Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Reason why i love and hate twitter.

I have a twitter account but yes i set it to private because twitter is where i voice my heart out.

But, some times the  "voices" will get very ugly until i wish i did not just wrote the stuffs and wish i could take them back. This is one of the reasons why i private my account. But no, i never regret of whatever i wrote in twitter because those are the truth. I have very little followers and i wish the numbers remain as what they are now.

I have to decline a few requests and yes i do block a few people not because i hate them but i just dont want them to end up hating me because of what i wrote.  Of course, i never wrote anything rude about my followers,mostly things i wrote were about people outside my twitter world.

Whenever i feel like punching somebody, or really mad at something,ill turn to twitter. After releasing everything,hell yeah, i feel a lottt better. Hehe. Thanks to whoever on earth who created twitter because u save a lot of life. I cant imagine life without twitter, people might end up punching each other or be crazy because they cannot release their tense or anger or maybe releasing them at the wrong place. So twitter actually helps the world to be a better place.hehe.

What i dont like about twitter?

Since my twitter is sort of like the place to voice out my ugly voices, some might have wrongly interpreted whatever i wrote there. Some mistakenly thought that i wrote about them or about someone they know. In the end,wrong judgement will be plastered all over my face. I wish people will not be so judgemental and dont always jump into conclusion and easily assume things.

I know some are using twitter as a medium to interact with their favourite artistes, but some wrongly used it to get cheap publicity. This happened when they have few followers who are against their favourite artistes, so whatever  bad statement the followers wrote about the artistes, they will Retweet it with mention to the artistes so that this unlucky followers of them will know what it will be like to mess up with their favourite artistes. Isnt that lame and rude? I've heard friends fighting with each other because of this. It's really funny.

That's all i can think right now. Still down with fever. Went to the clinic with hubby at 5am today since i couldnt sleep and it's really painful to swallow my own saliva. I think im getting better now. Hopefully :)

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Monday, April 23, 2012

One heck of a day

"If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that's a full day. That's a heck of a day. You do that seven days a week, you're going to have something special" - Jim Valvano

I am not feeling well today. The whole day was occupied with sleeping. Started having very terrible sore throat with excessive phlegm since last Thursday but my condition had worsen since saturday. I was having difficulties in breathing and frequently coughing. It really made me feel uncomfortable. I had trouble sleeping and my body became very weak.

Luckily, i have no decoration job this weekendso i just slept the whole day. At 7pm, i woke up to a loud TV sound ( because husband is watching some interesting tv programme), felt a lot better, took my bath and asked husband to take me out for dinner. I really wanted to cook but my condition had forbid me to do so.

I told husband that i wanted to eat anything hot and spicy- prolly something like nasi lemak so husband brought me to the "nasi lemak van" besides Ampang Point. - they have the best sambal sotong! But yes price wise to me it'a bit pricey, considering i just had nasi lemak(nasi extra), telur mata and sambal sotong about two tablespoonful, sirap ais and teh tarik and they charged us RM8.70. Husband had Otai burger, because he's happy like that. Haha. Whatever fast western foods will make him happy.

After dinner,we went for window shopping inside Ampang Point. They are having this "Baby Carnival". I forgot to check until when they are having the carnival because husband and i were busy checking high end baby stuffs'price like Maclarens stroller (selling at only RM850,normal price 1000+),  Baby Ferrari Car seater, the electric breast pumps, and few other stuffs.

Even though our time has not come yet,but there's nothing wrong surveying,right? At least we know how to estimate our budget in the future.  Tell ya, taking care a baby can cost a fortune - maybe more if you want to give the best of everything to the baby,right? But, inshaAllah, Allah will grant us with more rizkh if we are sincere to take care and provide the best to our kids right?

So after enjoying our time looking at all the cute baby stuffs, we think it's time to head back home, but i accidentally bumped into cupcake chic bunting. What? They had opened for already 5 months at Ampang Point and i know nothing about it! I managed to tapau- ed home four cupcakes - red velvet, Orthello, vanilla & cookies and cream for supper with hubby. Cupcakes Chic alwas has the best cupcakes ever! Their cupcakes are not too sweet, and the frosting or icing also just nice to my likings. BUT, their cafe;before they opened one at Ampang Point is just too far from our place. BUT NOW,they are just 5 mins drive from our house! So anytime i am going to have the irresistible desire for something sweet after this, cupcake chic will be on my top of to have list since they are reachable now.

