Thursday, May 24, 2012

Things i'd realized..

1) i dont have to cook something that is "over the top" just to impress husband. Sometimes, i am being influenced by most of the western cooking shows on TV. Not only the recipes are easy to make but they looked so tempting on the TV as well. Moreover,husband is one happy eater of western foods,but i think he needs to fulfill his eastern taste buds once a while. So more asian dishes after this. :)

2) I have to let some things to go with the flow. I cant force things to become as how i wish or how i want them to be. That way,life will be less complicated. I have to always have faith that Allah knows better and what is good for me. So,i have to learn to be patient and redha with all qada' and qadar.

3) Husband started to love korean  drama and he is more emotional than I am! Haha. He express his hatred to the villain characters in the drama more than i did! Kelakar. Fyi, we always tune to One HD from 7.50pm to 11plus because those are the times when interesting korean dramas are being played. Tell you,korean dramas are so addictive. I think korean actors/actressess can play with emotions really well. I admit that sometimes i can cry for the whole week just for one sad scene in korean drama!it's that bad,tau! And i can also berangan for the whole week just because of a romantic scene played by my favourite korean actor.

4) life is full of surprises! Sometimes people that we used to love or trust can be our enemy and people that we used to hate can be our friend. We all have that kind of person in our life.  I learn a lot since high school that i cant easily trust anyone in this life. But the then stupid, weak and too kind hearted me was always the victim. Bila baik sangat kena pijak, sekarang dah jahat sikit kena cop jahat gile. So? Nak buat mcmmana? In the end i resorted to being ignorant because ignorance is bliss. What you dont know will not hurt you! Apa org nak buat,nak cakap, buat la, cakap la. I dont care and i dont want to know at all. Life is happier this way. :)

5) when we redha with our rizkh, Allah will grant us with more happiness and kepuasan in all the things we do. I always feel intimidated with my lackings and weaknesses, i admit that sometimes i feel the same with husband. Until one day, i told myself, people have things that you dont have and you are being sad about it, but you have no idea about their journey or their problem. Look back at what you have. You have the talent, the lovely husband, and few other things that i  cannot mention here la (sebab mention dalam hati je utk impress diri sendiri) hehe and maybe those are what differ you from them. Utilise all your extras wisefully rather than keep whining and complaining on the things that you dont have :) maybe by doing that, u will have something that is good for you that u have never dream before.

Till then. Sayonara.

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LisaLisut said...

i agree with point no.4 :)

btw, i rs sejak kawin sept hari tu sempat rajin masak skjp je yg simple2 jela pun dlm 2 bulan. lps tu morning sickness skjp malas masak smpai la skrg malas+letih jarang masak.kdg2 kesian dapur tak berasap dan kesian husband i wpn dia jrg makan n jrg mintak masak apa2. plg kuat dia mntk nasi goreng je.hahahaha. kdg2 i xsbr nk tgu habis pantang sbb nk back to normal boleh masak dgn gigihnya etc.huhu.

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