Sunday, December 16, 2012

Update about our new house part 1

Phew, minggu ni settle part dapatkan wireman and plumber... Memang bukan sikit2 la yang kena buat.... For wiring + service aircond dalam living room, master bedroom and guest room, we all kena charged RM800, itu pun lepas that electrician guy dah kurangkan a bit here and there sebab we all mmg selalu panggil dia dtg rumah kalau ada apa2 kerosakan... i dont know la kalau orang yang we all tak berapa biasa kan mesti lagi mahal dia charge... Senang kalau panggil orang yang kita dah biasa, maybe dia boleh buat lebih murah...

Aircond pula mmg kena servis la sebab airconds ni tiga2 tuan rumah bagi free je and i think dah lama gile kot tak berservis,and  maybe sebab nak buka pasang balik tu akan lebih costly dari beli aircond baru kan so dia sedekah je kat we all.. haha...

Plumber pula, sebab our house ni rasanya system piping dia mcm pelik tau, so we all request quite major changes juga la to all piping and everything, so dia quoted us RM900, which to me agak mahal la tapi sebab dia cakap dia nak tukar semua kepala paip... we all terus setuju je la... Sebab dah tak tau nak survey mana dah... Lagipun kalau boleh we all nak settle benda2 ni secepat mungkin....

Hopefully okay lah apa yang diorang nak buat nanti.... Maybe the progress will start tomorrow... So dalam 2, 3 hari ni kena lah berulang alik tengok keadaan rumah tu mcm mana.... Nasib dekat je dengan rumah yang we all sewa sekarang.... And i really2 hope yang diorang akan buat dengan kemas and baik....

Tapi kan nak cerita la, i feel like a bimbo juga tau bila ikut my husband pergi bincang2 price dengan diorang, dah la i dont know anything pasal apa yang diorang cakap kan  tapi at the same time i takut kalau my husband kena tipu dengan contractor2 buat rumah ni.... Dahla my husband ni senang kena tipu....tapi nak cakap nak murah lagi or harga diorang mahal pun tak boleh sebab tak pernah ada pengalaman masuk own house... Hmmph, so apa boleh buat... Redha je la....Tapi kalau cerita kat orang pastu orang cakap diorang pernah buat lagi murah memang aku histeria la... Haha.

Semalam last minute beli kipas for our master bedroom, sebab dalam bilik tu ada aircond je... i ni kan ada sinus and tak boleh sejuk sangat, so kipas mmg wajib kena pasangla dalam bilik tu... nanti ada yang demam berhari2 sebab sejuk dalam bilik... hehe...Murah je ada promotion kat Avalon, RM119 only siap ada remote control lagi.... :) Kalau harga biasa dalam 200 -300 plus... sebab kan nampak murah so beli aje la...

Sekarang ni masalah we all is the tukang cat.... Dia quote RM1400, cat kitorang beli sendiri... tapi kan.... masalahnya, dia takde staff and dia buat sorang tau... so it will takes 14 days to siap.... sebab rumah kitorang tu kena buat plastering dulu sebab wall dia ada yang dah rapuh sebab pipe bocor and etc.... kalau 14 days susah sikit sebab kitorang dah bagi notis to tuan rumah yang by end of this month dah nak keluar, itupun, kitchen cabinet terpaksa buat masa we all dah masuk rumah tau....which will be in January.... nasib lah January tu i takde job hantarans... Kalau tak mmg busy dengan job hantaran nya... nak ngemas rumah nya... hmmph.

Nanti diorang dah siapkan all the works, i will published their contact here la... tengok mcm mana kerja diorang dulu barulah berani nak recommend kan...

Till then!

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Finally!! We've got the keys to our own house already.....!!

Sad news is husband dah pergi tgk rumah masa jumpa ex-owner and dia cakap sangat2 banyak benda nak kena repair here and there.... Tsk.... Terbang lagi lah duit we all...

Hari tu tamak, semua furnitures tukar baru... Couch from fabric couch upgrade to leather... Katil tukar devan bed? is it devan? ke apa nama dia? okay whatever. kesimpulannya tukar katil la. haha. Dining table from bench style tukar yang 6 seater... Perasan ramai orang nak datang rumah.... Tapi takpela... Sebab bukan every year pun kan akan tukar dining table... so sekarang ni budget dah agak burst sikit! Terpaksa hold dulu plaster ceiling and nak buat wooden floor... Macam yang my husband impikan.... Tapi we have back up plan, for ceiling... i ingat nak buat spotlights setup... Macam nak nampakkan modern la.... Spotlight dah beli... Beli kat kedai lampu nilai 3... Mmg murah juga la...

For me,  at least repair dulu what needs to be repaired....and buat kitchen cabinet dulu kot which tu lah yang akan pakai major cost kot nak masuk rumah baru ni.... Settle dua benda ni, boleh la nak buat benda2 lain kan? nasib la beli rumah atas orang mmg macam2 nak kena buat balik.

But anyway, hari ni nak pergi tengok the house and  nak list downkan what needs to be repaired! From there baru boleh survey contractor and buat yang lain2.

So far we all dah allocate budget untuk these things :

- Mover ( RM950 *based on apa yang diorang quote masa diorang datang buat site visit to my house  hari tu)
- Kitchen cabinet (RM8K++) mmg paling sedih... tapi paling diperlukan so no choice!
- Minor renovation/repairing/plumbing/wiring - RM5K
- Furnitures (RM5K - katil, sofa, bean bag, bar stools, TV cabinet, dining table & ada a few lagi i cant remember)
- Kitchen appliances (built in oven, hob, hood - rm3k++)

So you guys do the math.... Huhuh, bukan senang kan nak masuk rumah baru... Nasib baik husband ada duit EPF yang dia dapat lepas claim yang bayaran 10% duit muka rumah tu... Itupun mcm tak cukup je sebab rasanya banyak lagi nak kena buat....

Anyway, nanti i akan update our house progress k... And kejap lagi nak ambil gambar bannyak2... :)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

new job, new age , new house

Hello people, 

How's your Sunday? Husband went to Weststar to get his car serviced. I am at home enjoying the nasi lemak that husband bought me and a 3 in 1 teh tarik i made for myself. 

Remember the other day, i wrote about my interview with one of the oil& gas consultancy company near KLCC? If anyone of you had missed out on it, you may read it here

Yes, Alhamdulillah,i got the job. Been with them for a week already, And all I can say is everything was great ! The office, the colleagues, the supervisor.  But there are still lots of things to learn, know and prove. The job scope are quite huge and I have to know a lot of things. And internet had been a great help, indeed! I also have to prove to the company that I deserved to be there because from what i heard, there were a few other candidates who went for the interview and didnt get the job, So i must say that im lucky to be the chosen one. 

Well, i will tell more work related stories from time to time. Of course i can foresee that  there will be lots of new challenges that I will experience but i am anticipating for them. :) My days are getting busier with the new job and my part time business, but yes, i had fun juggling between all these. 