So tonight i went home smiling happily with cupcakes in hands. I still have not recover from all the coughing but at least something small like this can finally put a smile to my face. :)

Till then! Enjoy weekdays peeps

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Few little things about me, and my life.

1) i love cooking.

2) My husband and i find it perfect to talk about our life and such during coffee session at Starbucks or Coffee Bean. The cozy ambience encourage smooth flow of communication between us. We will ensure that once a week we will have the coffee session at either place mentioned above.

3)Husband is now deeply in love with golfing. will buy him a "driver " (one of the equipments) for him for his 28th birthday this coming May. OR else maybe postpone it a little while. Hehe

4) i always have soft spot for cute weird things. Sipping tea in husband's camera lens glass is the best moment ever. Anyone wants me to get the glass for you? Email me ya!

5) We recently had our short sweet escape from the hectic life in KL at Bukit Gambang Resort. Will blog more bout this :)

6) Alhamdulillah. THE CRAFT POTION business is doing quite well. Bolehla, to have some extra income. :)

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Of my Chemical Pregnancy/Miscarriage

Actually mula2 malas nak menulis pasal ni, tapi, i rasa benda ni dah jadi common di kalangan  women yang baru first time nak conceive mcm i ni.So rasanya tak salah i nak share my experience pasal benda ni.

Okay, how do i start my story eh? i dah kahwin setahun 4 bulan. Tahun pertama i kahwin, believe it or not, i hanya period dua kali! HAHA. Macam tak percaya kan? Sila lah percaya. It really happened. I memang ada masalah period dari mula2 i start datang period lagi. Memang tak teratur and percayalah dah macam2 doktor i jumpa. Pernah satu masa kat U dulu, i tak datang period 7 bulan, sampai jumpa doktor, then the doktor bagi pil panjang colour chocolate, i pun tak tau the name of the medicine actually, bila dah makan tu, macam one week after that, baru i period.... And i period sangat heavy sampai 14 hari! Then lepas tu period i macam teratur sekejap, and then penyakit tak teratur tu datang balik after a while. Kadang2 jarak dia 2, 3 bulan sekali baru period.

I pun tak tahu i ikut siapa, ibu i cakap i ikut one of my aunties. Sebab ibu i tak ada masalah mcm ni. I dah bosan dengar orang2 yang mulut celupar cakap dengan I, "susah nak mengandung kalau ada masalah macam tu". Alhamdulillah, aunty i tu 3 orang je anak dia.  Sebab pregnant ke tidak ke itu semua kerja Allah Taala, kan?

So since i kahwin December 2010, sampai lah January 2012 i period 2 kali sahaja. Masuk January 2012, I dah bertekad i have to do something with my period ni. I kena discipline makan Evening Primrose Oil, sebab based on situasi yang dah lepas2, everytime i consumed the EPO je mesti my period akan teratur balik. So i pun start jadi discipline start January tu.

So, nak jadi cerita i kan balik Miri dalam bulan February  hari tu, seriously i experienced a few early pregnancy symptomps, headache, nausea, i even vomitted satu malam tu, fatigue and macam2 lagi lah. My mother in law recommend i berurut kat ada satu makcik ni, dia memang arif pasal anatomi perempuan ni sebab dia bidan kampung and selalu uruskan jenazah macam tula, dia pun cakap, masa dia urut perut i, dia rasa rahim i kembang, mcm mengandung. So masa i dengar tu, i tak tau nak rasa excited ke tak, but malas nak fikir. Takut false alarm. So I x check la cuma i jaga2 je. Jaga makan jaga aktiviti2 I, sebab takut juga kalau betul2. Hati i pun masa tu 50-50.

So balik dari Miri, i still alami the same symptomps. I mmg still constantly taking EPO, but i wondered, how come i tak period2 lagi eh? Until ada one day ni, i terjaga pukul 4 pagi camtu, sebab i rasa cramping yang sangat2 severe... Memang lagi teruk dari senggugut... tuhan je yang tahu mcm mana sakit dia... It happened dalam 2, 3 kali camtu every morning since the first time i kena tu, tapi dalam 10-15 minutes je, lepas tu dia hilang. Then satu hari tak ada pun rasa cramping macam tu, only in the morning.

