Friday, March 25, 2011

Review - Majlis Bertandang (Photos Edition)

Salam peeps,

How's life been treating you lately? Hope everyone is in the pink of health,eh? hehe.

For today's entry, I would like to share some photos of my Majlis Bertandang in Miri. I had wrote brief reviews on the ceremony previously. To those who have yet to read it, you can refer {here}.

These photos were initially raw files my husband took from his photographer friends right after our reception ended. He brought the photos back to KL and edited them himself. Nampak sangat tak sabar, ye tak? ;)

To any B2B who is currently looking for photography service in Miri with an affordable cost, i highly recommend them, not because they are my husband's friends but because of the fun and the "joyful" service that they had rendered to us during our big day there.

if any of you need their contact, can just email me at

enjoy the photos.

They should have write there Mrs and not Ms! Haha. I'd been married for 3 months already by the time we had our majlis bertandang!

The main table before further deco. Look at my dais. Very simple but i loved it to bits! We had two montages played during our bertandang reception. One of it was the slideshow video of my KL Reception made by Abang Ezwan Emary. The other one was a slideshow of our photos since our baby years until dah kahwin. Made by my sis in law. :)

Before entering the ballroom. I was quite nervous at that time. See my express handbouquet!Well, those were the best fresh flowers that i managed to get last minute there. and yes, with such a big hole in the pocket for such a small handbouquet. sigh~

During the walk the aisle... i dont know why, i felt so funny masa tu. i laughed like nobody business. haha. look at my husband throwing the "what's wrong with you?" look.
By the way, i love how my 'kain' looked in this photo. :)

Azlan's family. His brother and sister were his bestman and my maid of honor for the reception.

With both families!

With Azlan's friends from Miri

Showing off the hentam sajalah handbouquet.

By far, this is the photo i love the most!

Menu of the day.

One of the photos of our Bertandang Reception had been featured in The Borneo Post (the borneo newspaper) courtesy of my mother in law's friend whose husband works as one of the newspaper's editorial member. However, the topic was not about our reception, but it was about - My Husband will be going back to Miri to take part in voting for the upcoming election! haha.
Tapi x kesahla, bukannya selalu dapat masuk newspaper, kan?

It can be viewed {here}. Funny but happy at the same time. haha.

Till then!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Review - Our Hantaran

Firstly, this entry is just to share. No other hidden meaning :)

We bought our hantaran one by one, dapat gaji beli, dapat gaji beli. And it was like one year before the big day dah beli satu2... So tak terasa sangat duit tu lesap begitu saja. haha.

Alhamdulillah, last year nak kahwin rezeki murah, dapat bonus and i used the bonus and my side income money to buy some of the hantarans for hubby.Dah beli, simpan dalam one big container - letak thirsty hyppo, so all the dust or smells tak lekat dekat our hantarans!

Deco done by Raja Suefina of Raja Feena Touch/A luxurious Wedding you can Afford

From me to him

1) Workshirts and Tie
2) Watch 
3) Chocolates - Ferrero Rochee and Hersheys
4) Belt and Wallet from Tommy Hilfiger
5) DSLR lens and LCD TV from LG
6) Dates
7) Shoes
8) Sirih Junjung
9) Lab Series Skincare and Giorgio Armani perfume

From Him to me

1) Blackberry
2) Handbag and Wristlet, Heels 
3) Anna Sui Makeup Set, Anna Sui perfume,LOLA by Marc Jacob perfume set
4) Hantaran Cheque
5) Sirih Junjung
6) Strawberries and Chocolates from COCOA TREES (cokelat ni sedap gile2)
7) Watch

Friday, March 18, 2011

Review - Reception Dress by Ezzad Zikry Ishaq

Designer? Or Tailor? Kalau you are a bride to be, you mesti pening kepala tak sudah2 dengan baju kan? Mula2 dengan budget,lepas tu dengan kain, lepas tu mana nak beli lah... material pula lah, mana yang cantik dengan badan, yang nak nampak kurus lah, nak nampak tinggi lah, style lah, theme colour lah..macam-macam, kan? no worries, been there done that! haha. Lepas tuh dah ada kain, mana pula nak hantar ni? Nak hantar tailor biasa2, takut tak cantik.Nak hantar designer pula, inshaAllah outcome cantik, lepas tu kalau nak sewakan balik lepas ni pun boleh je because of the designer's reputation, kan? Tapi budget pulak. Takut tak banyak budget.

