Saturday, May 5, 2012

My DIY Candlelight dinner on hubby's 28th birthday :)

I was all smiling while writing this entry.

My hubby's 28th birthday falls on 3rd May which was last Thursday. Such a hard nut to crack thinking what to get for him. Since he is currently has the love for golfing, i actually wanted to buy him a driver/ a new golf set. However since i am on a tight budget at the moment, i have to postpone the pressie for a while. I dont want to simply buy any gift for him, afraid that they might end up unused. wallet, belt, shirts, watch, perfume, almost all the men stuffs - semua dia dah ada. even some, i just bought for him when i received my bonus pay last January. So i think it's better that i get him something that he really likes. But buying a golf set (a really good one) will cost me a bomb! I have to save up for a while. Hehe. Hubby really understand my situation. He even said he didnt want anything from me. Of course i will buy him something, and i made a promise that i will surely buy the "really good" golf set for him once i have enough cash in hand. (no more credit card now!It's the recession bebeh..gotta spend by cash, not by credit card :))

BUT , i dont want his birthday to pass by just like that with us doing nothing at home.So,  I drafted out a plan a week before his birthday. It was a cooking plan actually! i wanted to give him a surprise candle light dinner! But here was the funny part, my supposedly surprise candle light dinner turned out not to be so surprise anymore. Here's why :

1) He caught me red handed marinating the chicken for grill the night before his birthday. He seldom open the fridge but out of the blue moon, he open the fridge the night before his birthday to check on god knows what la. Maybe it's the cake that he was checking on. Haha. Padahal i x beli cake lagi time tu.

2) I asked him to teman me buying some groceries for the dinner the night before. He questioned why i still need to buy lots of stuffs since we just did our groceries last weekends. He actually managed to guess something fishy going on with me here. :)

3) On his birthday itself, he went home from work much earlierr than usual!! Cheh!! All the foods were not ready yet!! I finally had to cook everything, and prepare everything with him smiling while lying down on the couch in our living room that evening... Everything kantoi already!! But the plans still has to go on!

But Alhamdulillah, everything went well. Husband was really happy. After eating everything that i cooked (yes, i cooked 4 dishes, one dessert and drink okay... hehe... a pat to myself at the back) he said, the dinner was the best birthday present ever and he looked really touched. He also loved the small cheesecake i bought for him. Alhamdullilah. I was a happy wife at that time.

Here's my menu and the recipe's link. (If any of you want to try out) :)


Sauteed Holland green beans with crispy shallot - Recipe : not available online, but i got it from an overseas magazine about home decor or something, couldnt recall. But fret not, i will share the recipe with you guys later.

Main dishes

1) Grilled chicken breast -Recipe from here.

2) Spicy Mango Chutney - Recipe from Stephanie Domson

3) Butter Potato With Oregano - Recipe from Chef Hanieliza book.

4) Sweet Sour Spiral Pasta - Recipe - my own hentam version


Chocolate Ice Cream in Ice Cream Pop Mold :)


Strawberry Peanut Butter Smoothies - Recipe from here

Here some photos of the not so surprise candle light dinner.

The food 

Simple table setting

 Lights off!

Strawberry Peanut Butter Smoothies

 I bought the glass at super cheap price. Mana ada stock gelas mcm ni kat rumah. So rembat yang cheap2 je. nanti pindah rumah baru, baru beli yg bagus sikit :)

The cake = Super cute!

Last but not least, the birthday boy enjoying everything :)

Till then. Walaupun whatever i cooked maybe tak rasa macam hotel 5 star, but hey it's the thoughts that counts! Sedap tau makan masakkan yang dimasak sendiri ( make sure that they taste good la! Tell you guys what, my mango chutney tu rasa dia mcm pelik sikit. tapi husband kata sedap, sedapla kot. haha)

Happy Birthday dear husband :) Love u then, love you now, love you forever :) Thanks for everything. Wait for next month ya for your pressie inshaAllah :) Sorry for all the flaws on your candlelight dinner, but i really hope that you enjoy them.... :)

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