I thought i was going to have my period... tapi i xpernah rasa cramping se-severe ini, so it made me worried, i pun buat some research on the net... banyak article yang i baca, early morning cramping ni tanda early pregnancy, so i asked hubby to buy me a few UPT kits...

Then ada satu pagi tu, i rasa severe cramping ni, i pun bangun, bukak UPT tu i buat test....And know what,  the test came out positive. But a faint thin line, but i was sure the line was really visible la... husband pun nampak dengan jelas. So i said to husband, we have to wait, we have to do a few tests. Next morning, i bangun, i did another test, tapi..... test tu came out negative! So, i malas nak berteka teki, we went to the nearby clinic.... dengan niat nak buat scan, nak tengok preggie ke tak ke... Tapi Dr tu cakap scan clinic rosak la pulak.... So dia advise to wait another week.... i still alami all the symptomps fyi, sore breast, fatigue, pening2....

One week past by, so we all pergi klinik lain pula, scan tak cover dengan panel ING, so husband cakap x pe, bayar je, doktor lelaki tua, i pergi tu dalam pukul 9.20pm, dr buat urine test lagi, came out negative, so dr scan....Dr tu cakap, it looks like my rahim tu memag tengah ready for pregnancy... and banyak lagi yang he explained but masa tu i mcm dah tak boleh focus sebab mcm tak percaya pun ada and i dah started to feel some positive feeling that i am pregnant. The doc asked me to come again another one week.

2 days after i jumpa doktor tu, i experienced very2 terrible cramping, memang i x pernah rasa sakit mcm tu la before2 this.... And yes disusuli oleh blood clot and blood flow yang banyakkk macam period.

So yes, i have what we call chemical pregnancy or early miscarriage something like that la. Memang i rasa sedikit frust kan sebab tak jadi. Based on the explanation, telur tu mcm tak berjaya menempel di uterus I and that is why, dia terpaksa keluar sebagai period. Bila difikir2kan balik, if i was pregnant, it will be a very risky one, can you guys imagine, dah berapa lama darah i tak keluar kan? And my rahim is full with darah kotor so it will not be a healthy place for the baby to grow. So partly, i bersyukur sangat2 yang this time around, it was not our rizkh. Allah knows best kan?

Tapi based on a few articles i read about chemical pregnancy/miscarriage, and benda yang selalu jadi, when the woman experienced this kind of thing kan, chances they will get pregnant  frequently adalah sangat2 besar lepas ni kalau tak jaga betul2... Macam kerap macam tu... Wuish, takut juga kan? hehe But one thing for sure they will experience a very2 healthy pregnancy. So sekarang ni, i just menjalani kehidupan mcm biasa, husband tak ada bagi pressure apa2 pun pada I. Tak ada rezeki lagi for baby, tapi Allah bagi banyak rezeki kot lain pula. :)

Husband, family and friends banyak yang very2 supportive la... Ramai cakap yang i wass too pressured sebab tu la jadi macam tu, tapi i rasa ini semua kehendak Allah. Kalau dia nak bagi, dia bagi. Kalau dia kata bukan masanya, then bukan masanya lagila. Cuma i know there are some people yang rasa dia dah boleh mengandung, mungkin akan cakap "Padan muka kau tak mengandung lagi". Well i dont mind... Cakapla, apa saja yang you all nak cakap.... I am happily living my good life with husband, syukur tuhan bagi space for us untuk bina hidup betul2 dulu baru Tuhan bagi rezeki anak tu... InshaAllah. Sekurang2nya mungkin Tuhan tahu kami belum bersedia dari segi mental dan fizikal untuk membesarkan seorang khalifah Allah di muka bumi ni. So i just dont want to bother what people is going to say about me. And frankly speaking, i just dont like some people yang dah mengandung, keep questioning me 'HOW ARE YOU? DAH ADA ISI KE? DAH ADA ISI KE?'macam mengejek and  Macam tak henti2. Just because you already got pregnant, you dont have the right to tease me macam tu. You are not a god. At least, my husband and i, inshaAllah will have the ample time to prepare evrything before the little one arrive.

