Friday, March 25, 2011

Review - Majlis Bertandang (Photos Edition)

Salam peeps,

How's life been treating you lately? Hope everyone is in the pink of health,eh? hehe.

For today's entry, I would like to share some photos of my Majlis Bertandang in Miri. I had wrote brief reviews on the ceremony previously. To those who have yet to read it, you can refer {here}.

These photos were initially raw files my husband took from his photographer friends right after our reception ended. He brought the photos back to KL and edited them himself. Nampak sangat tak sabar, ye tak? ;)

To any B2B who is currently looking for photography service in Miri with an affordable cost, i highly recommend them, not because they are my husband's friends but because of the fun and the "joyful" service that they had rendered to us during our big day there.

if any of you need their contact, can just email me at

enjoy the photos.

They should have write there Mrs and not Ms! Haha. I'd been married for 3 months already by the time we had our majlis bertandang!

The main table before further deco. Look at my dais. Very simple but i loved it to bits! We had two montages played during our bertandang reception. One of it was the slideshow video of my KL Reception made by Abang Ezwan Emary. The other one was a slideshow of our photos since our baby years until dah kahwin. Made by my sis in law. :)

Before entering the ballroom. I was quite nervous at that time. See my express handbouquet!Well, those were the best fresh flowers that i managed to get last minute there. and yes, with such a big hole in the pocket for such a small handbouquet. sigh~

During the walk the aisle... i dont know why, i felt so funny masa tu. i laughed like nobody business. haha. look at my husband throwing the "what's wrong with you?" look.
By the way, i love how my 'kain' looked in this photo. :)

Azlan's family. His brother and sister were his bestman and my maid of honor for the reception.

With both families!

With Azlan's friends from Miri

Showing off the hentam sajalah handbouquet.

By far, this is the photo i love the most!

Menu of the day.

One of the photos of our Bertandang Reception had been featured in The Borneo Post (the borneo newspaper) courtesy of my mother in law's friend whose husband works as one of the newspaper's editorial member. However, the topic was not about our reception, but it was about - My Husband will be going back to Miri to take part in voting for the upcoming election! haha.
Tapi x kesahla, bukannya selalu dapat masuk newspaper, kan?

It can be viewed {here}. Funny but happy at the same time. haha.

Till then!


hana yoriee said...

tak kisah lah yanie, pasal election ke ape..janji muka masuk paper..kan?hahaha

Yanie said...

hana yoriee : Betul hana.. dapat masuk walaupun tak berkaitan pun dah rasa cukup best dah. hehe

LisaLisut said...

i suke baju u ni..simple dan elegan :)

Lala said...

yaniee, u nampak tembam tapi cute!!!!hehe

thezaila said...

wahhh yanie.. curlass noks surat khabar.. glamer hokay.. =)

0sh!Nz d' sen0r!ta said...

ur hentam sajalah handbouquet tu cantik lah sis. perfecto!

Yanie said...

LisaLisut : haah dear. simple je baju i ni. but really nice.

Lala : Memang i dah tembam semenjak kawin nie. Berat badan naik secara mendadak. Sedih betul.

thezaila : boleh la.. hahaha. kalau bukan sebab kawan MIL yanie, xdenye nak masuk suratkhabar tu. hehe

0sh!Nz d' sen0r!ta : cantek ke? tapi kecik lah dear... sebab bunga susah gile nak dapat kat sana. menangis.

K.I.N.A said...

haha..bukan sebab kawen eh..sebab election pun ok..bukan sng masuk paper tu..

i love table menu tu..sweet je..

Yanie said...

K.I.N.A : tuhla bukan sebab kahwin sebab election. Macam nak masuk politik pulak suami saya. Hahaha. Table menu tu simple je... Memang hotel tu yang sediakan. :)

aizazul said...

yanie, u look great! boleh x u bg contact no. ur photog kat miri tu? really appreciate it...tq

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