Some of my friends and even families asked me whether i will still continue my part time business while working at the same time and my answer to them is yes, definitely. I have no problem to wake up early in the morning or staying up until late at nights to complete the orders. I actually already get used to it. And since i yet to have kids, I think i might as well occupy my time with doing what i love most before i will use it to be a mother someday. Once the time has come, i will try to take less orders, or maybe figure out some other ways to make things easier :) That's my plan for the time being, but yes, over the time,  some things will change. So better option is to just go with flow.

Anywayyy, just to let you guys know that i just turned 27 last Friday! Haha, well, no surprise from colleagues like last year la because i was just there for about 5 days only. But being the talkative one, i announced my own birthday in the office tau! I know it is such an embarrassing thing to do but i dont know. I just love putting myself to shame just to be into the limelight. No lah, i was kidding. LOL!

When i came home from work on that day, i saw one paperbag on my dining table that made my eyes went so wide! Well, what else could that be la kan? Of course, a surprise from the husband!!!

Yes, it was a Pandora! Husband bought me the Pandora bracelet  and a few small charms and two Murano glass,/crystal, dont know what people call them but that doesnt matter! What matter most to me is I love it so so muchhh!!! If you dont know what it looks like, it is something like in the below google-ed pic.

source : Google

You can also gain more info from Habib Jewels website/FB page. 

I must say my husband is a keeper. Well yes some times, we fight real hard with each other,  argue with each other, hate each other but we really cant live without each other. I love my husband so much. We have been through lots of ups and downs together. I love him since those days, since he just had a scooter to go everywhere with and I still remember there was one time where we had to wear raincoats to go to Midvalley for a movie date. Those were the days, and i missed those days! We grow a lot together, we help each other and have each other backs. What am I going to do without you la hubby ;( 

Well, back to the Pandora thingy, i can foresee that my monthly salary will goes  a lot to the Pandora charms! It will cost me from RM145 - RM700 plus for each small charms depending on the materials. Of course kalau it's gold mesti lagi mahal kan? but seriously, i can tell that this is a good product from the business point of view, because as a woman, one jewellery is just not enough! Apalagi kalau Pandora ni, takkan nak pakai bracelet ada 5 ketul charms je kan? :) So they maintain the customer with them in that sense. 

One more great news to share, finally after a long wait for our house, we finally got the keys to move in!! Seriously i cant stand the pressure living in our current walk-up apartment anymore. If i didnt engaged in the business, i think i will not be too exhausted like i am now whenever i have to bring down the hantarans trays and everything. But yes we still need to wait for a lot of things to be settled first. The new paint, the new kitchen cabinet!. We are now in the midst of looking  for a reliable contractors to do all these. Hope that we could find one soon.  :) If  any of you would like to suggest me any reliable contractors around Ampang you may also drop me an email at thisisyanie{at}yahoo{dot}com

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Yellow Canary Theme!

Last Saturday, ada hantarans, candy buffet and centrepieces job for this customer. Nama dia Maya. Memang i had fun lah setting up semua2 ni kat tempat customer despite bermacam2 sweats and tears yang dilalui minggu lepas. Dengan kawasan Pandan Indah ada water disruption. Stress gile! Tapi nasib baik sampai2 rumah customer, i dapat buat kerja dengan relax. Customer and family pun sangat2 ramah especially her brothers. Buat lawak tak habis2. She's the only girl in the family and mmg sangat kecoh. Haha. Best juga eh rupanya bila jadi satu2nya anak perempuan and adik beradik lain semua lelaki.

Mula2 masa Maya ni email I nak buat hantaran pakai color lemon yellow, macam...... hmmmph, colour yang jarang la... Selalu orang nak pastel colors, pink, purple, peach or merah putih. So i macam sangat excited nak buat sebab colour yang lain dari lain....

Let the pictures do the talking la ye. Sebab nak tulis apa pun tak tahu. :) Overall, memang puas hati bila balik rumah, sebab Alhamdulillah, everything went well, and yang penting customer sangat puas hati. Itu je yang penting. Lagi satu, customer ni cantik orangnya. Suka tengok.... 

And ni pula handbouquet from my regular customer, Anida, Dulu mula2 dia hired i for hantarans untuk her cousin, lepas tu buat 3 handbouquets for her friends pula. Alhamdulillah rezeki. Thanks to customer and thanks to Allah.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sayur Berdebar-debar Rasa Hati (Resipi - Salamiah Hassan Majalah Apartment)

Resipi Sayur ni kredit to biduanita Salamiah Hasan. I just need to share it here sebab mmg sedap! And paling penting easy to make.Seriously!!

What you need :

1) 2 cloves of garlic - minced
2) 1bawang besar - sliced
3) 1biji telur
4) kicap cair - i takde, so i pakai je kicap manis letak air sikit
5)udang dalam beberapa ekor
6) Salad - semalam i pakai butterhead lettuce je. Sangat crunchy and fresh!


1) Tumis bawang putih and bawang merah sampai naik bau
2)Masukkan udang and masak sehingga kemerah2an
3) Masukkan telur and kacau sehingga hancur
4)Masukkan sayur and kicap cair dalam 3 sudu. Approximately.
5) Masukkan garam secukup rasa.
6) Ready to serve.

Sedap sedap sedap!

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Ups and Downs in Marriage (so far....)

Dulu masa busy buat wedding preparation, memang i admit i lupa nak fikir pasal kehidupan lepas kahwin macammana sebenarnya. And dahla i duduk sendiri tak duduk dengan my mom, so im lackings in all the advices about how to be a good wife, what to do if your husband is like this,like that.... haha. Well maybe actually ada je ibu gives advice once a while bila dapat spend masa dengan dia tu but maybe aku je yang tak nak dengar. Haha.

So, masa before kahwin, all that excites me were just about the dress, the pelamin, and almost EVERY SINGLE DETAILS about the wedding but i never think of about living together and share your everyday lives with a man called husband. To me, "Ala, everything is going to be okay, aku kenal dia dah lama kot, he is going to be like who he is now, sure punya la" AHA! You should slapped yourself back then Yanie! Haha. Yes, my husband is still the same person i met and loved 5 years back BUT when I lived together with him under one roof baru I tau the TRUE him. HAHA.

Dont get me wrong if you read this entry and terus nak buat assumptions macam "Dia tak suka husband dia lah tu" " Dia dah boring kahwin la tu" "Dia nak takutkan orang yang nak kahwin la tu" and bla bla. NO, tak bermaksud langsung. I just want to share and sharing is caring, kan? Betol tak? But please bear in mind, these are views from someone yang baru married for 1 year and 9 months and is not blessed with kids yet. I know you will have lots to tell once you are married with kids. You know the goods and the bads. 

Okay, my experiences so far about sharing life with my husband :

1) After you are married, over the time you boleh asyik bergaduh about small2 things macam stuffs like tak buang plastic beli DVD (in my case!), pasal beg dia bersepah kat ruang tamu, pasal I takut cicak, pasal I tak pandai tutup air sink rapat2... Haha, tapi xdela bergaduh sampai bertumbuk bagai, baling pinggan mangkuk semua, cuma masing2 membebel la. Dulu bila i membebel atau husband membebel masing2 nak snap!Please DONT! Bila you nak snap, tu yang akan jadi worst. Over the time, we all belajar just to listen to each other. Sometimes, kita maybe stress pasal benda lain kan? Tu sebab  plastik DVD pun jadi mangsa. LOL.