If you guys read my previous entries under the label "The Busana", i dah cerita bertapa clumsy nya i dalam membuat preparation or surveys pasal designer/tailor for reception dress ni. Lepas satu, satu...Tapi last2, semua yang i approach tu, x ada satu pun yang i buat dengan diorang.. Maybe tak ada rezeki kot.

So, hari ni i nak memperkenalkan nama yang tidak asing lagi (lately bloggers dah banyak buat baju dengan dia) Ezzad Zikry Ishaq! i ada buat review pasal dia dulu, masa mula2 i nak hire dia...Masa tu Ejad masih dalam proses nak keluarkan banyak lagi custom made dress. You guys can refer {here}.

Ezzad or ejad memang dah ada experience dalam busana pengantin and make up artistry. Kalau you all nak lebih informations or nak tengok more of his artwork, you all boleh add dia kat FB. Add him {here}. Ejad tak claim himself as a designer but practically he is someone yang arif dalam bridal attire. I selalu mengikuti perkembangan dia and i tengok he is someone yang memang menggunakan idea2 yang fresh untuk come out dengan baju2 pengantin yang up to date. And his trademark? MANIK2! sebab he has this passion untuk buat pengantin Nampak berseri2 dengan limpahan manik2, crystal and swarovski. (tapi of courselah mengikut design yang dah dipersetujui)

Now, what i personally love about my wedding dress is, the crystals! bergantung2 kat lace tu.. and these crystals took him months to be sewed to the dress. Not only those crystals, but also the tiny weeny beads yang i rasa, rumitnya lah nak buat benda alah ni. haha. Tapi ejad, he finds it very interesting, so dia boleh buat dengan sangat2 bersemangat!

Besides the crystals, i memang sangat2 suka my reception dress, sebab very english vintage macam tu. With the elbow length sleeves, the long tail. Auwwww, I feel like a princess. The lavender colour just nice. The hanging crystals. The first time I tried the dress, I was so flattered and I left ejad’s home in awe.:)

Talking bout the design, seriously I don’t have any specific design in mind pun masa I first2 jumpa ejad. I bawa banyak dalam 2, 3 buah majalah pengantin tunjuk kat Ejad. At the same time, I briefed him my theme, and the colour that I wanted. So ejad balik, and we met again for the second time. This time around, Ejad brought a few sketches to be shown to me. I chose as what you saw me wearing during my reception but in an improvised version.

To conclude, my reception dress was mixture of my own ideas, ejad’s expertise and passions, and a little bit of my dreams. No regret! I felt comfortable wearing it. The corset also fitted my figure just nice (walaupun ejad have to alter the dress a bit two weeks before the wedding, sebab badan I naik, huhu) But seriously, you can count on him!(he will do everything, from listening to your ideas, beli kain, cari kain, sampai ke jahit manik!)

Okay so here are some of the photos of my reception dress as a feast for your eyes. Haha.

Owwh~ I feel like wearing the reception dress again!

look at the tail when i sit!

The full view of the dress

Another angle of the dress. yeah the tail the tail! Betul2 keluar ekor kat aku kang baru tau! hehe

Back view (unfortunately, i am not as sexy as the hollywood celebrities, tapi nak lah jugak, kan!)

During the walk the aisle. Kuruskan my husband? Tapi sekarang dia dah gemok sikit! Thanks to my cookings. Walaupun sometimes tasteless!

With the beautiful bridesmaids

Check out those hanging crystals. love!

So do not hesitate to give ejad (Ezzad Zikry ishaq) a call.

His details :
Tel - 0132525985 (Ezzad)
Email -
Web -

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Review - Majlis Bertandang 13.03.2011

Alhamdulillah, everything is settled now. My reception in Miri went well and i can say, it was one simple but a joyful and a meaningful event. Except for the part where the hotel management forgot the complimentary doorgifs which was supposed to give to the guests this morning!Nasib baik, my mother in law ada beli doorgift tambahan a day before untuk bagi kat tetamu.

