Monday, July 23, 2012

My Early Ramadhan stories

Alhamdulillah, Ramadhan dtg lagi. Bersyukur Tuhan masih panjangkan umur untuk menikmati bulan Ramadhan ni. I do hope that Ramadhan kali ni i dengan suami dapat sama2 solat, terawikh,sahur and buka puasa properly. Last year, first year experienced berpuasa and raya sama2 so macam banyak flaws and lackings.

Ada juga sekali dua yg kami tak sahur sebab tak terjaga last year, so i do hope that such thing will not happen again this year.InshaAllah. And i will make sure that we will have a proper meal for sahur and iftar.

First day puasa, we had bazaar ramadhan's nasi kerabu for iftar because we have to rush to fetch hubby's friends from Times Square to watch Batman : The Dark Night Rises. Hubby is one avid fan of Batman series, so he was really excited to watch the movie sampai tak sabar2 nak tengok on the 3rd day of showing. After movie, the four of us (with hubby's friends from Sarawak) had our supper at starbucks. I had my normal choc cream chip frappucino but i found out that hubby's hot  caramel hot chocolate are way better so i took several sips of his drink as well. Well, actually i nak minum je semua and suruh hubby take mine, but he refused. Kedekut. Mentang2 dia punya sedap. Lol.

Then after that, we went to uptown danau kota just to window shopping sebab saja nak bawak hubby's friends tengok2 since bukan selalu kan dtg KL. Then from there, we had our early sahur at Botak CKT. I had the special Char Kuey Tiaw, while hubby had mee udang. They put a generous amount of udang in hubby's mee udang but end up i was the one who have to kopek all the prawn kulit for him. Tedious work with fork and spoon eh? No?

On Sunday, we invited hubby's friends for iftar at our house. There are 5 person altogether, so i just cooked western dishes, because they are easier to make and super fast as well. (we got back from buying groceries at 6pm and i have roughly only one hour to cook!). I just cooked grilled chicken, aglio oglio spaghetti and salad with apples, casper and blue cheese ( i cant stand the taste of the cheese because it was so sour and creamy.muak) but all 4 of them,makan sampai licin!

Then, we had sharetea at home. I had the most delicious chocolate milk share tea. We are lucky enough because share tea is just 5 mins drive from our house but there will be chatime opening soon very very near to our house. More reason to drink bubble tea eh? Lol.

I dont have any plan for baju raya yet. As previous years, i rasa this year pun pakai baju ready made je. Perhaps, mint green colour kot? Husband still wants to buy new baju melayu walaupun i cakap pakai je la last year's one sebab dia banyak gila baju melayu and x pernah guna.

Tapi let him be la,maybe dia nak bergaya jugak kan, who knows. Lol.

I have so many plans in my mind for Raya, from kuih to house decor and mcm2 lagi but these are all for the time being. Will blog more soon :)

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LisaLisut said...

aaa bestnye laki u nk baju melayu raya.husband i puas la i tye nk baju ni, ke baju tu,color ni ke color tu dia ckp xyah 2 3thn lps ade lg. mak i ckp laki cmtu samada dia nk save duit or mmg dia jenis xkisah sgt kite as isteri beli je.tye size etc.dh.tau2 dh ade dlm almari nt dia pakai la tu hahaha. i'll make sure that after pantang

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