2) Dulu before kahwin, wahhh memang melekat je kat satu sama lain, pegang tangan tak nak lepas.... bila dah tinggal serumah ni kadang2 bila kita rasa nak lepak2 dengan husband tengok TV, guess what he's doing? Main game Football Manager okay! But i think vice versa la kot, maybe time dia nak lepak2 ngan i, i pula tengah sibuk benda lain.... But itu dulu2 la, kadang2 sampai merajuk2 macam "You ni asyik main game je bukan nak tengok TV dengan I!!" But now, masing2 dah paham and belajar, you nak your husband/wife lepak dengan you terus terang je. Just tell him/her yang you nak spend time dengan dia. Time2 macam ni la you akan rasa wahh kalau Long Distance lagi bagus. Sebab dia balik mesti dia nak spend the precious time with you sebab jarang balik kan? Haha Tapi kau sanggup nak LDR, Yanie? Haha

3) Bila you dah kahwin please bear this in mind, apa saja pilihan you untuk rumah bukan untuk you seorang! To those yang suka flowery2 bagai nak deco rumah tu, you better asked your husband approval first. Make him talk kalau yang tak suka nak cakap tu. Bukan apa, kadang2 ini pun punca kenapa husband tak nak duduk rumah, sebab dia akan bagi reason "Peningla banyak bunga sangat!!""Pening la mcm kebun bunga" bla bla... I know lelaki tak ada reason pun create reason tapi kita pun kena la bijak... Jangan bagi dia chance to create even the slightest reason. haha. For me, i memang tak suka deco yang flowery bagai. i like simple things. Everything must be plain and simple. For colours pulak, for the time being rumah sewa, i banyak main warna garang macam hitam, cokelat and merah.... Tapi rumah yang kami beli nanti, i dah discuss dengan husband untuk main kan warna2 lembut. So thank god, mmg senang nak capai mutual agreement on home deco with my husband because our tastes parallel to each other.

4) One of the many good things after dah lama you hidup sebumbung dengan your husband kan is you akan rasa takut sangat bila fikir your life without him. Tak kisahla samada you will miss him or you will miss your routines with him, doesnt matter, still you akan ada fear mcm "Ish, what am I gonna do without him?" I dont know about other married couples but that's what i feel. It has proven true masa husband pergi offshore tu and Alhamdulillah he is feeling the same way too. But as a woman, we have to have a little bit of doubts in our trust to our husband. Bukan nak ajar tak nak 100% percaya. But this is the truth. Dont be overprotective  tapi jangan ignorant sangattt. Bila you rasa you cannot live without him, you will love him more, you will appreciate him more, and you will learn to forgive and let go benda2 kecil yang you terasa dengan dia because they are just nothing compare to having him around to calm and soothes you whenever you need those things the most.

For the time being, those are all i can share with you guys. At the end of the day, tolak ansur is really important in a marriage. Jangan ingat kalau kita bertelagah over choices and benda2 kecil tu negative. They are not. Actually itu menunjukkan kita mempunyai HEALTHY marriage relationship, because both of us wants the best for each other. Yang problem dia ialah, how you face the conflicts and how you bounce back from dugaan dalam rumahtangga tu yang penting. Manaada semua marriage asyik on cloud nine ja. Once a while mesti ada gaduh2 sikit. Tak pasal the partner himself or herself kadang2 pasal the people related to our partner macam the friends ke or the family ke.... But yang penting, tolak ansur, sabar and always keep positive thoughts in mind. And have to have lots of communications! There are always ways on how to invite your partner to have a smooth 2ways communication with you, tinggal nak cari je la. Dont worry, i selalu hadapi masalah ni as husband bukan la orang yang suka bercakap sangat and mendengar cakap *roll eyes* but over the time, I managed to find the way!If i can, you people out there mesti boleh juga. Trust me :)

Friday, September 7, 2012

My Raya

1) This year raya balik Miri. A whole new experience for me. Beraya dengan in laws. Bermaafan di petang raya, juadah yang totally different! Kek lapis, air gas, nasi minyak, kari. Sedap! Especially the one yang my mom in law masak, but i so miss my nenek nasi impit and kuah lodeh and the smell of my kampung in Kedah. Dah kahwin ni x tau la bila nak balik. Kuasa veto is in husband's hands. 1st Raya, we were in turquoise blue theme. Supposedly that theme should be last year's theme but since my baju Raya kan x siap so last year jadi purple theme. Second Day Raya, olive green theme, no picture. Malas nak upload yg dalam DSLR. 3rd Raya, mint green theme. Hubby recycle baju lama2 dia je. Semua still elok2 lagi sbb pakai setahun sekali kan?

2) 6th day Raya jatuh sakit. In laws pasang aircond, but menantu yg tak tahan aircond ni akhirnya cari kipas juga. Both of us terpaksa beli kipas stand baru. Nak buat macammana kan? Dah badan alah aircond.
3)Kalau balik Miri mmg tak sah kalau tak singgah vintage Rojak and cendol stall ni.Kat sini rojak sotong dia mmg sedap, cendol dia lain dari cendol mamak kat sini and ada kuih ubi tu juga. Kalau kat Miri, memang famous la nak minum-minum petang kat sini.The kuih is so crispy, chrunchy and to me sedapla... i dont know about you but when you get the chance to taste it please let me know. :)
4) Tengah2 sibuk Raya, dekat2 dengan rumah hubby ni ada Uk Funfair. So apalagi, mestila pergi kan? Benda2 yang sekali sekala ni kalau terlepas rugi! Haha. Tapi jgn harap la nak naik ride yang pusing2 bagai tu.Memang tak berani. Tapi one ride yang mmg menarik perhatian was the naked ferry wheels! Tapi takde orang jaga time tu, so tak dapat naik. So sad.
5) Main tikam2 dia memang susah gila. Habis nak dekat RM50, sebiji teddy bear kecik pun tak dapat. Tapi hadiah dia pun memang gempak2 juga la. Teddy bear semua yang besar2. Tapi rasa macam tipu je sebab susah sangat nak menang! Cheh. Husband kecewa sebab pulang dengan tangan kosong. Haha.
6) Sehari sebelum balik tu,both of us belanja adik2 makan seafood kat Dragon Seafood. Memang SEDAP la. We ordered pari masak nyonya steam. Besarrr gile pari dia bagi for the 5 of us, butter prawn, crab masak.blackpepper, corn soup,sayur pakis masak belacan. Fuh mmg sedap. Termimpi2 rasa dia sampai sekarang especially the ketamss! Balik Miri lagi nanti nak pergi lagi dgn husband.
7) Husband enjoyed his time in Miri to the fullest! See his faces in the photos la. Happy sangat. Kesian dia,kena balik KL untuk cari rezeki.
8)Dekat Miri i jumpa one shop ni jual kasut yang cantik2 and murah2. So i borong 3 pairs terus, so my picks were A pair of purple velvet shoes (not in photo), a pair of tan kitten close heels with fake diamonds, studs and skulls, a pair of black pump with studs.omg crazyy! And ada another one in champagne for working tapi i tak ambil gambar. Uploaded the photos on instagram and my facebook, ramai yang PM minta dibelikan. Haha. Nanti la next time balik belikan.

