Sunday, October 7, 2012

new job, new age , new house

Hello people, 

How's your Sunday? Husband went to Weststar to get his car serviced. I am at home enjoying the nasi lemak that husband bought me and a 3 in 1 teh tarik i made for myself. 

Remember the other day, i wrote about my interview with one of the oil& gas consultancy company near KLCC? If anyone of you had missed out on it, you may read it here

Yes, Alhamdulillah,i got the job. Been with them for a week already, And all I can say is everything was great ! The office, the colleagues, the supervisor.  But there are still lots of things to learn, know and prove. The job scope are quite huge and I have to know a lot of things. And internet had been a great help, indeed! I also have to prove to the company that I deserved to be there because from what i heard, there were a few other candidates who went for the interview and didnt get the job, So i must say that im lucky to be the chosen one. 

Well, i will tell more work related stories from time to time. Of course i can foresee that  there will be lots of new challenges that I will experience but i am anticipating for them. :) My days are getting busier with the new job and my part time business, but yes, i had fun juggling between all these. 

Some of my friends and even families asked me whether i will still continue my part time business while working at the same time and my answer to them is yes, definitely. I have no problem to wake up early in the morning or staying up until late at nights to complete the orders. I actually already get used to it. And since i yet to have kids, I think i might as well occupy my time with doing what i love most before i will use it to be a mother someday. Once the time has come, i will try to take less orders, or maybe figure out some other ways to make things easier :) That's my plan for the time being, but yes, over the time,  some things will change. So better option is to just go with flow.

Anywayyy, just to let you guys know that i just turned 27 last Friday! Haha, well, no surprise from colleagues like last year la because i was just there for about 5 days only. But being the talkative one, i announced my own birthday in the office tau! I know it is such an embarrassing thing to do but i dont know. I just love putting myself to shame just to be into the limelight. No lah, i was kidding. LOL!

When i came home from work on that day, i saw one paperbag on my dining table that made my eyes went so wide! Well, what else could that be la kan? Of course, a surprise from the husband!!!

Yes, it was a Pandora! Husband bought me the Pandora bracelet  and a few small charms and two Murano glass,/crystal, dont know what people call them but that doesnt matter! What matter most to me is I love it so so muchhh!!! If you dont know what it looks like, it is something like in the below google-ed pic.

source : Google

You can also gain more info from Habib Jewels website/FB page. 

I must say my husband is a keeper. Well yes some times, we fight real hard with each other,  argue with each other, hate each other but we really cant live without each other. I love my husband so much. We have been through lots of ups and downs together. I love him since those days, since he just had a scooter to go everywhere with and I still remember there was one time where we had to wear raincoats to go to Midvalley for a movie date. Those were the days, and i missed those days! We grow a lot together, we help each other and have each other backs. What am I going to do without you la hubby ;( 

Well, back to the Pandora thingy, i can foresee that my monthly salary will goes  a lot to the Pandora charms! It will cost me from RM145 - RM700 plus for each small charms depending on the materials. Of course kalau it's gold mesti lagi mahal kan? but seriously, i can tell that this is a good product from the business point of view, because as a woman, one jewellery is just not enough! Apalagi kalau Pandora ni, takkan nak pakai bracelet ada 5 ketul charms je kan? :) So they maintain the customer with them in that sense. 

One more great news to share, finally after a long wait for our house, we finally got the keys to move in!! Seriously i cant stand the pressure living in our current walk-up apartment anymore. If i didnt engaged in the business, i think i will not be too exhausted like i am now whenever i have to bring down the hantarans trays and everything. But yes we still need to wait for a lot of things to be settled first. The new paint, the new kitchen cabinet!. We are now in the midst of looking  for a reliable contractors to do all these. Hope that we could find one soon.  :) If  any of you would like to suggest me any reliable contractors around Ampang you may also drop me an email at thisisyanie{at}yahoo{dot}com

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