Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ironing 101

Ironing my husband's workshirts is the most annoying task in my life as a wife. And no matter how i loathe it, i have to do it. Im stuck with just no choice at all (sending them to the laundry for ironing is not a choice for me as husband is the type who doesnt like somebody else's besides the wife to touch his stuffs) .Okay that just came out wrong, dont you think so? hehehe

Actually, it's not only with my husband clothes but i just hate ironing. I dont know, i guess ironing is such an intense household chore and it involves other people's appearance. I hate to be blamed for somebody else's ugly appearance. I always try to avoid buying clothes which needs ironing, and you can see non-ironing-clothes took quite a big space in my wardrobe. But too bad, men workshirts are not made from chiffon you see... haha.. 

I have taken a lot of alternatives to help myself with the problem but i guess all of them just didnt work out very well. I used the ironing-aid spray and even asked husband to bought me a steamer iron (something like the picture below) but the iron is just no good anymore after a while and im just too lazy to spray the clothes all the time. We were poorer by RM349 when we bought this iron but frankly it was not a worth buy. The steam iron is very difficult to be taken care of, and i just have to finally ignore it.
It has to be in an upright position all the time,and  if you are petite or shorty..hehe.. like me, that is so troublesome. Due to our lackings in height, we have to bent the hose all the time when doing the ironing... This will shorten the age of the steam iron as  the hot air will be trapped in the hose and cannot be released.

One more, when you want to use the iron, you have to fill it up with clean water and you have to take out the excess water everytime you are done with your ironing. See, it's really time consuming and so leceh you know. Just a big no for someone who is so lazy like me.

Well i actually resorted to you-iron-your-clothes-yourself kinda solution for quite sometimes, because im just too tired to do so many things, being a career woman and a wife and a part time businesswoman, so i guess, a little help from the husband would do. However, after quite some times, i feel guilty to let husband iron his own clothes as he is the last minute type of person and always have to wake up a bit early just to do that before he goes to work. So now, i am the ONLY person in charge of this task once again.

So last week, on Sunday night, i managed to iron for one whole week working shirts & pants for the both of us. To tell the truth, that was my first time to do the fully complete ironing for one whole week. I repeat. For. ONE. WHOLE. WEEK.
Picture below as proof please. Hehe. Im quite proud and happy with myself and yes i pat myself at the back so many times. Macam retard je... hehe.

 Our working attire. Best part is i dont have to wear 100% formal attire to work. 

Our guest room where the hard work takes place

But yeah... that was it... No i dont keep up the good work... This week dah start balik, iron setiap hari, waktu pagi... Sebab macam dah malas nak iron malam Ahad... So i guess, i would need some help on men shirt if i still want to do the "one week ironing"...Kalau tak i easily give up...

I was so desperately need to find ways to iron men shirt in no time at all and that was when i googled and stumbled onto this video...

Now, let's watch.

Waaaaa...they even have the biggest ironer?  i dont know that ironing men workshirts can be this easy!!
. But where can i get an iron like yours? .

Well, to those wifeys out there, if you happen to read this blog and managed to watch the video above.
Happy trying & good luck!!

Wish you "happy no stress in ironing" people!

Lots of love,


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Budget DIY- Makeup Storage

So i micro blogged about how i store my makeups in my instagram (Search : "yaniepopartsy" and request to follow because i private it!) and i received feedbacks from friends saying how creative the idea is.

To be fair i think I should share it here too since not everyone has an Instagram account and not everyone is a friend of me on Facebook, kan? :) In my opinion, this idea is a totally an awesome one which can help to save the space in your room  and also make your makeup's stuffs look well organized. (okay perasan!) Well since, this is a budget storage only, for those who have the money or dont mind to splurge on the pricey make up storage, what im going to tell you maybe will not be applicable kot. Hehe.

As for me, i always look for inexpensive stuffs in the market to aid with the space organization in my house but the stuffs must also come with good quality.

So here to start :

What you need

1) One Square basket, any size that would fit the space/closet/table that you would place it in. Mine is just the small one sebab nak letak bawah laci meja tulis. Well meja tulis tu dah jadi working table and also dressing table dah... Sebab nak jimat ruang.

2) Bakul kecil2, or container or macam tin2 ke yang mana you all rasa boleh muat your makeups la. I pakai small square plastic yang boleh fit in dalam basket yang besar tadi and juga yang makeups i boleh muat dalam tu :)

Itu je! And then susun je la makeups dalam bakul2 kecil  tu ikut kreativiti you all... Macam i, i asingkan ikut category... Compact Powder, Foundation One bekas, Lipstick one bekas, Eyeshadow one bekas, Blushers one bekas.... Senang kan? Easy, cheap and kemas...

