Saturday, March 2, 2013

Craft Room Ideas!

I've been dreaming to have a craft room- a super organized craft room since i got involved in wedding decoration business. I just need lots and lots of spaces to put all my tools, trays, papers, flowers, ribbons and yes almost everything.

Back in our old apartment, I used the third room to put in all my crafts's stuffs and the room was full with a huge chunk of mess, i tell you! I was option-less back then because i cannot install wall shelves or buy any huge cupboard or storage to put all my things so everything were just scattered all over the place. The room was not that big but it can fit our computer table, 2 big steel rack, one wooded cupboard, one medium size steel rack and one small wooden cupboard, and still the room has ample space that can fit approximately one queen size bed besides all the furnitures mentioned above. But seriously, i really loathe the room! Because it was messy and not nice at all! But the blame is on me la of course. Just because the room was not nice, i pandang sebelah mata je... After i used something, i will just campak2 je all the things.  Haha.

So, when i moved into our own house, i have told my husband that i want the third room (which is smaller than the third room in our previous rented apartment) to be a really nice art & craft studio/small office for me to do my crafts and as my workplace for my business. Husband agreed to it and promised to help (but yes until now, i still cannot use the room because it takes him a super loooooooooong time to fix the lamp, sigh~must remind him again this weekend). Since we are decorating our new nest ni with a debt free concept, everything must be a cost effective and if possible, inexpensive. We are not planning to live here forever anyway. InshaAllah ada rezeki, kita try cari landed house pula :) So why need to splurge so much on something that you dont plan to use for so long kan?

I have a few ideas in mind, but not sharing them yet with you guys until i have implemented the ideas to the third room. I will take photos and share them here... but bila? You-just-wait-okay? *must rasuah husband with something supaya dia tolong cepat2*

By the way, here are some inspirations i got from the web and a you tube video of a lady who turned a small room in her house for her craft room, freezer room and laundry room.That video just impressed me A LOT!! How does she do it?? She must be a well organized person kan? And yes, a creative minded too.

Till then and enjoy!

Source : Google!

The awesome craft room tour. how can she put everything in just a small place like this? 

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