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Review : Butterfly caftan for nikah

Hello peeps.

I am still unhappy with the internet connection. Just subscribed to DIGI Internet. But the connection here is still.. can i say sucks?!! oh digi lagi lah sangat2 sucksss... i dont know whether i can upload photos or not but i will try and see how long do i have to wait.. urrghh (stress)...

Okay, for today's entry, it's all about the caftan i wore during my solemnisation. i specially dedicate this entry to Miss Butterfly a.k.a Mek Nik.. sebab dia asyiklah dok request i review caftan nie.

okay first of all, the caftan - no designer okay :). it was just an ordinary chiffon white caftan berharga RM200+ (but discounted to RM180 je) lepas i dah bargain2 dengan the seller. hoping that she will reduced the price more tapi.... tak berjaya. haha. ( i know ada tempat lain yang boleh dapat lagi2 murah) by the way the caftan tu came with a full length white long sleeves.

u guys sure remember this entry kn? pasal baju nikah i yang tak jadi tu? memang haru biru. nak tempah, i memang takut tak sempat, lepas tu, budget pun masa tu dah tak banyak.. mana taknye kan? the first baju nikah dah spoiled. tapi, being a bridezilla, i cakap 'no way i am going to wear the stupid baju! dengan lengan senteng, lace semua dah spoiled' i want to look at least 'ok' on my big day, and the first baju nikah was not any near to "OK" pun. so sad.

so i fikir2 balik, with 'that' small budget apa baju yang nampak cantik but not so pricey? and yes. the caftan! so taking my friends' advices which is i should go for white for nikah (the first baju was greyish) i pun started to survey for the white caftan... they said that i can get it cheap at Jalan TAR. So i pun pergilah sana.

Mula2 tuh masuk banyak kedai. masuk keluar masuk keluar. tapi satu pun tak berkenan. ada tuh yang pelik2 sikit lah fesyennya and too outstanding for nikah... so i passed them. x nak lah kan sebab nikah ni i nak nampak simple and suci sampai one kedai ni, i nampak mannequin dia pakai one chiffon caftan in turquoise with light beading at its V-neck and its waist, and i fell for it right away. And the next thing i knew was, i already stepped into the shop and asked for if they have it in white. And... voila, they have it, so i put it on and the piece i tried was actually slightly bigger than my original size should be, but since that was like the last size left at that time, and my time was really running out at that time and it is just a caftan (it will look big no matter u put on what size pun kan?) , i finally agreed to pay for it without further hesitation.

if u guys want to ask me which shop, dia actually dekat area yang orang jual2 tudung tu.. small shop je tapi all they sell there are caftan only... tapi i tak dapat nak remember clearly where the shop exactly is.. tapi kalau korang jalan kat area situ...mesti jumpa punya lah... :)

And sorry guys too bad, i dont have the photo of the caftan before it was sent for beading...but i will try to godek2 and see how.

Actually, mula2 tu rasa cam dah tak payah letak beading pun takpe kot but fikir2 balik nanti nampak too simple pulak, so i pun mencari lah orang yang boleh buat beading... and for beading pun i sent to someone amateur je... tapi she received quite lots of tempahan jugak la... sebab i just nak beading tu blend sikit dengan the i suggested that the girl who beads to put only a few grey beads at the neckline and the waist (timpa2 dengan the original one, which is white in color)... and this girl, she used her own creativity to add a big fake diamond in grey at the middle of the waist... which i think it was very creative of her to do that! sebab when i met her, i just told her that i want a light beading and the rest will be up to her. So she asked me berapa budget i? i cakap... please not more than RM200... So what do you guys think? beading kat neckline, lepas tu kat waist... dia charged i RM110 je with the big fake diamond?expensive ke cheap?

my mom cakap it was expensive tapi as long as it is cheaper than my initial budget so i redha ajela. HAHA.. And yes, i buat a few alterations myself. which is, i bought the swarovski stone, and i glued them kat bahagian dada and sikit bawah pinggang.. so baju tu nampak glitter2 sikit.. but i still keep it simple.....

and disebabkan i pakai baju caftan for nikah, i dah saved for veil! yelah the caftan it self dah besar kan? kalau i pakai veil lagi lah serabut you all kan? so what i did was, i wore selendang siti with beads from butik Aaliaa and tudung ikin from TORKUAZ je - this was like the best tudung ikin yang i pernah paka, easily shape up the awning and sangat lembut the material.. ( i promised you guys i will do one entry on this)...

sorry guys i tak banyak gambar the caftan, ini pun yang i curi satu from Hazlie (my MUA).. well i still x amek lagi my photos dekat abang Sam. will upload more once i have all the photos in hand ya?

Nampak kan sikit2 the beading... alah... sorry takde full picture lah guys.( thank god this picture took only two minutes to be uploaded)

Updated :

Terjumpa video ni... ada nampak sikit2 the baju... haha...



anaztasias nora aira said...

nora suka baju2 kaftan.. seyes nampak cantik di mata nora :)

hana yoriee said...

cantek!! =)

Yanie said...

nora and Hana : Thankie you!

0sh!Nz d' sen0r!ta said...

yeay.. at last u update sis. rindu okeh. sangat jimat ini baju. tak perlu ribu-riban! eehehehehe.

missbutterfly said...

hhehehe..ada pong!!cantik tau!! nanti aku p cari kt jln TAR! tq Yanie!!

Reen Tart Nenas said...

lamanye x update blog :)

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