Majlis hari ni very simple. Pelamin pun simple je. It was a standard malay dais for malay wedding here in Miri. Tak boleh nak request style2 macammana. So redha aje. Boleh request theme colour je.Atau maybe juga boleh di outsource kan tapi maybe dengan extra charge lah :)

So here are a few details about my Miri Reception. Just in case, if any of my blog readers are bride to be from Miri or maybe orang semenanjung nak kahwin dengan orang Miri ke. So, perhaps these can be a good reference to you guys.

Attire (Bride and Groom)
Both attire was from Abang Zam (from KL). Really satisfied with Azlan's baju Melayu, but quite disappointed with my baju. i requested a low neckline, but the outcome looked a bit weird.bila duduk macam nak tercekik. Beading was simple. Tangan a bit senteng. Overall, i x berpuas hati dengan design yang dipilih sendiri. Sebab tak suit my figure. Patutnya buat baju kurung je. tak payah ada pinggang and dart. Kain princess cut, memang menyeksakan. Nak naik tangga naik kereta, aduh memang seksa. i learned my lesson now. Should have chosen the simpler design instead.

Makeup (Suriana Spa)
From Kak Suriana. Pernah belajar dengan a famous MUA dalam Malaysia ni( i x boleh nak cakap siapa, sensitive) Rate out of 5 i can give 3. Nampak jauh tua dari usia I and a bit burnt out. She is not that expert in hairstyling. The hairstyle did not help to hide my huge forehead. It made my wide face looked bigger. She was also not that well organise. Dia pakai MAC tapi barang2 sepah2 je. Tak teratur. For me, that was quite a waste. She has the skills and the product but she is not that good in making money out of it. Rate RM350. (cheap kan?) plus one Trial Makeup.

My hubby's friend. Memang buat photography service di Miri. Sporting! Sebab kawan2 je kan!

Wedding venue
Mega Hotel, Miri. Rate RM300 per table. Menu ada Malay menu, ada Chinese Menu. Complimentary dapat Bridal suite for one night, discount voucher The Body Shop, doorgift and dais included. Kek memang 5 tier, tapi yang real kecik je.. Haha. Yang lain2 tu just pakai action je tau!Hotel dia quite nice. The wedding organiser pun bagus! Dais simple je, pakai artificial flowers. I love the arch. Meriah. Makanan sedap! Doorgift, chocolate love yang dalam aluminium tu. Semua2 okay, service pun okay except for mereka lupa bawa keluar doorgift! itu je.

Buat sendiri!! Fresh flowers sangat mahal!! sedih betul! Chrysanthemum RM2 setangkai! Carnation pulak RM2.50 setangkai. mahal! Tapi nak buat macammana terpaksa lah beli. Flowers from BARIO florist and gift.

So, itu saja lah. Gambar tak ada lagi. Dapat tepek satu je.Will come back with more photos.

cerita sedih sebelum majlis bertandang!

Hai all!!

I dah selamat sampai MIRI semalam pagi. Sepatutnya I balik hari khamis, tapi I dengan husband tertinggal flight. Sedih betul. Nasib tiket tu adalah tiket company husband, so kami just tukar tiket ke hari jumaat pagi dengan membayar penalti RM130 sorang. Sedih. Tapi nak buat macammana, kan? Tak ada rezeki. :(

So far, life as a wife has been good. I mean good bersama husband la. Banyak benda baru yang I belajar setiap hari, in terms of hubungan, kasih sayang, personality husband, responsibility as a wife, household chores, dan masak memasak. Kesimpulannya, married life is great! Tapi, tipulah kalau I cakap, tak ada dugaan selepas berkahwin. Life kan penuh dengan ups and downs.

