Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ironing 101

Ironing my husband's workshirts is the most annoying task in my life as a wife. And no matter how i loathe it, i have to do it. Im stuck with just no choice at all (sending them to the laundry for ironing is not a choice for me as husband is the type who doesnt like somebody else's besides the wife to touch his stuffs) .Okay that just came out wrong, dont you think so? hehehe

Actually, it's not only with my husband clothes but i just hate ironing. I dont know, i guess ironing is such an intense household chore and it involves other people's appearance. I hate to be blamed for somebody else's ugly appearance. I always try to avoid buying clothes which needs ironing, and you can see non-ironing-clothes took quite a big space in my wardrobe. But too bad, men workshirts are not made from chiffon you see... haha.. 

I have taken a lot of alternatives to help myself with the problem but i guess all of them just didnt work out very well. I used the ironing-aid spray and even asked husband to bought me a steamer iron (something like the picture below) but the iron is just no good anymore after a while and im just too lazy to spray the clothes all the time. We were poorer by RM349 when we bought this iron but frankly it was not a worth buy. The steam iron is very difficult to be taken care of, and i just have to finally ignore it.
It has to be in an upright position all the time,and  if you are petite or shorty..hehe.. like me, that is so troublesome. Due to our lackings in height, we have to bent the hose all the time when doing the ironing... This will shorten the age of the steam iron as  the hot air will be trapped in the hose and cannot be released.

One more, when you want to use the iron, you have to fill it up with clean water and you have to take out the excess water everytime you are done with your ironing. See, it's really time consuming and so leceh you know. Just a big no for someone who is so lazy like me.

Well i actually resorted to you-iron-your-clothes-yourself kinda solution for quite sometimes, because im just too tired to do so many things, being a career woman and a wife and a part time businesswoman, so i guess, a little help from the husband would do. However, after quite some times, i feel guilty to let husband iron his own clothes as he is the last minute type of person and always have to wake up a bit early just to do that before he goes to work. So now, i am the ONLY person in charge of this task once again.

So last week, on Sunday night, i managed to iron for one whole week working shirts & pants for the both of us. To tell the truth, that was my first time to do the fully complete ironing for one whole week. I repeat. For. ONE. WHOLE. WEEK.
Picture below as proof please. Hehe. Im quite proud and happy with myself and yes i pat myself at the back so many times. Macam retard je... hehe.

 Our working attire. Best part is i dont have to wear 100% formal attire to work. 

Our guest room where the hard work takes place

But yeah... that was it... No i dont keep up the good work... This week dah start balik, iron setiap hari, waktu pagi... Sebab macam dah malas nak iron malam Ahad... So i guess, i would need some help on men shirt if i still want to do the "one week ironing"...Kalau tak i easily give up...

I was so desperately need to find ways to iron men shirt in no time at all and that was when i googled and stumbled onto this video...

Now, let's watch.

Waaaaa...they even have the biggest ironer?  i dont know that ironing men workshirts can be this easy!!
. But where can i get an iron like yours? .

Well, to those wifeys out there, if you happen to read this blog and managed to watch the video above.
Happy trying & good luck!!

Wish you "happy no stress in ironing" people!

Lots of love,