Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Burgers Galore!

You have no idea what to cook? wanted to eat something heavy but no no for rice? here's the solution. HOME MADE burger yaww! Very easy to make. u can fry, and u can also grill the burger like me. i always go for grill sebab lagi sedap kot....Here are some burgers that i made since the last two weeks. Husband can eat food like this everyday. Kan i dah cakap he's really BIGGG on western food.

Here goes the photos. Droollllll :)

Tak payah beratur panjang2 nak makan burger bakar yawww!



iTALIAN FLAT LEAF PARSLEY ( x nak pun x pe)
Salt and pepper
Barbecue /grill sauce (whatever you like)
Roti burger
Olive oil

1) in a bowl, mix meat, with egg( beat the egg first)or else, mix meat with mayonnaise
2) Seasoned as you like okay...
3) Put in the parsley, you can skip this if you dont want 
4) Put in the garlic (also can skip this if you dont want)
5) kacau2 everything together... 
6) Form a shape of a ball and press it to form a burger meat shape
7) cook on the grill

Cut the bun and arrange them neatly with the kulit facing the bottom, okay. drizzle abit of olive oil and put them on the grill (low heat)

when everything is perfectly cooked, can angkat and cantum2 to be your own homemeade grilled burger. put in all the vege u have at your house... you can also put in tomatoes, and whatever you like. 

Okay happy trying!


Khairiyah aka Kerry said...

yani, kery takde tempat grill tu, gune kuali tefal tu boleh ke? heee

LisaLisut said...

sedap gile.salivating! lg lawa dr burger kaw2 kot.haha. part deco tu myb i bole la.part nk buat patty burger tu agak ragu2 skit nk buat.hahah.

Fazlina Zainudin said...

you, sedap nya...terliur i...nakk..huhu...

nida-razak said...

so temptinggg....huhu..yani suka post makan2 yg nampak sedap kat instagram...huhu

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