Saturday, March 24, 2012

Married life....(is fun) Vol 1

I created an album in my Facebook just to upload random photos of me & husband's everyday lives. I named the album as (Married Life....(is FUN!) The photos in the album were taken by my Nikon D60 - a camera which husband gave to me after he bought his new one , Nikon D7000. After i took the photos, I will edit them to make them more attractive. 

I thought about having this album because I am actually the kind of person who loves photography and details... In every marriage, there will surely be things that you and your husband will appreciate having them around or doing  them together, so the same thing applies to me... I just dont want them to go wasted. All the 'details' and the little tiny weeny things will make you go "ooohhh" and "awhhh" whenver you and your husband are having the down moments. So the two of you can flip through the album and you know - reminiscing the good old days. So I wish to do the same too. 

Apart from having them in my Facebook, i will always write an entry about everything i have uploaded here too :)

 Rainbow breakfast packaging for hubby to bring to his office.... I bought the packaging from Carrefour. 

 The breakfast, Tuna sandwich and apple. "An apple a day keeps the doctors away"

 This is the aquarium i bought for hubby, but i guess hubby doesnt have the strong chemistry with all the guppy fishes because they end up dead. Lol.

 The family owls. i knowwww.... cute right? HAHA.

The book husband bought for me. Flip through it every now and then for tips. 

The note i left for husband on the fridge door everytime i prepared him the breakfast packaging... So that he will not forget. 

Till then. Much love.


LisaLisut said...

awww sweet gile.creative!! :)

Hazz Nieza said...

nice photos! comeyyyy. ;-)

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