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Review - Reception 4 December 2010

Wow... I had been married for almost two months! Tapi baru terhegeh2 nak buat review pasal my wedding. I am so sorry guys. My bad....

For your information, I already moved in to a new place. (actually even before our wedding lagi)We rent an apartment in pandan indah - giving myself and hubby a year time to choose a decent house to buy. You know it is quite difficult to make a decision on buying a house in KL, with lots of wants and needs but scarce in supplies and budget constraint and maybe because hubby is too picky when it comes to buying a house for us to live in. But since this is going to be his house, and his money, I prefer to keep my mouth shut, because I understand that he really wants the best for both of us. (Love!) I will tell about this in another entry.

The internet connection here is like very slow and unstable. It is really really hard to get a good connection. Even to upload a picture pun it will takes like forever. Sigh. I will get bored most of the time and will just shut down my lappie instead of to be patient and wait. I wrote review about my reception for like three times already but end up didn't posted them due to the troubles I had to upload all the photos. How to make the story interesting la kan without pictures?

Okay, so now I am Writing this entry with my blackberry.It's a struggle to type and check back what I had typed, the screen is too small and my eyesight is problematic, but I am so desperate to blog about my reception since some of the bloggers had been asking about it after they browsed through my wedding album in FB.I have no other choice other than tahan je la.yang penting aku dapat taip. Huhu.

Okay Yanie, enough with the whining and complaining.

My reception was held at Dewan Puspanita Jalan Hose,KL, on Saturday, December 4th 2010. It was a night reception with 1000pax invitations. Tell u guys what. It was too hectic and too many chaos moments happened before the reception.

Rass deco arrived a bit late from the promised time. I was so scared and gelabah gila bila pukul 4 pun diorang x sampai lagi. My reception started like at 7.30pm camtuh. Too bad rass deco cannot prepare the dais earlier since on the same day morning, the dewan had been reserved for indian we need to wait for the event to finish which is at about 2pm, then only all my vendors can take place to deco or do whatever that they need to do.

Around 5 pm, barulah rass deco sampai and d'mawar sampai...I masa tuh tengah dok rushing from the hotel to the hall (I stayed at mirama hotel which was very2 near to the hall) by the time I sampai, I saw rass deco's team and d' mawar's team were doing all the setups. Muharra (the bridesmaids' MUA) pun sampai. She was very punctual.ok! Hazlie was supposed to come at 5.30pm but arrived at 6 pm plus due to bad traffic at low yat area. So sambil tunggu hazlie tu, guess what I was doing at that time? I was the one who was doing all the centrepieces with the helps fromhubby, in laws and my brother! Kelakar kan? Pengantin buat sendiri. Haha. And this explained why hana cakap by the time she arrived, she saw me sweating all over. Lepas tu I rushing pulak buat guest book corner. Too bad, nobody care to take a picture of the guestbook corner. I think they didn't noticed it because a lot of people were blocking the corner sebab nak gi amek kambing golek kat luar. But I will wait the photos from abang sam rais pulak, and photos from azlan's friends. Mungkin diorang ada ambik ke.

Dalam 6pm camtuh, everything's done. (Kudos to Rass Deco and D'Mawar Catering, memang efficient gila buat kerja) I pun masuk bilik bersiap. The management gave us quite a big bilik. So the bilik can accomodate me and my bridesmaids la jugak. Tapi there was no room for the groom and his bestman to change. So kesian diorang, my husband said they changed at the gents'. Hazlie arrived quite late. Sangat kesian dia. Tapi he did his magic to me like in 2 hours je. But slowly, calm and very detail. I really love his work.

By 8.30pm I dah start nak masuk for walk the aisle, sebelum tu ada chaos in the bilik. Chaos pasal baju I... Haha. Nasib ada bridesmaids yang very2 helpful!lawak gile k. Kesian guests yang datang awal, some of them were already there since from 7.30 lagi, and they have to went back before they can even see me sebab ada hal lain. My apologies towards all yang terpaksa balik awal. And some of them jugak ada yang terpaksa keluar sebab ada org baru sampai takda tempat duduk. Mana taknye, the management decided to reduce numbers of table last minute sebab takut the hall will look a bit crowded. Imagine, from 60 tables they reduced to 41 tables... Can u guys imagine berapa banyak table yang been removed?

Oh, and i want to thank all bloggers who came to the reception. You guys are just awesome and lovely. i also want to extend the gratitude to all colleagues (if so happen you guys read this blog), the exschoolmates (STFians), exUni mates, ex primary schoolmate, exmatricedmate... wah banyak pulak mate-mate nye... haha... i love you guys so munchies k.

These are the photos from our own camera, Official Photographers, family and friends, Enjoy :


♥ balkidz_hunny ♥ said...

Ingat lagi Hana cakap u yg buat sendiri centerpiece mase petang tue. gigih!

ehh, i rase i ade amik pict guestbook corner laa :)

missbutterfly said...

yanieeee!! i miss u!!! ke mana kau menghilangg?? pelis la letak gmbr kat sini..hehe.bile nk review kaftan nikah??

hana yoriee said...

haha..sume ingat kah ape sy ckp? yanie mmg seorg yg aktik n kaftan n inai..kihkihkih..

Yanie said...

balkidz_hunny : betul lah cakap Hana tu...memang kepenatan... semua yang datang, semua cakap kesiannya yanie..kesiannya.. haha... tapi xpe saya tak kisah pun asalkan, siap je... and puas hati kan? hahaha...

miss butterfly : mek, i miss u too dahling... dah nanti aku letak internet connection cam ntahape2 ni... sakit hati ku...

hana yoriee : hana!!! i miss you! lama gila tak berborak dengan Hana.... kaftan dah review...nanti saya buat review inai pula k...

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