Sunday, September 25, 2011


I just watched bridesmaids movie with my husband this morning. Well, i can say that the movie was hilarious.

It was a story about this lady named Annie whose bestfriend is getting married and offered her to be the maid of honor. Annie's bestfriend, who is the bride to be, Lillian, has another friend, a wealthy and pretty lady named Helen, whom she got to know for like 8 months and had spent a lot of time together. Helen is married to Lillian's husband to be's boss and Lillian has also offered Helen to be one of her bridesmaids.

This Helen tak banyak sangat female friends so she really appreciates Lillian and tries to please Lillian ni dengan macam2 cara lah.

So, these two ladies, Helen and Annie ni akan berperang la in order to win the bride's heart. Annie uses all the memories she had with Lillian because they had grown up together and Helen uses her wealth to buy Lillian's heart for things that had been Lillian long time dream, but Lillian couldnt afford.

Banyak la scene2 menarik and kelakar, and ada juga scene Helen backstab Annie masa Lillian's bridal shower. Aksi2 yang x senonoh pun ada. Tapi memang kelakar la.

It was a light movie to watch, tapi for me there are a lot of values about life, friendship and relationship that you can pick up along the way while watching.

After watching, i thanked god that my maid of honor and bridesmaids tak jadi mcm ni masa i kawin dulu. HAHA.

So brides to be, this is really a good movie for you to watch with your group of bridesmaids before the wedding!

I'm sure that you will laugh your ass off and you can cry too at times where these two life time best friends were fighting with each other.


nida-razak said...

yani..macam best je cite ni..nak nida xda bridesmaid..nanti mesti rasa nak ada..huuu

Yanie said...

nida-razak : Memang best... Tapi x payah ada bridesmaids pon okay je nak tgk dear... cite dia fun sangatt... hhehehe

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

harus tengok nie. macam best jer..

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