So itu cerita my Raya. I have so manyy things to tell but too lazy to write. Anyway, see you guys next time. :)

P/S : Please excuse my blur photos because those were actually my instagram photos which i edited with photogrid to fit them into one frame but the end results are quite frustrating especially when i expand the size as uploaded at the above. My gtab instagram clearly cannot satisfy my hunger for beautiful pics. So more reasons for an I phone eh? Husband? hehe
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Monday, August 13, 2012

Quick update!

I am having a very busy Ramadhan this year. Not busy in making kuih or sewing baju raya but completing all orders from The Craft Potion dear customers. I really love my customers, because they are my sumber rezeki. Alhamdulillah.

I just managed to finish 1100  mini jars order with the help from my husband,ibu, bibik that i borrow from my neighbour (hehe) and alya. They are The Craft Potion small team. Will expand my team in the future,InshaAllah after Raya as The Craft Potion will come out with lots and lotsa products.

Do you guys remember about one of my previous entry on interview i had somewhere in June i guess? I cant paste the link here as i am blogging via my tab. Well, i actually went for an interview with petrosains, i managed to get to the 2nd interview which i had turned down due to the job needs me to work on weekends and public holidays which i was reluctant to. You know why? Okay, my husband is a Sarawakian, the only time that we can go back to his hometown will be during festive holidays or public holidays. Can you guys imagine? If i have to work on those days, husband has to sacrifice not going back to his hometown and accompany me here. So for me, money is not the priority, my husband and his happiness are the most top priority in my life right now :) - wifey material much? Lol.

But however, today i will have an interview with one of the company near KLCC - a company which provide software solutions and consultancy service to the oil and gas industry. Im just trying my luck here. Ada rezeki, alhamdulillah :)  Wish me luck guys! And after the interview, im going to be all out to complete another mini jars order from the customer. InshaAllah,i can do it :)

Till then.

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Baju Raya.

1) Gambar first - Try pakai balik baju bertandang kes frust tak dapat beli baju Jovian. FIRST LADY - SOLD OUT. Ada pun my friend cakap dah terkoyak2. Berebut org nak beli Ready wear Jovian for Raya ni kan? Lepas tu ada juga tengok collection Rizalman, hmmphh, nice design but kain, x berapa minat.
I went to Tesco Ampang with husband, so masa pegang tu,husband mcm kurang bersetujula kalau i beli. I can get better quality baju with that price. Tapi ada juga a few design yg ok,tapi dah x ada size. But seriously,klu beli baju Rizalman ke Jovian ke alamatnya sehelai saja baju Raya tahun ni ye hehe (yg disponsorla) nak lebih, from my own pocket la.
Tapi frust punya pasal, buka almari pakai balik baju bertandang. First impression : whattttt? Muat lagi? Haha. Ilusi bulan Ramadhan je tu. Tapi serius muat and longgar lagi dari dulu masa pakai waktu bertandang. Terusla macam2 benda nak buat dengan this baju. Kan sekarang trend patch2 fabric flowers kan? Ha tuhla yang akan i buat. Selama ni dok jahit fabric flowers for TCP customers, apa salahnya buat kat diri sendiri pulak. We'll see how the outcome is going to be. Uploaded the photo on Facebook and Instagram, mmg banyak org sokong i just add the detailings, kebetulan pula veil dia sesuai untuk i pakai tudung. So, save satu baju Raya. Kain meleret pun meleret la. HAHA.

2) Tu borongan blouses and dresses for Raya for me and my adik ipar. Murah2 je. Dah tua2 ni, baju casual dah x penting sangat,kan? Asal ada cukup. Saja je belanja adik ipar,bukan selalu pun. Apa salah kalau ada rezeki lebih,kan?
So sekarang baju Raya hunting still goes on. Actually dah x tau la trend tahun ni baju Raya mcm mana. Dah mcm2 tempat pergi, bila husband nak keluar duit nak beli je, i akan cakap "hmmmph, nanti dulula,kita gi tempat lainla" huhu. X nak jadi mcm last year, beli lelong2 je akhirnya sbb dah last minute. Untungnya, mmgla dapat murah, yg x untungnya, xda lah vogue mana. Haha. Okay,nanti dah beli baju i update yea. Confirm la baju biasa2 je. Tengokla pekedai mana yang bernasib baik untuk bajunya dibeli (kira untungla pekedai tu sebab dah pergi 8,9 biji kedai baru belo kat kedai dia,lol)
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Monday, July 23, 2012

My Early Ramadhan stories

Alhamdulillah, Ramadhan dtg lagi. Bersyukur Tuhan masih panjangkan umur untuk menikmati bulan Ramadhan ni. I do hope that Ramadhan kali ni i dengan suami dapat sama2 solat, terawikh,sahur and buka puasa properly. Last year, first year experienced berpuasa and raya sama2 so macam banyak flaws and lackings.

Ada juga sekali dua yg kami tak sahur sebab tak terjaga last year, so i do hope that such thing will not happen again this year.InshaAllah. And i will make sure that we will have a proper meal for sahur and iftar.

First day puasa, we had bazaar ramadhan's nasi kerabu for iftar because we have to rush to fetch hubby's friends from Times Square to watch Batman : The Dark Night Rises. Hubby is one avid fan of Batman series, so he was really excited to watch the movie sampai tak sabar2 nak tengok on the 3rd day of showing. After movie, the four of us (with hubby's friends from Sarawak) had our supper at starbucks. I had my normal choc cream chip frappucino but i found out that hubby's hot  caramel hot chocolate are way better so i took several sips of his drink as well. Well, actually i nak minum je semua and suruh hubby take mine, but he refused. Kedekut. Mentang2 dia punya sedap. Lol.

Then after that, we went to uptown danau kota just to window shopping sebab saja nak bawak hubby's friends tengok2 since bukan selalu kan dtg KL. Then from there, we had our early sahur at Botak CKT. I had the special Char Kuey Tiaw, while hubby had mee udang. They put a generous amount of udang in hubby's mee udang but end up i was the one who have to kopek all the prawn kulit for him. Tedious work with fork and spoon eh? No?

On Sunday, we invited hubby's friends for iftar at our house. There are 5 person altogether, so i just cooked western dishes, because they are easier to make and super fast as well. (we got back from buying groceries at 6pm and i have roughly only one hour to cook!). I just cooked grilled chicken, aglio oglio spaghetti and salad with apples, casper and blue cheese ( i cant stand the taste of the cheese because it was so sour and creamy.muak) but all 4 of them,makan sampai licin!

Then, we had sharetea at home. I had the most delicious chocolate milk share tea. We are lucky enough because share tea is just 5 mins drive from our house but there will be chatime opening soon very very near to our house. More reason to drink bubble tea eh? Lol.

I dont have any plan for baju raya yet. As previous years, i rasa this year pun pakai baju ready made je. Perhaps, mint green colour kot? Husband still wants to buy new baju melayu walaupun i cakap pakai je la last year's one sebab dia banyak gila baju melayu and x pernah guna.

Tapi let him be la,maybe dia nak bergaya jugak kan, who knows. Lol.

