Thursday, June 13, 2013

Budget DIY- Makeup Storage

So i micro blogged about how i store my makeups in my instagram (Search : "yaniepopartsy" and request to follow because i private it!) and i received feedbacks from friends saying how creative the idea is.

To be fair i think I should share it here too since not everyone has an Instagram account and not everyone is a friend of me on Facebook, kan? :) In my opinion, this idea is a totally an awesome one which can help to save the space in your room  and also make your makeup's stuffs look well organized. (okay perasan!) Well since, this is a budget storage only, for those who have the money or dont mind to splurge on the pricey make up storage, what im going to tell you maybe will not be applicable kot. Hehe.

As for me, i always look for inexpensive stuffs in the market to aid with the space organization in my house but the stuffs must also come with good quality.

So here to start :

What you need

1) One Square basket, any size that would fit the space/closet/table that you would place it in. Mine is just the small one sebab nak letak bawah laci meja tulis. Well meja tulis tu dah jadi working table and also dressing table dah... Sebab nak jimat ruang.

2) Bakul kecil2, or container or macam tin2 ke yang mana you all rasa boleh muat your makeups la. I pakai small square plastic yang boleh fit in dalam basket yang besar tadi and juga yang makeups i boleh muat dalam tu :)

Itu je! And then susun je la makeups dalam bakul2 kecil  tu ikut kreativiti you all... Macam i, i asingkan ikut category... Compact Powder, Foundation One bekas, Lipstick one bekas, Eyeshadow one bekas, Blushers one bekas.... Senang kan? Easy, cheap and kemas...

See mine as below :

Simple je kan? Well, Happy trying!

Till then


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