Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dugaan during Ramadhan for me.

Hi lovelies,

How is your Ramadhan so far? Hopefully everything goes well and all of you managed to successfully complete the ibadah in these four days.

I am still down with fever and this is already my second day feeling weak, headache, and body ache all over, I had to break fast during office hours last Tuesday because i was attacked with heavy flu and i keep on sneezing in the freezing office!I felt really uncomfortable and have to swallow the 'Clarinase' pill to kill the 'flu attack'.

Alhamdulillah, soon after i took the pill, i felt a bit OK for a few hours but the recovery didnt last long. I started to feel weak and had to sleep for an hour in the office's surau because i just couldnt stand to look at the PC.

And my condition had worsen during Tuesday's night and the fever has not go away until today.

I have been on MC for two days now, and i am feeling really guilty since somebody has to take over my job at the office. But, if i dont get enough rest, im afraid that my condition will become worst and probably will have to take leave for morrree days...

I am grateful to have such a wonderful husband who had helped bring me to the clinic and taking a good care of me in these two days.  He was the one who carry me all around the house to get this and that, he was the one who will 'lap-lap' my body since i cant take a proper bath, and he has done almost everything to make me feel better and healthy again.

Thank you abang, i love you so much.

i know some of you may have this big question mark in your head, Am i carrying a mini me inside my womb? Well let me leave you guys with the big question mark. if it's already time, worry not, i will spill the news here.

But yes or no. Seriously, me too have no idea! haha...

Till then guys .

Happy fasting!

hopefully i will be fit and healthy again to fulfill my ibadah and go to work tomorrow.



♥ balkidz_hunny ♥ said...

Jika benar bagai dikata, tahniah :) ewwwahhh!

take care ye yanie :)

yUmIe said...

Hopefully itu petanda yg baik!!kami doakn:)
Get well soon yanie..

LisaLisut said...

teruk jugak demam u ni yanie.

if ada "apa2" nt,congrats in advance :)

yg penting get well soon hihi

Sh.athie said...

yanie.. u might have a bun in the oven! hehehehe. go buat upt to confirm kan. who knows. maybe dh sampai rezki korang kot. =) get well soon!

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