I have so many plans in my mind for Raya, from kuih to house decor and mcm2 lagi but these are all for the time being. Will blog more soon :)

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Abscence makes the heart grows fonder.

Hubby is away for few days or maybe weeks due to work. He went to Bintulu for some offshore works so i was left here  to guard our house during his abscence.  I cried a river after sending him to airport yesterday, hehe yea i know. Sememeh.

This is the first time we have to be apart after married. And it is a bit difficult for me to suit myself without him at home. Bila ada selalu je gaduh2 tapi xde siap nangis2 semua. Serius, x paham. Haha.

Told husband, terbayang2 dia dok baring on our couch sambil surf internet on his mobile phone, sambil garu2 perut buncit dia. Lepas tu sedih sorang2. Kalau tak, masa dia baring  selalu je bebel, suruh dia gi mandi la, apa la. Husband pun sedih je dengar. Ye lah kan, what to do. Ni work related kan? He needs to go sebab peluang pergi offshore bukan senang. I have to be redha la. Bukannya husband pergi suka2.

Dulu masa before kahwin ada juga beberapa kali husband kena outstation ( dulu tunang) tapi, tak terasa sangat. Skrg ni dah kahwin, baru beberapa jam je without him dah nangis2. Haha. I am funny. I know.

Yes,i am very very close to my husband. He's my brother, my love, my best friend, he's my everything. The only person that i trust in this world. But still not 100% la. :)  Teman gaduh pun yea juga. Kdg2 benda remeh2 pun nak gaduh sbb husband suka menyakat. Haha. Kena buli ngan dia pun ada. Tak normal la kalau satu hari tu kitorang tak gaduh sapa lebih hebat. Haha. Kadang2 naik rumah pun boleh berlumba sapa sampai dulu. Lepas tu husband asyik guna taktik kotor je nak menang. He is such an annoying person, tapi i sgt sayang diaa walaupun he's quite menjengkelkan at times. Haha.

I really miss him. I pray for his safety and that he will always be in good condition. I do wish that time will fly fast now. Cant wait to have him back here. :'(

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It has been a while....thought of changing my lifestyles.

Fuhhh lamanya tak update blog ni. Haha. Konon2 hari tu promise bagai nak frequently update my blog, tapi.....angan2 mat jenin aje la nampaknye. Buka blog ni pun jarang2 sekali dah sekarang. Mood menulis tu  tak sampai. Tapi once dah start menulis mcm banyak je nak cerite.

Lately, dengar banyak good news from my friend yang dah kahwin dah pregnant. Congrats to all of you! So happy for them. Rezeki dari Allah. Some of them ada yang dah kahwin awal lagi dari I. I ni dah kahwin almost one year and a half, tapi still rezeki tak menyebelahi lagi. Tak apela, i dont want to complain much, sebab Allah bagi rezeki I di tempat lain pula.

Just nak share lately i ada try ambil VCO Catalyst, sebab katanya boleh helps to lancarkan period, and is good for those with sinus or asthma, seriously, i ni memang tak berdisiplin langsung la. Satu botol tu ada 60 capsules, just imagine, i dah beli dalam bulan 4 ke 5 mcm tu la, tapi until now, ada banyak lagi dalam tu. Hari ni makan, esok tak makan. So mcm mana benda tu nak bagi kesan kan? Lepas tu i complain, period tak teratur la, senggugut teruk time period la, sinus makin teruk la. Haish, mcm2.

So i thought of changing my lifestyle, changing what i eat, changing my daily routine and etc. Actually baru terpikir je ni, itu yang terus buka blog nak update, so at least bila terlupa ke lepas2 ni, bila baca blog boleh lah jadi reminder sikit2 hahaha.

Okay here are some of the things that i thought can be good for me la, maybe some of you yang baca my blog ni boleh comment utk bagi pendapat ke. Mcm if you guys ada experience yang sama dengan i ke kan?

1) As you guys know, i ni actually try to conceive juga lah, tapi kan i think our lifestyles yang buatkan mcm process ni a bit difficult, tau. I ni seorang yang kurang tido. Sometimes, i will stay up until the wee hours in the morning utk siapkan order The Craft Potion. So badan akan jadi sangat letih, betul x? i ni dahla ada sinus, so lagi keraplah kena jangkitan alahan. So i thought of nak ubah lah sikit kat sini. I will sleep mengikut waktu tidur yang sepatutnya. Bukan sebarangan je. My body needs enough rest barulah boleh bekerja untuk conceive kan? Haha. I dont know. That's what i think logically. Maybe some of experienced reader can comment on this.

2) My weight lately dah naik sikit, ada lah dalam penambahan 2, 3 kg kot. I always complain to husband that i look fat. Tapi husband mcm biasalah, nak jaga hati kot, asyik dok cakap "No, you look beautiful, no you are still okay" banyak kali juga marah dia pasal benda ni, please tell me the truth eventhough it hurts! Ahaha. Maybe im still okay to his eyes but to me, i used to be a lot slimmer than this, so skrg ni actually sgt tak acceptable. So skrg ni, i ingat nak pergi jogging. Everyday okay, samada petang atau malam. Gotta burn all the extra calories. I want to be as slim as i was masa before kahwin. Setiap kali tengok gambar muda2 dulu, mesti rasa mcm.... "ergghh, i want this body back!!" First of all, i need to change my running shoes! My fila shoes ni, dah mcm nak pecah dah. Bought this masa sale gila2 kat Jusco before kahwin masa mula kerja dulu. Memang murah, Sama harga cam Power je kot.  I dah survey one running shoes kat kedai sukan baru buka area rumah. Brand Puma. Not that expensive tapi husband suggest beli kasut Power aje sudahhh.. Hahaha. Yelah kan lagi murah. Cheh husband, suggest brand je ke??? hehehe. to me, beli lah yang bagus sikit, sebab benda2 mcm ni, kita bukan akan selalu beli, beli yang mahal sikit (xdela mahal mana pun yang i tgk tu, sebab not the latest season pun!) and inshaAllah benda tu akan tahan lama la sikit. I am so excited to shed away that extra kilos bebeh!!! Haha

3) I will be more discipline dalam makan all my supplements. Seriously!! Membazir je rasa beli supplements banyak2 tapi makannya? adoi, skip2. Susahnya orang tak ada disiplin mcm i. I thought of  nak beli satu pill plastic casing tu kan, and then masukkan each of the supplements i need for the day, and bring them together with me in the handbag. So that bila i keluar lunch ke apa kan, mesti i akan ternampak pills tu masa nak ambil wallet. Jadi i tak akan lupa lagi, kan? Amacam? Okay ke idea i? Ke u all ada suggestion yang lebih baik?

4) Nak kurangkan makan nasi. Sekarang ni i dah start substitute nasi for dinner dengan makanan2 yang lebih healthier la tapi still contains lots of nutritions untuk bagi tenaga. Mcm grilled wholemeal bread ke. Or wholemeal pasta ke. Nasib la husband ni not a picky eater, so boleh la. Cuma once a while tu i akan masak nasi lah juga. :)

5) Nak banyakkan makan buah as snack. Husband and i memang jenis yang suka kunyah2 tau. Kadang2 benda tah apa2 kitorang makan untuk kunyah2. Makan dried squid yang ada gula2 tabur tu la... makan jajan2 yang merepek2 tuh la. Ish sungguh banyak pewarna pengawet dan sebagainya!!! So no more lepas ni... banyakkan makan buah2 je okay. Banyak khasiat especially all the citrus fruits.