After all these happened kan, my husband and i dah sedar satu perkara, yang Dia sedang bagi peluang untuk kami bina hidup dengan betul2 baik sebelum ada baby. Husband baru resign Petronas because Alhamdulillah he got better offer at other company, our new love nest will be ready anytime soon. InshaAllah akan lebih more comfortable dari rumah skrg. Macam kami sedar, banyak unsettled things yang kami perlu settle sebelum next step untuk dapatkan baby. No, i tak kata, kalau pregnant awal tak akan ada masa untuk semua ni, i mean kita semua ada pro and cons. Maybe some of you, Allah tahu you all mampu harungi dapat baby and bina hidup and kenali suami sekali harung mcm some of my friends. And untuk kami pula, Allah tahu yang it will be a disaster for us untuk juggle up dengan begitu banyak transition dalam life ni dalam sekali harung macam tu kan, Allah tahu maybe i atau suami i tak akan mampu untuk hadapi nak pindah rumah, nak bina career, nak bina business and then nak prepare for baby dalam sekali harung. Itu yang i selalu fikir, maybe Allah lebih mengetahui. Cuma, tipulah kalau kata kami x nak,kan? Cuma, please understand Allah knows best and perhaps the time is still not right.

I tak marah to some of friends yang tanya2 itu ini.... maybe i dont know, apa the real intentions, maybe memang you concern or maybe memang you nak mengejek... tapi i hope apa yang i dah explain di atas ni will suffice to convey about my situation yea. Sekarang, i dengan husband kami lebih positive, go with the flow. apa saja yang kami buat, kami buat dengan bersungguh2, kami sedar masa yang tuhan berikan dan masa ini lah kami nak guna mengenali satu sama lain, dan sediakan apa yang patut untuk masa depan.

Till then yea!

Note : esok kami pi holiday la. Nantikan entry pasal pi holiday ni tau... sekarang terus berazam nak pusing2 Malaysia or maybe the world la sebelum ada baby :) By the way, i tengah nak tengok ni this month i akan datang period atau tak.... Sebab dah consistent makan supplement :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Recipe - Aglio Oglio Spaghetti

Since i upload gambar masak2 dalam FB i, ada lah beberapa kawan2 di FB asked me for the recipe. So i thought of sharing the recipes with blog readers juga lah. Sharing is caring, kan?

Actually recipe2 ni pun bukan i yang cipta sendiri, ada yang org bagi, ada yang i ikut buku resipi and ada juga yang pandai2 i olah dari resipi asal. HAHA.

Recipe Aglio Oglio ni dari senior i masa kat STF dulu. Dia yang ajar i masak makanan ni. Asalnya, i selalu sangat makan benda ni masa kat cafe masa kerja Celcom dulu so teringin nak buat sendiri. Maybe rasanya tak sama sangat tapi bolehla. Sedap juga. Senang pun senang. Okay so here goes the aglio oglio recipe. Happy trying!

Gambar diambil masa i masak for lunch weekends 2 minggu lepas kot x silap.

Okay, we will start with the ingredients dulu ye. 

Any pasta - Spaghetti, vermicelli, fettucine, Angel hair (Rebus dan tuskan)
Bawang putih -dalam 10 ulas mcm tu (smashed and sliced kecik2 mcm Jamie Oliver selalu buat)
Prawns (Peel kulit dia ye)
Italian Herbs - kalau tak ada boleh pakai rosemary ke or thyme
White buttons mushrooms (sliced)
Capsicum (Any color also can)- sliced juga nak diced ke memanjang ke, up to u.
Breakfast Streaky/Beef Bacon
Olive Oil
Chicken Stock
Dried Chilli Flakes
Olive Oil


1) Goreng beef bacon dalam olive oil sampai garing, angkat and carik2 kan. put aside. 

2) Dalam minyak yang sama, tumis bawang putih sampai brown and masukkan udang. Bila udang dah separuh masuk, masukkan cendawan. Goreng sampai nampak masak. 