I believe setiap orang, akan ada dugaan yang berlainan kan?ada yang mungkin ada masalah menyesuaikan diri dengan in -laws, long distance bersama husband, musibah kematian dan macam2 lagi, macam I, dugaan I more di tempat kerja. So many bad things happened to me there. Sampai I rasa nak give up dah. Macam2 lah yang berlaku. Dipendekkan, I menjadi mangsa pada hati2 manusia yang tidak senang dengan apa yang I ada atau juga mungkin tidak bersyukur dengan apa yang mereka ada dan mereka bertindak untuk menjatuhkan I dan memotong rezeki2 i. Kalau ikutkan hati, amarah, rasa terkilan, rasa geram, memang banyak harsh words yang nak dihamburkan untuk memuaskan hati ni, tapi I ingat kata2 ibu I "Bila kita diuji, pandanglah langit dan ingat pencipta langit yang amat luas itu, dan ingatlah, setiap apa yang berlaku pada kita ada hikmahnya, allah juga yang mencipta mereka2 yang menyakiti kita, jadi setiap apa yang mereka lakukan, akan ada balasannya, cuma kita sahaja yang tidak tahu, apa, bila dan bagaimana, balasan itu akan diberi".

Dengan kata2 ibu I ni, I masih tabah dan bersabar dengan dugaan yang mendatang. Sebab I tahu, allah itu sangat adil. Dugaan2 yang diberi ni sebenarnya sangat banyak hikmah-hikmah yang tersembunyi di sebaliknya.. And I tahu and yakin, setiap badai yang melanda kehidupan, sebenarnya ada satu kemanisan yang akan menyusul kelak. So I yakinkan diri, sabar dan berdoa yang mereka2 ni diberi hidayah oleh Allah. Berdoa yang I akan terus kuat menghadapi dugaan2 ni.

Okay enough about the bad things.. Now I nak cerita pasal hari2 I kat MIRI.

Well, I can say that actually I'm lucky enough dapat family in law yang sangat2 baik. I can say that I can get along with them very very well.(Actually dari kami kawan lagi) Alhamdulillah. So happy to be here in Miri. My husband pun sangat2 happy. I never see him this happy when he is in KL. Sebab kat sana dia tak ada geng sangat. Geng2 dia pun mungkin terdiri dari co-workers di tempat dia bekerja,

Walaupun kat Miri ni tak ada posh shopping complex, skyscrappers, and entertainment macam di KL tapi I suka! Sebab life tak hectic, less traffic jams and relax. Kalau you all wonder, macam mana nak shopping semua, wonder no more! Sekarang kan dah ada internet shopping?so if husband nak settle down kat sini, maybe dia cari kerja di NIppon OIl or Shell ke, I nak buat bisnes kecil kecilan je :) at least boleh tolong2 husband sikit kan? So, really looking forward for that la. Walaupun sedih juga berjauhan dengan family sendiri :(

Anyway, pagi tadi beli fresh flower untuk buat handbouquet. Terpaksa buat di sini, even though dah berniat nak buat dari KL sebab x sempat! Harga fresh flower kat sini sangat2 mahal!! Memang pengsan! Carnation setangkai RM2.50! Chrysanthemum pula RM2!!! And it is per tangkai!menangis bayar!haha.. Tapi maybe sebab nak dapat fresh flower susahkan kat sini.So sebab tu mungkin harga dia mahal.

Tapi! Wah ada tapi tu! Buat hair treatment dengan manicure sangat2 murah! And service diorang tip top! Suka! For 67 ringgit, I dpt hair treatment inclusive of shampoo and blow yang sangat2 best. Kalau kat KL, shampoo ala2 kadar je. Charge meletop2 mak non!

Okay, for majlis esok, I dah siap siap hantar baju iron kat dobi. Kasut, I recycle my nikah shoes je. Thought of pakai kasut Lewre hantaran itu hari tapi sebab kasut tu tak ada platform and it's a 4 inch heels, terus I x jadi pakai :(

Now I tengah struggle gubah handbouquet. Anyway my handbouquet is a mixture of pink and purple carnation, and white chrysanthemums. Can't tel how's the end product is gonna be, but those were the best fresh flowers I managed to grab this morning. Haha.

Tell then you all!