Itu je lah yang i boleh fikir setakat ni. To be continue.......

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Burgers Galore!

You have no idea what to cook? wanted to eat something heavy but no no for rice? here's the solution. HOME MADE burger yaww! Very easy to make. u can fry, and u can also grill the burger like me. i always go for grill sebab lagi sedap kot....Here are some burgers that i made since the last two weeks. Husband can eat food like this everyday. Kan i dah cakap he's really BIGGG on western food.

Here goes the photos. Droollllll :)

Tak payah beratur panjang2 nak makan burger bakar yawww!



iTALIAN FLAT LEAF PARSLEY ( x nak pun x pe)
Salt and pepper
Barbecue /grill sauce (whatever you like)
Roti burger
Olive oil

1) in a bowl, mix meat, with egg( beat the egg first)or else, mix meat with mayonnaise
2) Seasoned as you like okay...
3) Put in the parsley, you can skip this if you dont want 
4) Put in the garlic (also can skip this if you dont want)
5) kacau2 everything together... 
6) Form a shape of a ball and press it to form a burger meat shape
7) cook on the grill

Cut the bun and arrange them neatly with the kulit facing the bottom, okay. drizzle abit of olive oil and put them on the grill (low heat)

when everything is perfectly cooked, can angkat and cantum2 to be your own homemeade grilled burger. put in all the vege u have at your house... you can also put in tomatoes, and whatever you like. 

Okay happy trying!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Things i'd realized..

1) i dont have to cook something that is "over the top" just to impress husband. Sometimes, i am being influenced by most of the western cooking shows on TV. Not only the recipes are easy to make but they looked so tempting on the TV as well. Moreover,husband is one happy eater of western foods,but i think he needs to fulfill his eastern taste buds once a while. So more asian dishes after this. :)

2) I have to let some things to go with the flow. I cant force things to become as how i wish or how i want them to be. That way,life will be less complicated. I have to always have faith that Allah knows better and what is good for me. So,i have to learn to be patient and redha with all qada' and qadar.

3) Husband started to love korean  drama and he is more emotional than I am! Haha. He express his hatred to the villain characters in the drama more than i did! Kelakar. Fyi, we always tune to One HD from 7.50pm to 11plus because those are the times when interesting korean dramas are being played. Tell you,korean dramas are so addictive. I think korean actors/actressess can play with emotions really well. I admit that sometimes i can cry for the whole week just for one sad scene in korean drama!it's that bad,tau! And i can also berangan for the whole week just because of a romantic scene played by my favourite korean actor.

4) life is full of surprises! Sometimes people that we used to love or trust can be our enemy and people that we used to hate can be our friend. We all have that kind of person in our life.  I learn a lot since high school that i cant easily trust anyone in this life. But the then stupid, weak and too kind hearted me was always the victim. Bila baik sangat kena pijak, sekarang dah jahat sikit kena cop jahat gile. So? Nak buat mcmmana? In the end i resorted to being ignorant because ignorance is bliss. What you dont know will not hurt you! Apa org nak buat,nak cakap, buat la, cakap la. I dont care and i dont want to know at all. Life is happier this way. :)

5) when we redha with our rizkh, Allah will grant us with more happiness and kepuasan in all the things we do. I always feel intimidated with my lackings and weaknesses, i admit that sometimes i feel the same with husband. Until one day, i told myself, people have things that you dont have and you are being sad about it, but you have no idea about their journey or their problem. Look back at what you have. You have the talent, the lovely husband, and few other things that i  cannot mention here la (sebab mention dalam hati je utk impress diri sendiri) hehe and maybe those are what differ you from them. Utilise all your extras wisefully rather than keep whining and complaining on the things that you dont have :) maybe by doing that, u will have something that is good for you that u have never dream before.

Till then. Sayonara.

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Current Wishlists

1) Iphone. I know....lame sangat kan? Org lain dah lama pakai Iphone... I je yang tak ada lagi. Nak satu pleaseeeee.....

2) Colourful silicone cooking utensils.... Or maybe wooden cooking utensils.... Nak beli yang bagus punya memang pricey sikit la.....

3) New clothes.... i'd gained weight... few inches big already... So in dire need of new clothesss....

4) New handbag  and shoes for work. I am such a shoes and handbag hoarder... Padahal kat rumah tu dah banyak dah masihhh lagi nak mengumpul....

5) I nak Ford Fiesta please. Haha... Ada ke orang nak bagi kalau minta macam ni? Husband i so far mampu bagi basikal ada bakul kat depan je la. Kalau nak pakai kereta best2 macam ni kenalah kerja dengan gaji yang best2 gak.

6) Grill pan from Tefal please. Dah survey kat Carrefour and Tesco hari tu... RM119... huhu... next month perhaps? So far kitorang pakai electric grill aja.... but i find it a bit difficult nak buka pasang semua...So kalau pakai grill tu senang, letak aja atas stove... Ke ada sapa2 nak hadiahkan? Birthday i bulan 10 ni. haha.

Bestnya kalau boleh dapat benda2 kat atas ni esok. wahhh, esokkk gituuu...

Cooking utensils Part 1

 Non stick frying pan from Little Homes. Cute, polkadot. Red colour lagi. Tapi sayang, low quality. So i jarang guna yang ini... Guna yang lagi satu. Nanti i update... Kalau nak bagus pakai Tefal la... Tapi Tefal bosan... Boring colour.

Owh kitchen i memang penuh dengan bright color cooking utensils... Tu lime green siever... just to add some color in the kitchen... Tu can opener.Fully stainless steel. Bought it at RM8.20. Quite cheap kan? The old one yang lebih kurang mcm tu tapi colour merah dah rosak. Habis rosak tin bila i guna buka tin hari tu. Sayang pula. Orange merah tu pvc placemat... Nak letak atas microwave.

Ini nama dia measurement cup... Sangat terpengaruh dengan Giada At Home. Tu yang usaha gak mencari benda ni...Bagus lah benda ni untuk orang yang masak ikut resipi sebiji2 macam i. Yang besar belah kanan tu 1 cup, lepas tu 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup and yang kecil sekali tu 1/4 cup...

Ini pula measurement spoon. Ala2 Ina garten dalam Barefoot Contessa kan? Haha. Yang besar sekali tu 1 tablespoon,  1 teaspoon, 1/2 teaspoon and kecil sekali 1/4 teaspoon.... kalau you all focus ada nampak label dia kat holder dia tu/

 Ha ni nama dia grater, ke entah apa tah nama sebenar dia... I bought this from Giant. Harga? RM19.90 kalau tak silap... kadang2 kan kita beli halia kan? kita nak guna seinci je, lepas tu kita dok simpan kat luar sampai halia tu dah rosak2 kan? jadi masa ni la nak guna benda ni, the rest of the halia tu kita potong2 lepas tu kita grate dia guna benda ni and simpan dalam fridge... next time nak guna, tak payah nak wasting time nak chop and mince2 lagi... Boleh juga guna untuk onions and garlic...

