Saturday, April 21, 2012

Few little things about me, and my life.

1) i love cooking.

2) My husband and i find it perfect to talk about our life and such during coffee session at Starbucks or Coffee Bean. The cozy ambience encourage smooth flow of communication between us. We will ensure that once a week we will have the coffee session at either place mentioned above.

3)Husband is now deeply in love with golfing. will buy him a "driver " (one of the equipments) for him for his 28th birthday this coming May. OR else maybe postpone it a little while. Hehe

4) i always have soft spot for cute weird things. Sipping tea in husband's camera lens glass is the best moment ever. Anyone wants me to get the glass for you? Email me ya!

5) We recently had our short sweet escape from the hectic life in KL at Bukit Gambang Resort. Will blog more bout this :)

6) Alhamdulillah. THE CRAFT POTION business is doing quite well. Bolehla, to have some extra income. :)

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