Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Reason why i love and hate twitter.

I have a twitter account but yes i set it to private because twitter is where i voice my heart out.

But, some times the  "voices" will get very ugly until i wish i did not just wrote the stuffs and wish i could take them back. This is one of the reasons why i private my account. But no, i never regret of whatever i wrote in twitter because those are the truth. I have very little followers and i wish the numbers remain as what they are now.

I have to decline a few requests and yes i do block a few people not because i hate them but i just dont want them to end up hating me because of what i wrote.  Of course, i never wrote anything rude about my followers,mostly things i wrote were about people outside my twitter world.

Whenever i feel like punching somebody, or really mad at something,ill turn to twitter. After releasing everything,hell yeah, i feel a lottt better. Hehe. Thanks to whoever on earth who created twitter because u save a lot of life. I cant imagine life without twitter, people might end up punching each other or be crazy because they cannot release their tense or anger or maybe releasing them at the wrong place. So twitter actually helps the world to be a better place.hehe.

What i dont like about twitter?

Since my twitter is sort of like the place to voice out my ugly voices, some might have wrongly interpreted whatever i wrote there. Some mistakenly thought that i wrote about them or about someone they know. In the end,wrong judgement will be plastered all over my face. I wish people will not be so judgemental and dont always jump into conclusion and easily assume things.

I know some are using twitter as a medium to interact with their favourite artistes, but some wrongly used it to get cheap publicity. This happened when they have few followers who are against their favourite artistes, so whatever  bad statement the followers wrote about the artistes, they will Retweet it with mention to the artistes so that this unlucky followers of them will know what it will be like to mess up with their favourite artistes. Isnt that lame and rude? I've heard friends fighting with each other because of this. It's really funny.

That's all i can think right now. Still down with fever. Went to the clinic with hubby at 5am today since i couldnt sleep and it's really painful to swallow my own saliva. I think im getting better now. Hopefully :)

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LisaLisut said...

dlu i xambik tau pun psl twitter. sbb i rs blog dan fb dh ckup.letih pulak nk sampai ada 3akaun sosial.ngeheh.lgpun hp i xde access internet 24/7. kalau nk online pn kene cari free wifi. hari tu i buat pn sbb angin apa tah. masa tu la rajin. skrg mmg dh mls nk bukak.kdg2 je i jenguk2.huhu. tp dlm pada b4 i malas nk tgk aritu i tgk timeline i mak oi 2k status i letak.sungguh dasat jugak dlm pada xminat main twitter tu.LOL.
tp yeah twitter tu mmg kire syokla nk update apa pn org xkisah.cz xsemua frens in fb ade dlm twitter ke apa so mcm bebas skit la nk voice out anythng kan.

cik fara said...

yanie, kite pon private acc twitter kite sbb nak voice out 'secara jujur'. yelah, some things tak bole nak luahkan kat FB kan. so, turn to twitter.cuma approve kawan2 yg kita percaya dan yg kita rasa tak judge bila tengok tweet kita tu. senang cerita, just approve kawan2 yg kita kenal aje kan. :)

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