Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The first Masterchef Malaysia! Ezani my exschoolmate!

Sapa tengok Masterchef Malaysia first season? I never missed even one episode! Reason why? My ex schoolmate, formmate, batchmate from my STF years was one of the contestants! And Alhamdulillah, rezeki dan tuah menyebelahi beliau, she was the first Masterchef Malaysia!

It is she!

I am very proud of you Ezani. As a friend, only god knows how happy i am when you were announced as the Season One winner. You are such a talented friend, the school Drum Majorette, 10A1 in SPM, a dentist, and now, a chef!! You even have the golden opportunity to publish your very own cookbook lagi! How cool is that, Ezani!!! So happy for you... Browse through your album in facebook, watched  you in the television, i was all inspired by you. You left your dentist career for a while to pursue your passion in cooking. So much respect for you girl. Well, as you are now RM100 000 richer, why not belanja 9802 STF batch la? HAHA.

To those yang nak follow Ezani punya cerita lagi, you can link her blog http://www.zestbyezani.com/ ... Boleh dapat juga resipi-resipi masakkan Ezani, nyum nyum. You can also like her Masterchef FB page : Ezani Masterchef Malaysia.

Congrats to you Ezani, and to all readers, kalau Ezani boleh buat, kita semua pun boleh buat kan? Kejar cita2 kita.... It is always still not too late to be what you want to be. Chase your dreams! You only live once.

Here are some pictures of Ezani. Masterchef Malaysia in action!

 The victory pose!

Masterchef in action!

p/s : Kalau aku confess aku nangis baca wall Ezani, baca comment2 orang kat Ezani, aku ni poyo ke? Haha. I am just a proud friend. Not more than that :)


CheNamNam@CNN said...

wahhhhhhhhhhhh mesti banggakan orang yang kiter kenal menang pulak tuh dah tuh bukan calang-calang pertandingan nehh..pertama di Malaysia..saper tak bangga kan punya kawan sehebat diyer..:P

Mrs Poppy said...

CheNamNam @CNN : Huish mestilah bangga sangat2 bangga. Anyway thanks for dropping by at this blog :)

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