Sunday, October 2, 2011

Slim down your face before the wedding?

I know some of you brides to be mesti ada yang risau kan kalau muka tiba2 berisi and ada "double chin" tu before the big day. It's okay. Been there, experienced that before. Kadang2 dah diet teruk2 pun, we only managed to shed down few kilos kat our body je kan but not the face!

Worry no more, maybe you guys can try this product from O'slee.I know maybe some of you guys tak pernah dengar or come across this brand kan? This brand is Hong Kong No. 1 Skincare (according to their Facebook page) -> HERE  The name of the face slimming product from O'slee ni is 'Slim Face Medi Deep Clean Mask'. Produk ni boleh membantu to slim down your face without any injection or surgery.

It is using Phytosonic, yang mempunyai fungsi yang sama  dengan teknologi gelombang ultra bunyi pemecah lemak, so maybe bila kita pakai the mask dia akan tembus kat kulit and pecah2 kan lemak kat muka tu kan? Wow! This is best, bro!HAHA More info, check them out here ->

Where to get? Perhaps you can buy them from their website. Click to be redirected to their page. Tapi kena register dulu (x susah rasanya nak register) and i think kat drugstore macam Guardian/Watson or even SASA pun ada jual kot.

i yang dah kahwin pun rasa macam nak try this product... Tak tau lah berkesan ke tak... Tapi macam tempting je... Hehe... So any of you yang pernah try, please share your verdict here. Or nak share product lain ke? You are welcome to do so.

And here, few tips for you yang nak avoid raut muka yang tembam. Boleh la cuba2 jaya :)

Say NO to double chin!

Source : In Trend (October 2011)

- Reduce taking high cholestrole foods and salt in your cooking.
- Try to do light massages around your chin and rahang to improve blood circulation.

Googled and found this :

The red circles are starting and ending points for your fingers. The lines and arrows show the direction for the massage strokes. Where there are simply circles, there is little to no movement from that one area of the face.
Arlene Fleming

Source : HERE 

- Dont sleep on too high pillows - untuk mengelakkan wajah dan dagu mengelebeh. (Baru tauu!!)
- Chew the chewing gum la. Senaman muka paling mudah. :)

Till then!

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