Okaylah, next time share benda2 lain pula eh..Banyak lagi pasal kitchen nak share ni...

Friday, May 18, 2012

life's like that. busy and super tired.

Hi y'all,

was super duper busy lately. Lots of things to do.  Went for work interview with a few places. Haha. Work interview again? Yes!! Sebab i nak jump to other industry pulak. Oh i love to experience and venture into new things and learn about other stuffs rather than being an expertise in my comfort zone.

My time was occupied with making preparation and gathering as much info as i could for the interviews. It has been a while since my last interview so this time around pergi interview, sangat lah nervous. But Alhamdulillah, the interviews went well and now it's the waiting game. Ada rezeki ada, x ada redha. Bukan pasrah,tapi redha. Ada beza.

Some of my friends, ada tegur,kenapa lately i dah jadi anti social? Bbm jrg reply, buzz kat fb jrg reply, account twitter dah delete, blog jarang update. Ajak jumpa, asyik x ada masa. Yes, i know and i am so sorry. Reunion dgn kwn2 lama pun ada yg i x dapat pergi. Bukan apa,kdg2 hujung minggu, i sibuk pulak buat kerja2 untuk The Craft Potion. I bukan nak jadi katak bawah tempurung or kera sumbang, tapi i betul2 need time for myself skrg. Settlekan mana yang x settle, upgrade kan my quality of life, polish and sharpen kan skill i in the arts & crafts world. Sooo many things to do.

And i'd realized that we are now approaching the middle of 2012 already. Half year dah gone utk i achieve my 2012's resolutions, so half year lagi je tinggal. Sebab tu i terpaksa lah fence in diri i ni. Untuk improve apa yg kurang.

but anyway, kalau kawan2 pm psl benda penting mcm nk minta resipi ke atau nk minta tolong pasal2 apa2 ke, dont worry i will definitely reply balik. Sometimes i malas nak explain thru fb chat, i akan terus call. Easier.

So that's all about me at the moment. Counting days maybe months nak masuk rumah baru. I cant wait. Biarpun nak pakai duit banyak tapi demi keselesaan, xpe lah. Oh and yeah, i still tgh cari masa untuk ambil gambar beberapa furnitures/barang dalam rumah yg nak dijual. Antaranya, Our L shape couch (good news sapa beli ni husband cakap percuma dining table sekali! Sebab kitorang malas nak pikir), our portable aircond and a few other stuffs la. Sbb nk pindah rumah nanti, dah beli new set, so kitorang nak jual dgn harga yg sgt2 affordable, pakai pun baru setaun lebih je.  Tapi nanti2 lah bila ada masa, skrg ni mmg busy. InshaAllah i will update here, and kat FB jugak. :)

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Alhamdulillah, peluang terbuka.

Lately, rasa macam kerap pula tulis blog. I dah deactivated account twitter sebab rasa rimas dengan spam tweets and messages. I tak tahu cara nak remove those stuffs tu yang deactivate terus. Kita tulis2 dekat blog je la lepas ni... Walaupun rasanya dah tak ramai tahu my new URL ni, tapi xpelah, nak tulis syok2 sendiri je.

Hari ni pagi2, Alhamdulillah dapat panggilan untuk satu peluang. Ha, peluang apa tu? Tu yang nak buat suspens sikit. haha. Nanti kalau dah okay semuanya baru i bagitahu ye. Tapi rasa syukur sangat kalau peluang ni betul2 di berikan dekat i. Memang2 sangat2 rezeki dari Allah la...... Allah tu Maha Mendengar suara2 hamba2 nya yang lemah ini. Kalau difikir2kan balik, i ni bukan hambanya yang baik langsung. Tapi Allah tetap dengar. So, betullah kata orang, "just PRAY, because Allah always listen"

Monday, May 7, 2012

DIY - Watermelon mint ice cream using the ice cream pop mold

Sekarang ni musim panas kan? Kalau dapat benda2 sejuk kat tekak ni memang lah sangat best. I fikir, takkan nak pergi makan tutti frutti hari2. Eventhough, rasa dia mmg irresistible tapi bankrupt lah kalau nak makan hari2 time musim panas mcm ni.huhu.

So hari tu i ada tengok cooking show Giada At Home kat Asia Food Network Channel. Kebetulan dia tunjuk cara2 nak buat ice cream watermelon pakai mold ice cream pop tu. Wahh!! Memang nampak sangat tempting la. Memang excited gile nak try tapi i takde mold tu kat rumah. Lagi satu, Giada dalam recipe dia tak silap dia pakai liquor, i dah substitute dengan lime juice :) Halal for Muslim.

So kebetulan the other day i pergi MR DIY ( kedai yang ala2 Daiso gak, tapi ni mcm2 China made stuffs yang u boleh beli kat sini) , nampak la ice cream pop mold ni, apa lagi beli je la. Murah je. Tapi x silap brand Tupperware pun ada rasanya. Tapi pricey sikit lah kot. I dah guna mold ni masa buat dessert utk birthday husband hari tu. Okay juga la.Nanti ice cream jadi comel2 je.

Okay here's the recipe for the ice cream :


1) 4 cups of cube watermelon ( about half watermelon punya isi)

2) 1/3 cup of sugar

3) 1/3 cup of mint leaves

4) juice of 1 lime


Put everything dalam blender or food processor. Pakai food processor lagi best and easier. But i yet to have one, so pakai je blender which a bit difficult sebab you have to constantly stir the watermelon supaya dia cepat2 hancur.

Then, bila dah jadi ala2 puree tu, masukkan dalam mold tu. Then, in the freezer they go!! Haha.

Sejukkan, and makanla bila2 u rasa nak makan.

Rasa dia kan mcm manis2  campur masam2 and a bit pudina2 sikit. Tapi sedap :)

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

My DIY Candlelight dinner on hubby's 28th birthday :)

I was all smiling while writing this entry.

My hubby's 28th birthday falls on 3rd May which was last Thursday. Such a hard nut to crack thinking what to get for him. Since he is currently has the love for golfing, i actually wanted to buy him a driver/ a new golf set. However since i am on a tight budget at the moment, i have to postpone the pressie for a while. I dont want to simply buy any gift for him, afraid that they might end up unused. wallet, belt, shirts, watch, perfume, almost all the men stuffs - semua dia dah ada. even some, i just bought for him when i received my bonus pay last January. So i think it's better that i get him something that he really likes. But buying a golf set (a really good one) will cost me a bomb! I have to save up for a while. Hehe. Hubby really understand my situation. He even said he didnt want anything from me. Of course i will buy him something, and i made a promise that i will surely buy the "really good" golf set for him once i have enough cash in hand. (no more credit card now!It's the recession bebeh..gotta spend by cash, not by credit card :))

BUT , i dont want his birthday to pass by just like that with us doing nothing at home.So,  I drafted out a plan a week before his birthday. It was a cooking plan actually! i wanted to give him a surprise candle light dinner! But here was the funny part, my supposedly surprise candle light dinner turned out not to be so surprise anymore. Here's why :

1) He caught me red handed marinating the chicken for grill the night before his birthday. He seldom open the fridge but out of the blue moon, he open the fridge the night before his birthday to check on god knows what la. Maybe it's the cake that he was checking on. Haha. Padahal i x beli cake lagi time tu.

