Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A quick update ; In progress

I thought Ramadhan is the month which i can rest and focus on my ibadah puasa ONLY because i assume that i will have less order for this month but boy i was wrong!

Alhamdulillah, i managed to secure 1000+pcs mug order, 9 trays artificial hantarans, flower bouquets and flower crowns, and small craft orders all to be completed and delivered before Hari Raya. All praises to Allah and i am humbly grateful with the rizkh He granted. 

If you are one of my personal FB or IG followers or The Craft Potion followers you must have already know that the personalised mug with the moustache and lips design are such a hit at the moment. It all started when my ex schoolmate came out with the idea of giving white mugs to her colleagues as farewell gift but she didnt know what to write on the mug or to give with the mug. So i on the other hand have been thinking to have this moustache and lips design ideas for wedding favors but yet to figure out what i can put up those designs for. 

I immediately told her..."hey, why not we go with this....." And the rest was history. Thank You Aswita for the white mug idea and it has now become one of the most popular items on The Craft Potion ;)

As you can see in the photo; the lips design and maybe 25%? Of the moustache design ;) cant see it clearly because the way this photo was taken. Photo art lah konon.

The mugs are heavy beyond my imagination...i have to use this strolley... Opps trolley ( i was thinking to write stroller actually that was why it became to strolley stroller + trolley to move them around for washing,drying and drawing. Quite leceh but they are all worth it because at the end of the day .....

This is the overall look that I want to achieve ;) trust me they all look so much better when arranged in stacks like that.. Lol #ocdattack

Some of my friends said the mugs do not look like they were hand drawn at all... they look like printed mugs.. Again u can count on my #ocd..

I also recently did a different design. Delivered and Alhamdulillah the customer was satisfied. Nah here u go!

 Love birds design katanyehhhh!! So cute i could die now. Ada ke puji diri sendiri?haha.

Besides the business workload, i am also busy with decorating or more to organizing the house. My recent project is husband's temporary home office. I just use everything that we have in our home because this is just for temporary and if we have decided to retain the space as is we would be getting a proper  desk for the computers and laptops and all the necessary equipments.

Still under construction... I am thinking to add small unit shelves or just small leg sofa below the desk...just wait and see..maybe i will change my plan later. The usual me...

Before this, the coffee table below was the victim. My husband will sit on the bean bag, put his machines on the coffee table ( mind you he sometimes uses up to 3 monitors for god-knows-what) and let all his papers and the machines' plug wires scattered all over the place and that make me go crazy! 

Anyway, i will try to manage my time and complete my in progress list as per my schedule ;)

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan all!

P/s : pagi ni Argentina vs Netherlands. So which team are u with? Me?? I will go with the winning team... Haha. 

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