Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Barang Murah tak semestinya cikai ;) Part Two

Hello peeps.

This will be my last post before i set this blog to the private mode. i will unprivate it back after my reception day and will continue sharing with you guys on my bertandang reception's preparations.. i know, i sound or acted a bit poyo about this blog-privacy issue but i seriously have to do it. i know i am not a famous blogger pun, but i just dont want to have any negative aura to be any near to me during my last days of singlehood.. So, knowing myself, i would rather find alternatives to evade any unwanted incidents in a peaceful manner rather than keep blogging openly about my wed preps but i have to listen to a lot of irrelevant cakap2 orang or paling tidak pun, i will feel down and inferior when they keep comparing me with their relatives la, or their friends la or even comparing me with someone who even do not exist just to satisfy themselves when they can see my face changed or when they can see me holding my temper.

It's okay. These people, ada yang tak kahwin pun lagi, but just for self satisfaction suka je nak sakitkan hati orang. it's really tough to put all these into words so that you guys can get a better understanding of what i have been through, sebab each of you guys will have different2 perceptions on this issue. Some may think, this is just a small matter, but entahlah, i tak nak serabut2 kot.. hehe. okay, so enough with that. I am now working on my invitation list, and in the midst of follow up with my followers, asking them for their email so that i can send the invitations later.

So today, i would like to continue blogging about ' Benda Murah tak semestinya Cikai'.

Still on vendor ye people, okay i understand some of us, bride to be, budgetnye tak banyak, tapi nak yang OTT (over the top) So main approach je mana2 vendor and tell them what u want (yang OTT tu) without knowing their limitations (what they can do and what they cannot do) - get what i mean? Macam u want pelamin dewan with fresh flowers but with budget of below RM2K? And u approach big names punya Pelamin Maker. Of course la u akan dapat rejections bukan? Jadi jangan cepat kecil hati... And tak mahu nangis2 ye kawan2... masih ada alternative lain tau. Try vendor yang kecil2. tanya diorang dulu. Maybe the outcome will not be as grand as the big name punya pelamin maker, but u still get what u want... Betul tak?

See, u get the BIG PELAMIN, the FRESH FLOWERS and most important, u still adhere to your draft budget!!!

in my case, i am looking for vendor pelamin yang boleh buat mini pelamin for nikah full fresh flowers with budget around RM500. I memang tak approach langsung all the big names, (one of the reasons, sebab memang i dah tanya dulu and the price they quoted exceeded my budget) so i kan memang dah best friend dengan Encik Google, i approach yang kecil2 je. I know that the outcome will not be as grand as the well known one tapi, what i do is i will go and meet them and try untuk make full use of what they have to make the pelamin look grand. :) And lucky me i got one good contact. One reason why i tak approach the well known one sebab i takut diorang busy and takde masa nak layan i yang small budget ni. :(

If you guys want to know contact on pelamin maker, penggubah hantaran yang economy besides yang memang dah well known tu, let me know, because i have some contacts yang okay2 juga. :)
And their outcome is not bad juga.


Sekarang ni macam trend kan? B2B semua suka pergi kat designer je nak tempah baju kahwin. And charges? Kenalah lebih sikit compared to if you buy the kain yourselves and send to tailor yang betul2 boleh buat. Just my honest opinion here, ada banyak local designer kat dalam Malaysia ni kan? Jangan lah semberono je amek designer just because u want a designer to do your dress and they charged you takdelah mahal sangat. End up nanti, nangis lagi. Sebab dress tak cantik....