2) I asked him to teman me buying some groceries for the dinner the night before. He questioned why i still need to buy lots of stuffs since we just did our groceries last weekends. He actually managed to guess something fishy going on with me here. :)

3) On his birthday itself, he went home from work much earlierr than usual!! Cheh!! All the foods were not ready yet!! I finally had to cook everything, and prepare everything with him smiling while lying down on the couch in our living room that evening... Everything kantoi already!! But the plans still has to go on!

But Alhamdulillah, everything went well. Husband was really happy. After eating everything that i cooked (yes, i cooked 4 dishes, one dessert and drink okay... hehe... a pat to myself at the back) he said, the dinner was the best birthday present ever and he looked really touched. He also loved the small cheesecake i bought for him. Alhamdullilah. I was a happy wife at that time.

Here's my menu and the recipe's link. (If any of you want to try out) :)


Sauteed Holland green beans with crispy shallot - Recipe : not available online, but i got it from an overseas magazine about home decor or something, couldnt recall. But fret not, i will share the recipe with you guys later.

Main dishes

1) Grilled chicken breast -Recipe from here.

2) Spicy Mango Chutney - Recipe from Stephanie Domson

3) Butter Potato With Oregano - Recipe from Chef Hanieliza book.

4) Sweet Sour Spiral Pasta - Recipe - my own hentam version


Chocolate Ice Cream in Ice Cream Pop Mold :)


Strawberry Peanut Butter Smoothies - Recipe from here

Here some photos of the not so surprise candle light dinner.

The food 

Simple table setting

 Lights off!

Strawberry Peanut Butter Smoothies

 I bought the glass at super cheap price. Mana ada stock gelas mcm ni kat rumah. So rembat yang cheap2 je. nanti pindah rumah baru, baru beli yg bagus sikit :)

The cake = Super cute!

Last but not least, the birthday boy enjoying everything :)

Till then. Walaupun whatever i cooked maybe tak rasa macam hotel 5 star, but hey it's the thoughts that counts! Sedap tau makan masakkan yang dimasak sendiri ( make sure that they taste good la! Tell you guys what, my mango chutney tu rasa dia mcm pelik sikit. tapi husband kata sedap, sedapla kot. haha)

Happy Birthday dear husband :) Love u then, love you now, love you forever :) Thanks for everything. Wait for next month ya for your pressie inshaAllah :) Sorry for all the flaws on your candlelight dinner, but i really hope that you enjoy them.... :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Reason why i love and hate twitter.

I have a twitter account but yes i set it to private because twitter is where i voice my heart out.

But, some times the  "voices" will get very ugly until i wish i did not just wrote the stuffs and wish i could take them back. This is one of the reasons why i private my account. But no, i never regret of whatever i wrote in twitter because those are the truth. I have very little followers and i wish the numbers remain as what they are now.

I have to decline a few requests and yes i do block a few people not because i hate them but i just dont want them to end up hating me because of what i wrote.  Of course, i never wrote anything rude about my followers,mostly things i wrote were about people outside my twitter world.

Whenever i feel like punching somebody, or really mad at something,ill turn to twitter. After releasing everything,hell yeah, i feel a lottt better. Hehe. Thanks to whoever on earth who created twitter because u save a lot of life. I cant imagine life without twitter, people might end up punching each other or be crazy because they cannot release their tense or anger or maybe releasing them at the wrong place. So twitter actually helps the world to be a better place.hehe.

What i dont like about twitter?

Since my twitter is sort of like the place to voice out my ugly voices, some might have wrongly interpreted whatever i wrote there. Some mistakenly thought that i wrote about them or about someone they know. In the end,wrong judgement will be plastered all over my face. I wish people will not be so judgemental and dont always jump into conclusion and easily assume things.

I know some are using twitter as a medium to interact with their favourite artistes, but some wrongly used it to get cheap publicity. This happened when they have few followers who are against their favourite artistes, so whatever  bad statement the followers wrote about the artistes, they will Retweet it with mention to the artistes so that this unlucky followers of them will know what it will be like to mess up with their favourite artistes. Isnt that lame and rude? I've heard friends fighting with each other because of this. It's really funny.

That's all i can think right now. Still down with fever. Went to the clinic with hubby at 5am today since i couldnt sleep and it's really painful to swallow my own saliva. I think im getting better now. Hopefully :)

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Monday, April 23, 2012

One heck of a day

"If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that's a full day. That's a heck of a day. You do that seven days a week, you're going to have something special" - Jim Valvano

I am not feeling well today. The whole day was occupied with sleeping. Started having very terrible sore throat with excessive phlegm since last Thursday but my condition had worsen since saturday. I was having difficulties in breathing and frequently coughing. It really made me feel uncomfortable. I had trouble sleeping and my body became very weak.

Luckily, i have no decoration job this weekendso i just slept the whole day. At 7pm, i woke up to a loud TV sound ( because husband is watching some interesting tv programme), felt a lot better, took my bath and asked husband to take me out for dinner. I really wanted to cook but my condition had forbid me to do so.

I told husband that i wanted to eat anything hot and spicy- prolly something like nasi lemak so husband brought me to the "nasi lemak van" besides Ampang Point. - they have the best sambal sotong! But yes price wise to me it'a bit pricey, considering i just had nasi lemak(nasi extra), telur mata and sambal sotong about two tablespoonful, sirap ais and teh tarik and they charged us RM8.70. Husband had Otai burger, because he's happy like that. Haha. Whatever fast western foods will make him happy.

After dinner,we went for window shopping inside Ampang Point. They are having this "Baby Carnival". I forgot to check until when they are having the carnival because husband and i were busy checking high end baby stuffs'price like Maclarens stroller (selling at only RM850,normal price 1000+),  Baby Ferrari Car seater, the electric breast pumps, and few other stuffs.

Even though our time has not come yet,but there's nothing wrong surveying,right? At least we know how to estimate our budget in the future.  Tell ya, taking care a baby can cost a fortune - maybe more if you want to give the best of everything to the baby,right? But, inshaAllah, Allah will grant us with more rizkh if we are sincere to take care and provide the best to our kids right?

So after enjoying our time looking at all the cute baby stuffs, we think it's time to head back home, but i accidentally bumped into cupcake chic bunting. What? They had opened for already 5 months at Ampang Point and i know nothing about it! I managed to tapau- ed home four cupcakes - red velvet, Orthello, vanilla & cookies and cream for supper with hubby. Cupcakes Chic alwas has the best cupcakes ever! Their cupcakes are not too sweet, and the frosting or icing also just nice to my likings. BUT, their cafe;before they opened one at Ampang Point is just too far from our place. BUT NOW,they are just 5 mins drive from our house! So anytime i am going to have the irresistible desire for something sweet after this, cupcake chic will be on my top of to have list since they are reachable now.

So tonight i went home smiling happily with cupcakes in hands. I still have not recover from all the coughing but at least something small like this can finally put a smile to my face. :)

Till then! Enjoy weekdays peeps

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