Monday, April 23, 2012

One heck of a day

"If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that's a full day. That's a heck of a day. You do that seven days a week, you're going to have something special" - Jim Valvano

I am not feeling well today. The whole day was occupied with sleeping. Started having very terrible sore throat with excessive phlegm since last Thursday but my condition had worsen since saturday. I was having difficulties in breathing and frequently coughing. It really made me feel uncomfortable. I had trouble sleeping and my body became very weak.

Luckily, i have no decoration job this weekendso i just slept the whole day. At 7pm, i woke up to a loud TV sound ( because husband is watching some interesting tv programme), felt a lot better, took my bath and asked husband to take me out for dinner. I really wanted to cook but my condition had forbid me to do so.

I told husband that i wanted to eat anything hot and spicy- prolly something like nasi lemak so husband brought me to the "nasi lemak van" besides Ampang Point. - they have the best sambal sotong! But yes price wise to me it'a bit pricey, considering i just had nasi lemak(nasi extra), telur mata and sambal sotong about two tablespoonful, sirap ais and teh tarik and they charged us RM8.70. Husband had Otai burger, because he's happy like that. Haha. Whatever fast western foods will make him happy.

After dinner,we went for window shopping inside Ampang Point. They are having this "Baby Carnival". I forgot to check until when they are having the carnival because husband and i were busy checking high end baby stuffs'price like Maclarens stroller (selling at only RM850,normal price 1000+),  Baby Ferrari Car seater, the electric breast pumps, and few other stuffs.

Even though our time has not come yet,but there's nothing wrong surveying,right? At least we know how to estimate our budget in the future.  Tell ya, taking care a baby can cost a fortune - maybe more if you want to give the best of everything to the baby,right? But, inshaAllah, Allah will grant us with more rizkh if we are sincere to take care and provide the best to our kids right?

So after enjoying our time looking at all the cute baby stuffs, we think it's time to head back home, but i accidentally bumped into cupcake chic bunting. What? They had opened for already 5 months at Ampang Point and i know nothing about it! I managed to tapau- ed home four cupcakes - red velvet, Orthello, vanilla & cookies and cream for supper with hubby. Cupcakes Chic alwas has the best cupcakes ever! Their cupcakes are not too sweet, and the frosting or icing also just nice to my likings. BUT, their cafe;before they opened one at Ampang Point is just too far from our place. BUT NOW,they are just 5 mins drive from our house! So anytime i am going to have the irresistible desire for something sweet after this, cupcake chic will be on my top of to have list since they are reachable now.

So tonight i went home smiling happily with cupcakes in hands. I still have not recover from all the coughing but at least something small like this can finally put a smile to my face. :)

Till then! Enjoy weekdays peeps

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LisaLisut said...

betul. survey benda2 yg u mention tu dlu lebih bagus kot.haha small stuffs like baju ke apa can be later on. sbb yg mahal2 tu la nk kene kumpul duit dlu huhu.

I xpernah try cupcake chic.sll lalu je.hehe. cuma kat uptwon damansara ni ade wondermilk so i tak bole la nk detect which one yg sdp antara wondermilk dgn cupcake chic hehe.
get well soon Yanie.

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