I think untuk designer ni, memang kena check ur budget betul2. Kalau nak designer cari yang betul2 boleh buat baju pengantin dengan baik and review pun best2 je. Not only review on the dress outcome, but also on their PR lah kan. Tapi, kena tahu jugak diorang ni juga just a normal human being, sometimes, memang kadang2 ada mood jugak kan? SO jangan cepat sangat SNAP. Sabar dulu, frequent follow up is important, to check on your thingy and also on their PR. Kalau asyik nak hangen je and asyik dilly dally banyak2 benda u can still have ample time untuk tukar vendor. hehe

In my case, i save the designer for my bertandang lah kot, considering the bertandang invite lagi banyak orang. Hehe. And i opted for normal tailor je for nikah. Tak kisah lah orang nak cakap baju nikah macam nak gi raya je ke because it will be too simple, sebab memang nak pakai raya pun lepas ni. Hehe. Tapi of course la, my mom will disagree kan? So save duit for heavy beading. i cant wait for my baju nikah. u guys akan terkejut dengan harga dia. Sebab sangat2 murah. I tengok dekat one kedai dekat Semua House( oh i have really bad review about this kedai), baju nikah pakai bridal satin and lace macam i punya tu, design simple giler, no beading nothing pun price die RM499. I WAS LIKE, OH MY GOD. SO EXPENSIVENYE.... So guys, no matter how u will love somthing u stumbled upon with that kind of price where u can actually get cheaper alternative.. pass them okay. Save lah banyak2... U guys will be surprised when another 3 months to go for your wedding, there are a lot more to spend on. Like me! Hehe.

Seriously, ramai je yang talented and affordable. Unaisah Azlan one of the example for sure. Love experimenting , friendly and also budget wise - she is really understanding... :)

i rasa banyak dah mengarut, i nak cakap banyak lagi.... but tak larat dah nak taip. Puasa lah katakan. Plus tak terbangun sahur hari ni..... penat sangat semalam. So guys, the key word for a budget bride like me is save save and save. :)


bitsANDpieces said...

i like unaisah as well (although belum jumpa dia) but die macam hot red velvet cupcakes lah. ramai sangat nak dia :)

agreed with you, barang murah tak semestinya cikai

chenta said...

:( lepas ni takleh dah la baca blog kau yanie..i'm a silent reader je pun..huhuu..

tapi takpelah kalau itu je cara buat ko rase tenang menjelang hari bahagiamu ittew HAHA..memang boleh mereng kepala otak kalo layan stalker n kepochi tak berinsuran ni kan..

Sh.athie said...

eh2 yanie, aku suke bc blog ko lah. add aku k. (sh.athiey@gmail.com)

hana yoriee said...

owhh..bestnye post ini..agreed with all the above..betul lah yanie..lagi 3 bulan+ ni lagi banyak nak pakai duit..wuwuwuwu...

Moose said...

yes! way to go unaisah! i am so lucky that i contacted her way before i got engaged and before she become hot like hot cake.

i totally agree with what you wrote. pasal designer ni klo ikutkan hati i really love rizalman and syaiful baharim tapi haruslah realistic dengan budget kan? so i opted for young and upcoming designers. diorang ni actually lagi banyak fresh ideas kadang2. and rate pun affordable.

btw, yanie do include me in your readers list once you privatize your blog. my email is snowyqueeny@yahoo.com

Mawar misswateva said...

babe,tu yang takut nk dgr tuuu..lg dekat, lagi banyak mahu pakai duit ..=/

tonziluv said...

i agreed with u..im silent reader..do add me tonziluv@gmail.com

Reen Tart Nenas said...

babe, off topic. u kurus!

Adurawati said...

useful tips. walau sy sudah terlajak perahu, tetapi on several things, can still save. heeee~


Hana Jaffar said...

yanie, boleh tak send dekat i pelamin2 vendors tu. thank u! send dekat mzzhana@gmail.com ;)

Hana said...

Yes, great tips.. oh, Unaisah memang baik. :) waa.. yanie will also private after this.. rmai bloggers go private dah skarang..

thestorybooklove.com said...

setuju sangat! =)

I didn't have anything designer's for both nikah and sanding hehe. gile lantak tak kesah :P My baju (dari tunang sampai ke sanding) my mak punya tailor buat hehe maybe sbb I'm a bit clueless when it comes to designers baju kawen ni and mmg malas mahu amek tahu kot :P

yoshie.moshee said...

me 2 plz..silent reader.yoshie.moshee@gmail.com :)

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