Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Artwork - Elya's handbouquet, Ribbon bouttonnieres, Flowers corsages.

Beautiful Red Roses

Hehe, guess whose handbouquet is this? Those who has been to Elya's wedding must have known the answer,kan? Yes, i was the one who sponsored the bouquet for her...Elya sent an entry to participate in the giveaway and at that time it was like 10 more days to her big day... She told me, she still didnt has anyone in mind to hire for her reception handbouquet... So, i pun cakap, never mind la, im willing to do one for her... she doesnt want to accept at first so i told her, please accept it as a wedding gift.. Then she said okay, and cakap sikit2 pasal her theme colour and the rest was up to me... so this was what i came up with, used almost 30 red roses yang half opened and fully opened and she was happy.. Alhamdulillah...

ni gambar elya pegang handboquet tu.... patutlah dia nak semua merah memang masuk dengan baju dia... Congrats again elya... pic ni yanie curi kat Facebook ye.. hehe

These are the ribbon boutonnieres ... giveaway winners, this is what you will walk away with... haha... but of course according to your wedding theme colour...i enjoyed myself doing this kind of thing tau!
Lepas pakai untuk buttonnoires, benda ni boleh recycle jadi brooch tudung, i tak pakai safety pin, i pakai pin yang buat brooch tu... boleh letak kat tepi ke, kat kepala ke.. style tu sekarang... siapa yang nak order ni boleh email kat thecraftpotion@yahoo.com... boleh tanya price kat situ ek..

This is what i came up with for my friend. Her wedding theme is something like Acik's wedding theme, all white and green and garden-ish, So she requested two flower corsages for her husband and hisbestman.. Inspired by the below picture. Tapi dia cakap she doesnt has that much of budget for the corsages... Dia cakap bila pergi survey, nak dapat yang cantik2 semua mahal2.. so i said okay, no problem. i can help.. So she briefed me how she wants the corsages to be. And these are what i came up with..

source - {once wed}

Nak tahu tak siapa menang giveaway tu? i will announce in next entry k? i received almost 30 emails participating for this giveaway inclusive of friends yang tak de blogg.. hehe (but i will deal with them later).. So just nak announce one good news, from 3 winners, i dah tambah another 3...1 will walk away with fresh flower bouquet, 2 with artificial flowers and 3 with 30 ribbon boutonnieres!

Okay see you in next entry heh? (Mengada gila buat orang saspens cam Maharaja Lawak!)


K.I.N.A said...

30 participants?wow..suspen!hehe..sweet tau fresh flower elya..

veesakura said...

omg!! its beautifulll!! tapi mst mahal kan? sob..sob..sob..

cheQmOomOo said...

huhuhu excited!!!

LisaLisut said...

hihih. excited gue.haha.tak sabo tunggu malam.i suka gila corsage ros kuning cair tu.hihih.mak i tye hari tu apa benda yg kecik2 mcm button tu masa kt nilai.tp takde button la just riben2.i ckp ni utk family pakai sng org nk kenal.ni mak pengantin.haha.nk ke?dia ckp xnk.segan nk pakai.lohhh.org nk expose mak pengantin dia nk cover diri pulekk.sabo je.shall keep the idea to have corsage.mana tau bile nk dkt2 nt nk pulak ade corsage masa tu.ngeh3.

ElyaElmo said...

yanieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!seriously..semua org cko cntik tauuu.mmber2 lelaki pun kata my handbouquet cantikkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!~
elya tak sanga yanie letak pearl2 tu...elya 'hantu' pearl tau!!
tak tau nk ckp ape dh..sukee sgtttt!!~
insyaAllah nak buat entry untuk yanie...thanks alot darl :)

Reen Tart Nenas said...

herm, tgh pk bila time sesuai nak order corsage dgn yanie :)

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