P/s : tried my baju bertandang. Tak puas hati sikit kat bahagian neckline sebab tak berapa jatuh tapi xpela. Yang penting confident!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

My artificial handbouquet and majlis bertandang

Kad kahwin sebelah hubby dah siap...Tapi our baju belum siap lagi... my tailor cakap supposed ly boleh ambil 5.03.2011. Tapi he said to give him time until Monday or Tuesday. i dont actually mind nak ambil bila2 pun asalkan sebelum i fly back to Miri on the 10th la. haha. Surprise juga how i can be this calm for my majlis bertandangkan? but i guess maybe my bridezilla mood dah lama turn off and maybe sebab majlis ni is for groom side and i tak nak masuk campur sangat.

So to bride to be bloggers yang maybe duduk miri, and nak datang majlis i, boleh let me know. Tapi sebab it's a seating event, so kena RSVP dulu lah.

Details for the event are as followed :

Date : 13.03.2011
Time : 10 am
Venue : Imperial Ballroom, Mega Hotel, Miri, Sarawak.

I tak jemput ramai kawan pun sebab kawan2 i ramainya duduk di Kuching, so jarak antara Kuching dengan Miri tu tidaklah dekat. But i still jemput juga all my co-workers, sebab tak nak la diorang kecil hati i tak jemput, so walaupun jauh, just jemput... datang ke tak nak datang, ke that's their call lah.

okay since majlis bertandang ni jauh, i plan nak DIY je handbouquet... So i think i nak buat artificial flowers hand bouquet je.

For your info, i kadang2 memang ambil upah buat handbouquet and hantarans pakai artficial flowers sebab i suka juga main2 dengan bunga ni. Dulu actually i ada one blog to promote my business but i buat secara underground la, and from mouth to mouth je. So i think mission i this weekend selain pergi office settlekan the workload, i nak pergi cari artificial flowers untuk buat handbouquet i nanti.

To bride to be yang nk cari artificial flowers untuk buat handbouquet, you all boleh cari kat kedai2 macam :

1) KK Deco
2) Romantica
3) SSF (x sure ada bunga yang sesuai buat handbouquet ke tak, tapi for hantaran deco banyak)
4) Kedai Bunga Riben Sinyin
5) Sayangku (Jalan TAR) Sayang You
6) Nilai 3

But my votes will be KK Deco and Romantika...! KK Deco you can go yang dekat Tesco, Ampang and MBO Galaxy, Ampang tu. Situ bunga2 dia cantik2... For those yang tinggal kat area2 PJ, boleh try tengok kat Romantika kat Amcorp Mall. I tak prefer untuk ke Nilai3 sangat untuk beli bunga sebab bagi i bunga dia macam biasa biasa . Not the good grade one. Tapi kalau pandai combine and gubah, it will turn out to be a good combination juga.

Here are some of the handbouquet yang pernah i buat for my friends and customers. Kalau any of you yang interested nak handbouquet macam ni and nak minta tolong i buatkan boleh je... FOC. Tapi style macam di bawah la. Kalau nak yang style lain2 tu, i hv to charge a bit..tapi bunga you all beli and bagi i... inshaAllah kalau i boleh tolong i tolong buatkan.




Banyak lagi gambar yang i ada tapi yang ini je i dapat upload. Malu juga sebab tak adalah cantik mana. So im thinkinhg to do something like the above lah for my wedding or maybe lain sikit ke macam mana.. but just wait for it.. haha. :)Will update you guys later on the DIY.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Affordable chiffon and shantung silk at Jalan TAR

Hello peeps,

Previously,I did one entry about my baju bertandang kan? to those yang belum baca, you can refer {here}. I juga ada buat 'shoutout' dekat secret group "BBF aka Blogger Brides Forever" - tapi too bad takda response masa tu. Maybe sebab i post benda tu awal pagi, so tak ada orang perasan sangat my question tu. hehe. Tapi xpe.. now i nak share one good info pasal my kain for baju bertandang. Not only mine, but for my hubby too...