See mine as below :

Simple je kan? Well, Happy trying!

Till then


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How to Have A Lovely Day!

Hey peeps,

I am all of a sudden tempted to write something but i just dont know what to write. My life is getting boring-err each day... Haha. I want to write about my house, but i was too lazy to take photos and how to blog without photos la you tell me... Wait until i take nice pictures eh...

By the way, i am now having my vacation in my husband's hometown, Miri. It feels so damn good to be here. I really heart Miri! Will blog about this once im back in KL after 1st June 2013.

So, since there's nothing much to write, here something i would like to share with all of you! Do take care ya! :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Resolutions 2013

It's April now, tapi tahun 2013 tak habis lagi pun kan? So still boleh la kot kalau nak share my resolutions for 2013. Well, i have too many things to do, but yes i have to be realistic la... Tak bolehla tamak sebab come on, list tahun lepas pun kena drag sampai tahun ni. Haha. So mana yang i rasa i betul2 boleh buat je for this year yang i akan share here and InshaAllah i will stick to those resolutions firmly.

Okay, so my very first resolution, i mean yang paling2 priority la, nak SAVE money! Honestly, since start keje until now, i tak dapat menyimpan dengan banyak in a year. When i think why, sebabnya i have set no target from the start. Takde plan, how much i will save in a month and how much that savings will become in a year. So biasala, if you fail to plan, so you are actually planning to fail.

So start this year, i have set target on how much i will save in a month. And knowing myself, i ni sebenarnya boros yang amat. Bukan boros beli benda sekali mahal macam tu, tapi i suka beli barang yang not so expensive tapi sekali beli, banyak! Contoh macam benda2 yang kadang2 end up collecting dusts in our home je!! Last2 bila buat spring cleaning, ke tong sampah juga jawabnya. My husband pun tegur, "You beli barang  murah2, nanti you bukan suka pun, lepas tu beli banyak2.... in a month, splurge for something expensive but worth it pastu dah jangan beli apa2 lagi, tunggu next month pula"

Well well well, i see his points there, tapi masalahnya i have this chronic shopping habit. Benda tak mahal pun takpe, tapi rasa nak beli je... So in order to aid myself, i invented two types of saving yang i rasa i boleh ikut kot... Ewah, invent saving mode untuk sesuaikan "kelemahan" diri... Masalah juga tu! Tapi takpe just sharing with you guys... My two saving solutions are :

1) Force saving
Buku ASB kan ada. So janganlah simpan buku ASB sendiri...i bagi husband pegang je... Lepas tu setiap bulan suruh dia yang uruskan duit masuk... Kelebihannya, kalau dia pemurah, mana laa tahu dia nak top up sikit ke saving tuuu... Ewah. Kalau i minta nak bawa keluar duit, i suruh dia flush je buku tu dalam toilet. Haha.

2) Simpanan tak sengaja
Ni mmg senang, setiap hari my one ringgit note tu campak je dalam tabung simpanan tak sengaja ni.. Plus all my  coins...i blogged about this here and microblog about it in the instagram below. Punya nak show off kata boleh simpan... Okayla walaupun takde lah banyakkk kan.

Hopefully bolehla mencapai target simpanan tu yea kawan2. hehe.

Okay so second reso (bajet urban akak,resolution jadi reso gitew.Hehe) in terms of career & study & business. Semua pun i nak excel la kalau boleh.In career, i seorang yang go with the flow je... Of course i have my own plan what to achieve when im at this age, that age, but life is sooo unpredictable, you for the time being, just do the very best that you can, give your very best... you have to love what you do and money will come later... I dont know about other people, im ambitious but i dont want to be too greedy or highly ambitious sampai i kena jadi selfish untuk dapatkan what i want in my career.To me, whatever i have now is the rezeki yang Allah dah tentukan, so i sangat2 bersyukur.

Im planning to pursue my Master Degree this year. This is for reallll! Sebelum2 ni dah banyak kali attempted to further tapi selalu je ada aral melintang. So i foresee this year is a good year to do this... InshaAllah if god permits. In terms of business, haish macam biasalah.... slow and steady, income still ada but at the same time plan to expand my wings.... Not easy but i can if i want to :)

Tuh je la two main reso i this year. Mesti buat la. List banyak2 sekali tak dapat buat pun tak best jugak....

By the way, side good news, my kitchen cabinet is almost done!! Yeay tak sabar nak masak... Nanti i update on the house progress pulak ye... Masih menapak sikit2 ni menghias rumah and mencomplete kan rumah ni...

