Monday, August 13, 2012

Quick update!

I am having a very busy Ramadhan this year. Not busy in making kuih or sewing baju raya but completing all orders from The Craft Potion dear customers. I really love my customers, because they are my sumber rezeki. Alhamdulillah.

I just managed to finish 1100  mini jars order with the help from my husband,ibu, bibik that i borrow from my neighbour (hehe) and alya. They are The Craft Potion small team. Will expand my team in the future,InshaAllah after Raya as The Craft Potion will come out with lots and lotsa products.

Do you guys remember about one of my previous entry on interview i had somewhere in June i guess? I cant paste the link here as i am blogging via my tab. Well, i actually went for an interview with petrosains, i managed to get to the 2nd interview which i had turned down due to the job needs me to work on weekends and public holidays which i was reluctant to. You know why? Okay, my husband is a Sarawakian, the only time that we can go back to his hometown will be during festive holidays or public holidays. Can you guys imagine? If i have to work on those days, husband has to sacrifice not going back to his hometown and accompany me here. So for me, money is not the priority, my husband and his happiness are the most top priority in my life right now :) - wifey material much? Lol.

But however, today i will have an interview with one of the company near KLCC - a company which provide software solutions and consultancy service to the oil and gas industry. Im just trying my luck here. Ada rezeki, alhamdulillah :)  Wish me luck guys! And after the interview, im going to be all out to complete another mini jars order from the customer. InshaAllah,i can do it :)

Till then.

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nida-razak said...

waa..bisnes makin maju dah yani..congrats.. =) semoga lebih berkembang..and gudluck for the upcoming interview =) btw, xtry dugeo ke? o&g gak kan..

Iryani Azlan said...

nida-razak : DuGeo dah try minta for Business Development kot tapi takda khabar....Maybe takda rezeki kot. Tapi Yanie pun x da experience sangat for that post. SO cuba tempat lain la pula. haha

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