Monday, February 18, 2013

Our Humble House :)

We finally moved in to our new house on 1st of January 2013 after painfully waited for almost two years. Alhamdulillah. I can finally strike off one of my wishlists for the year 2013.

I was really excited on the first day we moved into this house. All i think was "Yeay, x payah naik tangga lagi"... We used to rent in a walk up apartment and it was just really suffering and stressful to climb up to our floor (fourth floor out of five) everyday... The stress level will increase when ever we have to bring up or bring down things we shopped at the mall or my business stuffs when there were huge orders from the customers. I whine and complaint almost everyday and it really bothered my husband and yes We often sulk at each other because of this.

We bought the house after we were 6 months married but the wait that we had to bear was for almost two years. I am not sure on what could be the problems that contribute to the slow progress of the S&P process but just be ready to be patient if you buy a sub sale house like we did. :)

By the way, we have settled in and are now happily decorating every corner of the house almost every week. Most of our savings and money are now "dumped" into the house expenses, but we dont complaint at all. We focus on making this house a happy place for us to live in. Well yes, when it comes to decorating, i will be the dominant one, and who will always have the final says on almost everything but husband always agrees to whatever ideas that i have. Hehe. So yes, Thanks to him for letting the house to be something that speaks his artsy wife :) Love love him so much.

Since the kitchen cabinet is not done yet, we dont really invite friends to the house for the time being. We want to wait until everything is complete and we will organise a housewarming/kenduri kesyukuran for friends and families. The time will come soon and i just couldnt wait. I have always dream of having  inviting friends, cook for them and just having a good chat about lives, works and families. Hope the dreams will come true soon!

So now, let the pictures do the talking. Tomorrow is Monday and it's going to be a long day at work.

THE HOUSE-  tak banyak pintu pun, around 150 je dalam area ni. Which is good :) low density.

THE BATHROOM - which is nice with built in tub. 

THE BALCONY - which is really spacious. 

THE LIVING ROOM - where everything is at the moment. I keep everything simple and just very low key for the living room. Because i want it to be cozy. 

 THE MASTER BEDROOM - which i keep changing the deco every now and then and i dont know why.