3) Bancuh stok ayam dalam 1 cawan air. Kalau nak makan berdua guna half cube pun dah cukup tapi kalau nak makan ramai2, pakai je satu kiub. Ni tak berapa penting sangat, sebab kita bukan nak buat kuah, tapi nak bagi aglio tu nampak moist je.

4) So masukkan stok ayam tu, masukkan pasta yg dah direbus and ditoskan tu dan juga bacon yang dah goreng tadi,Lepas tu masukkan herbs, dried chilli flakes and a bit salt secukup rasa. 

5) Gaul2kan, masukkan capsicum. Kalau nampak pasta mcm dry kan, u all boleh masukkan stok ayam tu lagi or olive oil.

Okay ready to serve. Senangkan? Memang la. Sape cakap susah. Haha. 

Note : i will share more recipes with all of you after this. :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

My kitchen story Part One.

Hi hi. Lama dah tak update. Malas pun ada boring pun ada. i honestly x tau nak cerita apa pun. Haha.

Before i proceed, nak tanya how do u like my new layout? honestly, i rasa serabut pula ye layout banyak2 bunga ni... bila kosong mcm ni, barulah i rasa the freedom to write!

Okay, last weekends I baru revamp kitchen. Kitchen rumah sewa i ni memang kecik je, sekangkang kera. sekangkang zirafah la lebih tepat kot. Cuba strecth kan kaki zirafah tu, ha mcm tu la rupa kitchen I.

Untuk lebih pemahaman. Okay i tipu xdela kecik mcm ni. Besar sikit.

 Tuan rumah I ni dia buat kitchen ni alang2 je, sebab maybe dia xplan tinggal lama sini kan? Marble yang dia guna pun mcm murah je, cabinet yang dia guna pun mcm old style punya... Lepas tu tgk finishing touch dia pun mcm DIY je. DIY? kau ingat mcm handbouquet ke boleh DIY2 Yanie? haha.

I suka kitchen. Sebab tu tempat nak masak kan? tapi i frust dengan kitchen skrg ni! Sapa tak nak kitchen cantik kan? I tau, baru baru nak hidup ni duit nak pakai banyak.. Tapi i kalau boleh nak juga guna barang2 high quality and cantik2 for the kitchen... Biaq pi la dia ni rumah sewa pun. Tapi husband mcm malas nak laburkan duit banyak2 untuk kitchen ni.. Betul juga bila fikir kadang2. Bukannya kita nak tinggal lama pun kat sini. Baik labur kat rumah yang beli tu.

Masa mula2 kami masuk rumah ni, kami just beli benda2 basic je, beli pun ikut budget, tapi sekarang dah setahun lebih duk rumah tu, barula I rasa, semua benda tak kena. Tempat letak bawang x kena warna, rubber carpet tu kelakar... Ini semua sebab pengaruh majalah and blog2 design2 rumah. Mulalah i rasa tak bersyukur. (Sapa suruh compare kitchen rumah sewa dengan kitchen yang masuk majalah kan?)

Dahla air kat dapur ni Ya Allah la. kecik sangat. seksa gila selama setahun ni i masak dan basuh pinggan. Diorang cakap, kena pasang generator bagai. Tak kuasalah i ngan husband kan nak buat semua2 tu. Kitorang  bukannya nak stay lama kat sini.

Lagi satu, lately i mmg dah addicted dengan channel AFC dengan Asia Food Network, esp Ten Dollar Dinner, Giada at Home, 30 Minutes Meal with Robin Miller, dia punya kitchen cantik kot. Sikit sebanyak bagi idea lah untuk I untuk decorate kitchen i yang tak seberapa ni. Last2 i decorate jugalah kitchen ni ikut kemampuan i.

Baiklah,next entry i akan share my budget friendly kitchen deco.. Bukan nya revamp besar2an pun, just minor2 decoration tapi berjaya lah uplift mood i memasak dalam dapur yg serba kekurangan itu :)

Note : Husband dah janji nak buat dapur cantik2 nak masuk rumah baru nanti. I requested kitchen cabinet dengan oven yang sekali tu, lepas tu bar dapur tu pun nak buat lawa2. Sebab that's where I'm going to do all the chopping and food processing. Husband approve! Yeay. InshaAllah soon, kami akan berpindah ke our new love nest... tapi maybe makan masa lah kan nak renovate macam2.