Till then!


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Craft Room Ideas!

I've been dreaming to have a craft room- a super organized craft room since i got involved in wedding decoration business. I just need lots and lots of spaces to put all my tools, trays, papers, flowers, ribbons and yes almost everything.

Back in our old apartment, I used the third room to put in all my crafts's stuffs and the room was full with a huge chunk of mess, i tell you! I was option-less back then because i cannot install wall shelves or buy any huge cupboard or storage to put all my things so everything were just scattered all over the place. The room was not that big but it can fit our computer table, 2 big steel rack, one wooded cupboard, one medium size steel rack and one small wooden cupboard, and still the room has ample space that can fit approximately one queen size bed besides all the furnitures mentioned above. But seriously, i really loathe the room! Because it was messy and not nice at all! But the blame is on me la of course. Just because the room was not nice, i pandang sebelah mata je... After i used something, i will just campak2 je all the things.  Haha.

So, when i moved into our own house, i have told my husband that i want the third room (which is smaller than the third room in our previous rented apartment) to be a really nice art & craft studio/small office for me to do my crafts and as my workplace for my business. Husband agreed to it and promised to help (but yes until now, i still cannot use the room because it takes him a super loooooooooong time to fix the lamp, sigh~must remind him again this weekend). Since we are decorating our new nest ni with a debt free concept, everything must be a cost effective and if possible, inexpensive. We are not planning to live here forever anyway. InshaAllah ada rezeki, kita try cari landed house pula :) So why need to splurge so much on something that you dont plan to use for so long kan?

I have a few ideas in mind, but not sharing them yet with you guys until i have implemented the ideas to the third room. I will take photos and share them here... but bila? You-just-wait-okay? *must rasuah husband with something supaya dia tolong cepat2*

By the way, here are some inspirations i got from the web and a you tube video of a lady who turned a small room in her house for her craft room, freezer room and laundry room.That video just impressed me A LOT!! How does she do it?? She must be a well organized person kan? And yes, a creative minded too.

Till then and enjoy!

Source : Google!

The awesome craft room tour. how can she put everything in just a small place like this? 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Our Humble House :)

We finally moved in to our new house on 1st of January 2013 after painfully waited for almost two years. Alhamdulillah. I can finally strike off one of my wishlists for the year 2013.

I was really excited on the first day we moved into this house. All i think was "Yeay, x payah naik tangga lagi"... We used to rent in a walk up apartment and it was just really suffering and stressful to climb up to our floor (fourth floor out of five) everyday... The stress level will increase when ever we have to bring up or bring down things we shopped at the mall or my business stuffs when there were huge orders from the customers. I whine and complaint almost everyday and it really bothered my husband and yes We often sulk at each other because of this.

We bought the house after we were 6 months married but the wait that we had to bear was for almost two years. I am not sure on what could be the problems that contribute to the slow progress of the S&P process but just be ready to be patient if you buy a sub sale house like we did. :)

By the way, we have settled in and are now happily decorating every corner of the house almost every week. Most of our savings and money are now "dumped" into the house expenses, but we dont complaint at all. We focus on making this house a happy place for us to live in. Well yes, when it comes to decorating, i will be the dominant one, and who will always have the final says on almost everything but husband always agrees to whatever ideas that i have. Hehe. So yes, Thanks to him for letting the house to be something that speaks his artsy wife :) Love love him so much.

Since the kitchen cabinet is not done yet, we dont really invite friends to the house for the time being. We want to wait until everything is complete and we will organise a housewarming/kenduri kesyukuran for friends and families. The time will come soon and i just couldnt wait. I have always dream of having  inviting friends, cook for them and just having a good chat about lives, works and families. Hope the dreams will come true soon!

So now, let the pictures do the talking. Tomorrow is Monday and it's going to be a long day at work.

THE HOUSE-  tak banyak pintu pun, around 150 je dalam area ni. Which is good :) low density.

THE BATHROOM - which is nice with built in tub. 

THE BALCONY - which is really spacious. 

THE LIVING ROOM - where everything is at the moment. I keep everything simple and just very low key for the living room. Because i want it to be cozy. 

 THE MASTER BEDROOM - which i keep changing the deco every now and then and i dont know why.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I promise I'll be back!

Lama gile dah tak update blog. Takde masa, busy, penat. Okay tu je 3 alasan yang dapat i bagi buat waktu ni. Anyway, im slowly back on track now. Business is up, i already put my feet back on the ground, dah start decorate rumah and yes, i have a lot to tell but couldnt find the time to do it! Well, please pray that i can start blogging again because there are a lot of things that i need to share with all of you!

Till then!