo buat peace tu i... hehe

So flattered k, pengantin buat pose macam tuh dengan i... flattered gila bila Huda cakap "okay ambil gambar rapat2 pulak" :) Hana tak tau pandang kamera sape... Adik dia kot... Haish...

Nih masa mula2 sampai, Thanks Hana and adik Hana, Syasya, sebab tunggu i...walaupun sesat bersama Encik Tunang.... Makan tak habis sebab kepoh sangat berborak dengan Hana.

Tunang i excited tgk keta ni... hehe... banyak juga gambar dia ambil...

Itu saje gambar2 yang i sempat ambil... Ada lagi gambar2 kat arch Hudalah, kat kereta antik tuh lah tapi tak berapa clear so i tak nak upload lah....

Huda bagi doorgift porcelain roses egg tuh yang ala2 english tu... comel sangat... Ibu i dah awal2 ambik i dengan tunang i nye buat display kat rumah sebab dia memang suka collect benda2 camtuh... :)

Yang terharunya masa gi wedding Huda ni, bila ambil gambar dengan dia, banyak kali dia cakap kat i dengan Hana, "Thanks korang sebab datang, Thanks korang sebab datang" Alalalaa... huda ni.... Terharu nye i....

Baju Huda sangat cantik, pelamin by RassDeco pun sangat cantik...... makanan pun sedap, tapi sebab excited jumpa Hana i makan tak habis... Selalu excited jumpa Hana, Sebab Hana ni dia seorang yang cool... i pulak clumsy gitu kan... So memang masuk.... Alhamdulillah... jumpa kawan2 camni dalam blog... Memang suka....

Yang tak bestnya tak dapat jumpa other bloggers, Aim (kesian Aim, dia dah msg i like two days before... Nak gi saing, tapi i lambat!! Sorry sangat Aim), Nahwal, Yaya, Lynda (ss Huda), Moose, and Cik Belle!!!!! Cik belle datang sangat lambat ya....Ala......

Oh mai god, tengok Huda teringat diri sendiri...Nak kahwin lagi less than 4 months..... stress...

Nasib ada Zaila, Hana, and Cik belle yang banyak membantu.... And tak lupa other bloggers yang banyak e-mail2 dengan i bagi idea itu ini... Share2 quotation..... Thanks a lottt you alll.....

Next entry i will update with all changes dalam my wed preps.... InshaAllah :)

p/s : Hana, dah upload belum gambar Huda? hehehe