Saturday, November 5, 2011

My HOUSE is insuchh a HUGEEEE mess!

My house is in such a huge mess... Almost everything in the house i see now as a trash that i can throw away so that my house can look clean and tidy (including me and husband, haha).

Serius pening. i want to cook but i was so shocked to find out that my rice cooker has not been washed since last week! damn.The last time i used it to cook was when my mother dropped by to have lunch at my house WHICH WAS LAST WEEK *_*. So today, i cant cook my sardin resipi ibu...because the last week rice leftover are spoiled and the fungus all have made their happy home there. No wonder la,  i smelled something horrible when i went home from work the other day!. Asked my husband " do u smell like something dead inside this house?" and he just answered "no". And guess who were the one who were actually responsible for the dishwashing duty last week? It's the husband. *TEPUK DAHI**_*

 i am so craving for my sardin resipi ibu at the moment but i cant cook it, so i feel like screaming at the top of my lungs and cry out loud!!just washed my something dead in there periuk nasi and need to wait it to dry first before i can use it to cook again. Perhaps some of you will not eat nasi at my house after reading this. hehe.

My bedroom floors including the living room floors are now covered with god knows whose hair la. i have this huge problem, ever since i got married, my hair asyik gugur je.. or is it because it is too long already?? i want to chop them off, but i still couldnt find any hair style that suits me best! sigh~

last two weeks, we bought this stainless steel dish rack from Jusco. So just now husband tried to assemble all the parts together and we were so frustrated that the rack are actyually not stable and too small for our kitchenware. we are giants anyway..haha.

and now i have no mood to do anything with the house. Everything is such a mess. our clothes are piling up. some needs to be washed while some needs to be fold. Our store, which used to look nice once (after we organized everything the other day). Now is looking completely like a huge rubbish bin.

conclusion, im stress, i cannot cook and im hungry... and tomorrow Raya and my house is such a mess....
well anyway lovelies, Selamat Hari Raya eid-ul Adha, maaf zahir batin!!

Nah cuba tgk video ni. how can she live in just a 90 square feet apartment but still the apartment looks more organized than mine though. haha..and the other video is that guy who managed to turn up his apartment (a small one) to become a lego apartment... i love the concept. bila rimas sembunyi2kan je semua kan...

Anyway, just want to let u guys know, i know some of the bloggers are my FB friends but recently my FB has been attacked with a virus. God knows what virus la... Suddenly i greet people through my chatbox and left them with the porn video link, some friends cannot view my photos and some of my status also disappear...  i gradually unfriend all bloggers from that FB and I  am now creating another FB and will re-friend all the bloggerS there.

BYE GUYS, i want to have my brunch now! :)
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LisaLisut said...

seminggu tak basuh periuk nasi?haha.kalau i pun dh tutup periuk tu(konon nk basuh later on tp terlupa) endup smpai bau br igt.hoho.geram bile nk masak tp xbasuh lg.grr.

no wonder i xjumpa ur FB.last malam bila tah i saw ur last status said goodbye.i try type ur name to search new acct xjumpa.if u nk add u know where to find me.haha.khalisa johari. thank you :D

Yanie said...

Lisa lisut : ok lisa. My fb dah kena virus la. Banyak link porn telah tersend dengan jayanya. Hoho

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