Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Long holidays!

** Entry ni dah ada dalam draft 2 hari lepas lagi... so jangan pelik tau kalau baca

Nothing much to do at home. Will fly back to Miri on 8th February - 14th February. So we spent the 4 days long holidays watching DVDs at home. Nak pergi mana2 pun better save budget for our Miri trip because both of us will be going to Sibu - one of husband's friends is getting married.

So since there's nothing much to do at home, something came up in my mind.. i feel like redecorating my house. I want to adjust the furnitures to create a whole new atmosphere , but  our house is just a medium size apartment, we dont have much choices in hands. Kalau nak adjust our couch pun tak boleh since it is already designed to be paired at the left side. (Our couch is a medium size L-shape couch, just to give u clearer picture of what im talking about) So we have to leave it remain at the same place (the only place in the living room that the couch can fit in nicely).

So i passed the idea of moving around my furnitures. Thinking of to decorate our walls since it is kind of empty. But, as you know, we are renting this house so I feel quite 'guilty' to hammered nails in something that doesnt really belong to me. And it is for temporary pula tu kan? Nanti rumah ni pun akan jadi berlubang2 pula. So? what to do? Semua pun tak boleh buat, i end up organising the house je la. Cant wait to move to our own house. S&P deals had been completed, we are still  waiting for the name transfer procedures to be completed.

This is our living room.Looks quite dull and boring to me.

By the way, husband bought the "how to organize a small space book" for me! The book was from Excess, Amcorp Mall, selling at RM19.90. I love the book as it gives me tips and guidance on how to organize a small space. I think it is quite useful for those who lives in an apartment/flat. If you do, then you gotta love the book!

Anyway, it has been quite some times, i tak put any pictures related to The Craft Potion here. So going to put a few today. Just to share with you guys, my previous artworks. Had fun doing all these!!


 Simple Main table deco :)

The big fat roses handbouquet

Another fat white roses handbouquet !

Love fat handbouquetss :)

Till then.

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LisaLisut said...

kalau u tgk living room i lagi dull.rasa mcm nk suruh u deco kan pun ade.hahaha. takde sofa lg.sobs..tggu bonus..

btw dlu i tgl kat setahun je.hehe.

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