Setahu i, selama ni, i normally akan dengar brides to be akan mencari kain kat Jakel bukan? Sebab Jakel tu memang dah sangat2 famous untuk beli kain for baju2 pengantin especially kain2 macam french lace, lace nak buat pacthes and chiffon silk. Reason? Kat Jakel banyak pilihan and kain dia cantik2. Tapi from what i heard from my B2B batch macam Hana Yorie yang beli kain dekat situ, harga dia memang meletop2 mak non!Hana cakap memang menangis nak bayar..Maybe to those yang dah ada budget to splurge for kain, boleh pergi situ untuk membeli.
Ada juga yang kalau pandai tawar menawar dan pandai sikit pasal kain2 ni (ada confidence, so boleh nampak ala2 designer or mak andam) boleh dapat diskaun for kain2 ni, tapi macam i yang dah lah buta kain, masuk Jakel pun teragak2, so i lupakan je lah niat I nak beli kain kat situ.

Actually, i can ask my tailor to buy, tapi sebab takut tak berkenan dengan warna ke macam mana kan, i pun tekad beli sendiri and nak cari alternative lain besides Jakel.

I think you guys know, selain kat Jakel, kat Jalan Tar tu you boleh pergi Gulatis, Euro Moda, Maya Silk and banyak lagi tempat untuk beli kain2 baju pengantin jugak. Tapi, harga2 kain dekat situ, boleh tahan juga tu... So, i awal2 dah tak masuk tempat2 macam ni.

I kurangkan budget pada kain, sebab i nak splurge more on workmanship.So, i struggle pusing2 Jalan Tar dengan Azlan. Last2, kami jumpa juga kain Chiffon yang murah, iaitu hanya RM15 semeter. Ha, murah tak? Mula2 tuh macam tak yakin.Biar betul RM15 kan? I siap tanya macam2 dekat Sales Assistant tu, siap tanya dia ada contoh baju dah siap tak? Dia pun tunjuk baju nikah kurung moden yang dah siap dengan patch lace sikit2 and light beading. So i tanya dia berapa ringgt baju macam ni? And you know what she answered me? RM1200!! I was so shocked!! what?? just a simple kurung moden and the price is RM1200? haha, so apalagi, terus keyakinan bertambah, borong 6 meter terus.

Nak tahu apa nama kedai dia? Okay lokasi kedai dekat Semua House, Jalan TAR (kedai dia first Ground Floor tu- bahagian belakang belakang yang banyak baju2 pengantin and kain2 pasang set lace and satin tu) Nama kedai dia tak silap i SU HUA ENTERPRISE - ada lagi satu cawangan along Jalan TAR , tempat orang jual2 tudung tu, Tingkat 1.. Kalau you all jalan2 situ,sure nampak... Tapi i tak pergi yang dekat situ. Warna2 kain boleh kata okay okaylah pilihan dia.. Kualiti kain pula, out of 5 i bagi 3 setengah bintang la...

Kalau nak tau warna kain i macam mana, macam gambar kahwin Siti Sarah nie. Warna champagne..

pic from :

Lepas tu bermula pula pencarian untuk kain baju Melayu Azlan, beli Shantung Silk dekat First Impression saja (juga dekat Jalan TAR, kedai dia dah dekat sangat dengan Sogo, jalan elok2 kat situ pasti nampak) Juga murah je. RM28 semeter! i minta kurang dapat dalam RM25 semeter je...

So bila hantar tailor i minta tailor jahitkan baju Melayu ala2 Zaquan, lebih kurang macam ni, untuk Azlan :

pic from : Beautiful Nara

Untuk design baju i? ha tu nanti i bagitau in next entry k... So kesimpulannya i puas hati sebab i dah jimat duit pada kain, boleh splurge di workmanship sikit2 la kan?

Maybe kalau ada bride to be yang berpeluang pergi Bandung, dengar cerita kain di sana berkali2 ganda lebih murah kan? Tapi ye lah, fikir pula tentang travel expenses. Kalau ke sana, lebih baik buat semua sekali in one shot. Beli kain, buat baju, buat kad, beli doorgift and etc. Jimat tau! Sebab barang2 kat sana sangat2 murah.

Tapi kalau tak berkesempatan, di Malaysia pun boleh lah... Cuma takdelah semurah di Bandung. Haha.

So,hopefully the info will be useful to brides to be yang nak go kain hunting! Good luck and May the force be with you!

updated : You may also read Cik Belle's entry on Kain Murah di Jalan Tar for additional info